Play With This Too Lost Protectors Castastropheles Figure Unlocked

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Play With This Too announced that they have unlocked Castastropheles figure for their Lost Protectors Kickstarter program.

After reviewing some more feedback we decided to open up Catastropheles as a $55 option. This character does with come with extra hands and a Tech Drone. Backers will receive a post-Kickstarter survey to determine which weapon and Tech Drone Catastropheles will come with and what their colors will be.

Oh yeah! This guy also comes with the purple platypus BMOG Monoscream as a bonus!

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Happy Friday the 13th! Today marks the halfway point of our Kickstarter campaign.  As of this morning we’re 71% funded with 16+ days to go!

Let’s review:

  • Last night we opened up Catastropheles up for individual purchase at the $55 level.
  • D-Fuzz and R-Mix are available to be added to your pledge for $20 US/INTERNATIONAL
  • ALL NEW BMOG figures have been added – everyone who pledges at the $55 and above level will receive a new BMOG figure of the purple chainsaw platypus Monoscream for free!  Monoscream splits apart into 3 weapons.
  • An Atomic Glow-In-The-Dark version of his new BMOG is also available to be added for $12 US/INTERNATIONAL.

Help us spread the word! And remember to leave comments on the Kickstarter page which helps us with tracking.
Play With This Too Lost Protectors Free BMOG Figure Offer At $55 Pledge Level