Masters Of The Universe Classics 200X Subscription At 50%

Masters Of The Universe Classics 200X Subscription At 50%



The new brand team at Mattycollector posted an update that the thermometer of the Masters Of The Universe Classics 200X Mini-Subscription is at 50%.

With the deadline being March 23rd, it’s not looking good.

Help fund this subscription to help get these figures made, and to show Mattel that fans want more mini-subscriptions!

Here is the line-up:

  • Callix (7/15/15)
  • Evil Seed (8/15/15)
  • Club-exclusive: Heads of Eternia® Accessory Pack—includes alternate heads for Grizzlor®, Buzz-Off®, Sy-Klone™, Roboto®, Snout Spout™, and Clawful® (8/15/15)
  • King Chooblah™ (9/15)
  • Ceratus™ (10/15)
  • Queen Grayskull™ (11/15)
  • Prahvus (12/15)

From Mattel:

Good day good people!

Here is your third official update for the subscription:

As of today we are at 50% of our goal.

I have to be honest…at this moment it’s not looking good. You know my motto: “YOU will ultimately determine whether the complete line comes to fruition.”However, I am still very optimistic, and hopeful even if it’s just for my own selfish reasons (aka Prahvus), that you guys can bring the entire line through. Smiler

11 more days to sub, guys. 11. More. Days.

Skeletor’s Love Child

Callix_fullsizeimage01 Ceratus_fullsizeimage01 EvilSeed_fullsizeimage01 DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0018 Masters Of The Universe Classics 200X Queen Grayskull Figure Revealed

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