Ask DST #273: The Trek Continues

Ask DST #273: The Trek Continues

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for Star Trek.

It’s been a sad week for Star Trek fans, but DSTChuck is powering through a long, long list of questions about our upcoming Star Trek action figures, ships and role-play items, including new items shown off at the Toy Fair in New York City! Read on to see what the president of Diamond Select Toys has to say about your comments, questions and suggestions! Then submit your own question in the drop-down form above!

Richard D.
Would you consider reissuing the Star Trek: TMP & WOK movie phasers? After market prices are stupid insane.

DSTChuck: The sales were not fantastic on these items; it took a good bit of time to sell out. However, we’ll keep an eye on demand and check in with sales from time to time and see what they think.

Roddy A.
Hi Guys, I wanted to take the time to tell you I appreciate the hard work you put into the Enterprise B model. I own 2 of them. It’s a great piece, and I am super pleased! Looking forward to the ST Phaser III.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the nice words – we’re hard at work on more ships and role-play items, so hopefully there will be more stuff on shelves soon.

Dave C.
Any chance you guys are considering a re-issue of the Star Trek TOS “Mirror, Mirror” I.S.S. Enterprise Ship? I’d love to buy one but, frankly, can’t spend $150+ for one on eBay. Looking forward to the Star Trek III Phaser! Sincerely, Dave C.

DSTChuck: We have NOT ruled out a re-issue, but it’s not scheduled at this time.

Ty F.
Is there any chance or hope of DST/AT being able to manufacture figures for the new Star Trek movies? My 11 year old son and I enjoy collecting and playing with them, however, we only have a short time before he outgrows them. I’m worried that by the time he regains his interest into adulthood, as I did, I will be too old or already gone. So will DST get the contract soon?

DSTChuck: For the last two movies CBS was looking for someone else to give their take on the line, but I suppose never say never – we’ll ask again for this movie when the time comes.

Steve H.
I’m wondering if there is ever a possibility of changing the stand that is included with the TWOK/Enterprise A. It doesn’t really feel appropriate having a stand with the TOS Insignia on it, especially on the A. Not to mention that the 1 armed stands are pretty bad when compared to the newer ones. I know when I had to get a replacement stand for my Enterprise B, I was able to just take the cap with the peg on it off and the stand worked perfectly fine on my TWOK Enterprise.

DSTChuck: Steve, we are aware there have been issues with the stands, so we’ve tried new techniques here and there to make them stronger and better, but we have no plans right now for wholesale changes.

Jaime R.
Hi, I wanted to see if you would consider an all lighting button option to the 1701 refit, the 1701-a, and the 1701-e future releases just like the original 1701, the 1701-b and the 1701-d ships have? I also wanted to know if you plan to re-release the nx-01 mirror universe starship.

DSTChuck: The idea for a lights-stay-on feature came to use after several ships had been done already. When we go back on a ship and look to improve it, if we can budget and re-wire, then yes some sort of lights-on feature is looked at. We’re well underway on re-releasing the standard NX-01, so I think yes it’s very possible we’ll do the Mirror version as well.

Justin H.
Hello, I just want to say that your star trek toys are fantastic! You did an excellent job since the re-issue of the Enterprise-A and I’m excited that the enterprise-d is coming out soon. Are you planning to release the battle damaged Enterprise-D from Star Trek Generations with Commander Riker’s voice saying “all hands braise for impact”? I would also like to see the Star Trek V Klingon BOP with Captain Klaa Voice! I missed out on the NX-01 Enterprise Back in 2002, is there going to be a re-release with Captain Archer’s voice? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Glad you like it, and the line. Looks like we are going back to make more Enterprise Ds and AGT-Ds, however we are going to have the raise the price again. Right now, we do not have plans for a battle-damaged D, but the NX-01 is coming back with new paint and new sounds.

Tim F.
Hi, I love all your star trek lines but in response to the last star trek Q & A, I want to add my support to chapel and rand figures. Would be great to have a complete crew and retro crew – we’ve waited enough years for them! Thanks, Tim.

DSTChuck: It is disappointing that they have not come out – hopefully the anniversary and new movie will see a rise in popularity.

Joe J.
This is probably a stupid question. I have recently gotten highly involved in your Star Trek Diamond Select Figures. There’s nothing out there like them, between then detail and the accessories. I have noticed that some of the ships are currently being reproduced. My question is, has there been any thought or talk about re-releasing any of the figures? From TOS Mirror figures, all the way through Deep Space Nine and TWOK, I know there are thousands of collectors interested in starting and/or adding to their collections, and our only real option is used toy stores or eBay. I know you’ve recently been releasing some of the figures with more elaborate setups (i.e. Kirk&Khan, Picard, Worf & Spock) but nothing would make my year like learning of a secret plot to re-release Kor and Locutus! Thank you so much in advance for your response! -Joe Ohio

DSTChuck: Joe, right now we have no plans to go back with those past figures, but never say never.

Damon K.
I absolutely Love your ships series and can’t wait for the next reveal to see if will get a DS9 Defiant or Reliant. My questions in regards to the line is in the alien ship series which started with your amazing Bird Of Prey. When deciding upon an alien ship to produce what do you take into consideration when selecting the next alien ship? Lastly, without giving anything away can we get one single hint as in the identity of the next two ships? My only hint I’d like to know aside from the actual identity of the ships themselves is are they federation/starfleet ships or is there an alien ship in the mix? Can’t wait to see what you’ll show in the coming toyfare!

DSTChuck: By now, you should have seen our latest re-issue and our newest ship at our Toy Fair booth. We are still working on one more ship that we hope will be able to ship in 2015. That would make one alien ship and one Federation ship for 2015.

Roddy D.
To get on the “everyone-is-doing it” bandwagon, my ship requests are USS Reliant and Voyager! Looking forward to your next announcement either way!

DSTChuck: So noted.

Ryan O’C.
Any chance you will be producing Star Trek next generation phasers, padds, tricorder toys?

DSTChuck: By now you should have seen the TNG Phaser we showed at Toy Fair.

Andrew L.
From recent pictures of the Toy Fair, there was a prototype for a “Star Trek the Next Generation” phaser. I am guessing this is the next Trek Tek after the Star Trek III phaser? Is there any chance this will be out later this year?

DSTChuck: Yes it is our GOAL to get the TNG phaser out on 2015. We still have some work to do on that but there is still time to get it done and ship this year.

David H.
This has come to mind but will you be doing the starships uss voyager uss defiant DS9 and the uss reliant by chance it would be really sweet if you did as i love these ships.

DSTChuck: I would say all three of those are on the very short list of ships we look at each time we go forward with a new one.

Ethan W.
The new TNG “cobrahead” phaser you’ve announced is very exciting! Can you share anything about what features it might have? Working setting meter and maybe the flip open access door on the bottom? As seen in “The Hunted” that panel must be flipped open to deactivate an overload sequence — that would be a great play feature! On another note, it appears your Toyfair prototype is made from the Ed Miarecki version of the phaser. May I ask why? This version was never seen on screen and was in fact only a concept model which differs significantly from any of the ones on the show.

DSTChuck: Sorry, at this point I cannot give you any details – we still have a ways to go on that item.

David L.
Hello. According to several websites, at the recent New York Toy Fair 2015, you listed a new Star Trek Role Play Toy/Prop replica–the Star Trek Next Generation Phaser? Please confirm release date? Also, are you also planning some sort of NX-01 Enterprise Ship Re-release? A photo suggests that. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Glad you’re excited David, but it’s way to soon to get into things like release dates. The NX-01 is a re-issue that will feature as many upgrades as we can do, including the new deco you saw at the show.

David E.
Hey DST!
1) Is there a chance you could sculpt the windows back into your Star Trek ships? They look sweet but I just wish that you’d sculpt the windows like AA did with the NX-01 and Enterprise A and E. Looking forward to your re-release of the A and NX-01 and the Romulan Bird of Prey 2) How comes there’s very little to no articulation in your Star Trek select figures but your other Select lines have multiple points of articulation? It would be awesome to see some Star Trek figures with the same amount of articulation as your new Ghostbusters Selects coming out soon. 3) Will the base to Select Worf include a reversible cardboard section to switch from Klingon symbol to something Borg related? 4) With the NX-01 coming out, could we see ENTERPRISE select figures such as Phlox, since we never got him in the original Art Asylum line. Thanks and I look forward to seeing some more Trek stuff from you guys soon!

DSTChuck: David I think I have touched on this before, based on feedback from buyers and fans we have spoken to and heard from we have no plans to change the overall look for the ships.
2) The Select line has evolved over time within each line, and the Marvel and Monsters (to mention two) started with very little articulation. For Trek, we looked at a new way to make figures that had not been done before and reflected the age and needs of the current fans. We hoped the extra parts, bases and poses would appeal to the fans. So far sales have been pretty good, but it’s possible, based on certain characters or direction, you could see more articulation.
3) The floor section will switch between a Klingon logo for floor display and a reversed one for wall display.
4) I do not see us doing more Enterprise figures, and if we did I doubt we’d get to Phlox.

Eric G.
Three Phasers…two from TSFS…and one from the TNG era?! You continue to surprise me. From what I’ve read, the other TSFS Phaser is an ILM Prototype (or FASA) variant with a side charger. Am I right? And you brought the NX-01 back?! Awesome sauce!

DSTChuck: Eric, I think it’s best if I do not comment in detail, as we’re not sure if the variant phaser will find a home and how production will go, but as you can see we’re hopeful.

Glenn B.
Hi DST, first I want to say I love your Star Trek TOS Phaser. I think you’ve done a wonder job of producing the various color models. I hope you reproduce some of ones you’ve done in the past. I would like to see you rerun the black body Phaser with the white handle.
Now to the real point of my email and I don’t know if anyone else suggested this, but have you ever thought to redo the sound effects of the TOS Phaser? You currently have 4 sound settings plus overload. Of the 4 setting sound settings only sound number 2 is accurate to the series. The other settings 1, 3 and 4 where never (or rarely) used in the series. What I would like to see or suggest is to remove the other settings and replace them with a stun sound and add a phaser sound that was also used in the series that is at a higher frequency than your setting number 4. You can hear this sound in “The Omega Glory” episode. They used this sound for the better half of the series as the standard sound for the Phaser. Another episode to observer for sound effect is the “The Could Minders” it has the phaser stunning sound as well as the higher phaser frequency sound. The 4th sound could be the ship’s phaser sound. Since they started putting the show on DVD they added the ship’s phaser sound on top of the normal hand phaser sound (probably to give it a stereo sound). I personally didn’t like it, but if anyone is new to the series, they may think that’s just another normal sound effect for the hand phaser, so adding it covers all the bases. For a marketing aspect, if you didn’t want to reproduce the all phaser and the various color models again with the new sounds, you could just reproduce and package the phaser type 1 with the new sound effect. This could be sold as an upgrade to customers’ existing phaser purchases. This way you could keep the cost down for both sides and refresh the market with something new. I feel everyone would purchase one as a variation to what they already have. This would be similar to how you’ve resold the same phaser but with different color variations. Also, if a customer has a phaser that quit working, this would be an inexpensive way to replace the non-functioning part by purchasing this upgrade. I would also love to see you product a Klingon TOS disruptor (the silver TV series version not the movie TOS version). Also how about Lost in Space? Have you ever thought to product the season 1 laser gun as well as the season 2/3 version? I believe there would be a market out there for them. The few that are being produced are selling for hundreds of dollars. Anyway, thanks for listening and I’m glad you have this form for us to post suggestions or questions.

DSTChuck: We do continue to reproduce the past TOS phasers, but I am not sure how many we will get to, or which ones aside from the “standard” ones. I honestly do not think we have discussed a change to the sounds, I guess that is something we can consider down the road.

James C.
Would you ever consider doing the star Trek V / VI assault phaser?

DSTChuck: I do not think so, but never say never.

Chris C.
Hi DST, me again. First of all, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for re-offering the NX-01 for release this year, I had hoped and hoped that it would be available again and you’ve done just that! Also I would like to offer my appreciation for making the next alien ship the Romulan BoP, it was totally unexpected and for me a pleasant surprise and it is one of my favourite ship designs of the TOS era(from one of my favourite episodes). I look forward to the first video showing off its SFX, hopefully featuring the voice of Mark Lenard. I would like to ask, can you give us any indication of what the next Star Trek Select figure will be, or at least the era it comes from? I’m all ready to get Worf, but hope that the next one won’t be too far off. Also, after seeing that beautiful TNG phaser on display at Toy Fair, have you given any further consideration to reissuing the Enterprise Phase pistol? (Another cracking release I missed out on). Thanks again for continuing the line and taking the time to answer my questions. – Chris C

DSTChuck: Chris, thanks for the kind words – I think we’re many months away from showing a working sample of the Romulan BoP, but I am sure we will do so as soon as possible. We’re working on the next two sculpts for Select and the 2D designs for a third figure, so hopefully we will have something to show soon. I am not sure we looked at the Phase Pistol, but maybe we can – to be honest, I am not sure if we have that tool (mold) any longer.

Diamond M.
Hey Chuck, I love the new line up coming out this year, props to you for the TNG phaser. First, I’m just wondering with the introduction of the TNG tek, are you done with the TOS movie era props because I’m still hoping for an Assault Phaser from ST:V and ST:VI. And Second, if you do continue the TNG Tek any chance of seeing the “dustbuster” phaser used in the earlier seasons of TNG in the future? That would be awesome.

DSTChuck: I don’t think any doors are closed, and I can tell you one of the reason it took so long to work up a TNG Phaser was we were worried we’d never be able to make all the fans happy, no matter what, because of the many different versions of the TNG Phaser.

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