Amok Time Toy Store Gets Burglarized

Amok Time Toy Store Gets Burglarized


Amok Time is the largest independently owned toy store and online retailer located in Hicksville, NY and was robbed last week. The owners and crime stoppers are asking for your support in recovering stolen property.

Amok Time will be closed tomorrow Sunday 3/15/2015.
Our store was burglarized on the night of Friday 3/13/2015.
We are in the process of working with NYPD “Crime stoppers” for tips leading to the conviction of the thieves who broke into our store on the 13th.
Our employees and operations are safe and secure.
Business will return as usual on Monday the 16th.

If you have any information regarding this burglary please contact 
Nassau County Police Department Second Precinct:

To any stores or collectors out there who may purchase the items please don’t. We will be glad to give a generous cash reward for tips leading to a conviction of the person or persons involved. A cash reward is much easier to enjoy then buying stolen property, getting caught and wrecking your reputation.

We will have eyes and ears going to all local shops to try and help the Police with a lead on this. We will also be watching Ebay, Amazon and Craig’s list closely. So please if you see the chance to buy some really expensive items at a price that is too good to be true DON’T. Please contact Crime Stoppers with any leads.

To the criminals who did this,
The Police were in our store all day today. Fingerprints were taken so was video surveillance. 
When you are caught and I look forward to the day when you are caught, we will stop at nothing to make sure you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Paul James Lazo
Amok Time

Days later they update with this:

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for their calls, messages and emails over the last few days.
Your concern about our well being has made us really remember what everything is all about. I have seen faces in the store, talked to people on the phone and email that I have not heard from in a long time. In this day of on line anonymity, to put names with faces, is truly memorable.
Since many of you have been requesting an update, Here is all I can say.

1) Everyone here is fine. If you placed and order or preorder with us it’s safe, it’s sound and there is no chance of any problems with your purchase. As I have joked about in the past, Amok Time Is not going anywhere. But will still be closing sometime in early 2097. smile emoticon

2) The store is fully restocked, open and back to normal.

3) We cannot send lists of what was taken under the recommendations of the NYPD.

4) We are offering cash rewards for any persons who can offer information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible. Any one with tips must go thru the Nassau County Police Department.
The phone number is: 516-573-6253.

5) This will be the last post about this, until the criminals are caught. When they are caught, we post again about this and it will be a large post.

“Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot,”

I really hope the items taken were worth wrecking your future. I can’t understand how anyone can love Superheroes and then rob a store for them. Did you every stop and get the point of what Superheroes are all about? 
As a child the one thing that gave myself, and many others, a simple sense of right and wrong were the morals of the characters depicted in comics and toys. If my collection disappeared tomorrow, the one thing it left me with was a simple view of morality and justice that will stay with any “True Believer” till we die. The comics, toys and the statues may go but the message is eternal.

I can understand the want to have something you can’t afford, what I can’t understand is the ability to totally miss the message of what you love thru theft.

From all of us at Amok Time,
Thank you for your concern it means everything.
Paul James Lazo
Amok Time

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