Ask DST #274: The More, The Miscellaneous

Ask DST #274: The More, The Miscellaneous

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for miscellaneous. This is the follow-up from their New York ToyFair 2015 reveals:

New York Toy Fair saw a lot of new announcements from Diamond Select Toys, including new lines based on The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman: The Animated Series, Gotham and Ghostbusters, which means the Miscellaneous Ask DST category just got a jump-start! DST president DSTChuck is here to answer your questions about the new lines, the old lines and all the lines in between! Read on, and submit your own question above!

Steve H.
I’ve noticed lately with your Godzilla banks that they’ve all been just busts, not full figures. Do you have any plans of doing other incarnations of Godzilla himself as a full figure bank like your original? I love my full figure bank, but don’t have much interest in busts.

DSTChuck: Steve, I think we have kept the mix pretty decent. We did a full-figure Mechagodzilla and a Burning Godzilla, and yes we have more full sized banks planned for the line, two of which (Rodan and Godzila 1974) we showed at Toy Fair.

Jeremy O.
I was wondering are going to re-issue KARR from your Knight Rider line with a new scanner color and use the voice of Paul Frees from KITT VS. KARR? And will you be adding Goliath as a 1:15th scale Replica along with figures of Michael Knight and Garthe Knight as well? Thank for taking the time to read this.

DSTChuck: I do not think we have any plans to re-release KARR at this time, and we have no figures planned right now. Sorry.

Shandon W.
DSTChuck, is it too early to petition Kill Bill characters for the 7″ Select line? I saw an article feature O-Ren and Bud prototypes, and was wondering if we might get a Pei Wei and Hattori Hanzo with a nice detailed sword rack with multiple removable swords? Also, I haven’t seen a sculptor credited with the prototypes. Is Patrick Pigott the sculptor? It looks like his work considering the similar lines to the Jay and Silent Bob figures. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Shandon, we are still hard at work on the Kill Bill lines and working on sculpts and approvals. We have three series lined up at time. The sculptor on the Kill Bill lines is Jean St. Jean.

Nick N.
Are you guys planning on doing anything more with the Knight Rider toy lines (Minimates or 1:15) or is that a done deal? I like how the 1:15 cars turned out and the Minimates had some great charm to them – would be nice to see the rest of the team! Devon, Bonnie, April, RC3 or some paint variants on the vehicles. Good job on the existing products. =o)

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have plans for any new figures for the Knight Rider line, but that can change at any time.

Richard D.
Have you ever considered acquiring a license for Gerry Anderson’s classic TV show Space 1999? Would love to see you guys make a detailed Eagle Transporter and or role play toys (like Star Trek) Stun Gun and Commlock communicator with LEDs and soundFX, singles and a adventure set. I think there is plenty of interest in these and not just a niche market. MPC model kits have been reissued 3x, die cast versions of the Eagle have been made and sold out in the past.
Build them and they will come… running.

DSTChuck: Richard, I agree there is some cool merchandise out there for Space: 1999, but for now there are no plans for DST to go after the license.

Adam M.
Hi there! Would you consider acquiring the license for Mass Effect to do figures and/or ships? A big electronic Normandy SR-2 (both Alliance and Cerberus versions) like the big electronic Star Trek ships would be fantastic, and some actually decent figures of the main crew members would be great too!

DSTChuck: Adam, we currently make Minimates for Mass Effect, so it’s possible we could expand the line especially with talk of a new game coming.

Noah H.
Hi DST! The new Star Wars Storm trooper bust bank coming out this year looks great. I’m looking forward to it. I was wondering if there are any more planned. A snow trooper, Jango Fett, X-Wing Pilot Luke, and Biker Scout would be nice, among others. Are any of those a possibility? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Right now, we are waiting to hear from Lucas on what their plans for us are going into a movie year.

Rick E.
Hey Chuckbeef- FANTASTIC showing at Toy Fair! Those Ghostbusters and Nightmare before Christmas Selects are going to rock my socks off! Also cannot wait for Jean’s Creatureplica line! However, noticeably absent were the Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Selects. So what’s the straight poop, my man? They weren’t even on your list of items up for sale this year that was released. Are those lines DOA, or can we still anticipate their releases? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Both Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are in various stages of approval with the director and talent. Some of the figures are even fully approved at this point. However, the idea of Toy Fair is to show new stuff to buyers, and when you do that they want a ship date, and we really can’t supply that on the first couple series for these lines. I would not be surprised if we show them again at the summer shows with ship dates listed.

Ray W.
I love how you guys take some of the classic IPs and make some really cool nostalgia-inducing stuff out of them. As such, I’m curious if you’ve looked at some of the other classic Sci Fi licenses for electronic lights/sound release like your Star Trek line? I did some initial checking and I think these licenses don’t have a lot going on for US release:
2001: A Space Odyssey – USS Discovery
Forbidden Planet – Robby the Robot
Space: 1999 – Eagle Transport
Flash Gordon – Ajax Rocket

DSTChuck: FWIW, I can tell you one of those has been looked at seriously by us.

Jason D.
I’m really impressed with your Ghostbusters figures at Toy Fair. But now I’m curious, Is there any chance of you guys going after the licensees of Karate Kid, Goonies, Monster Squad, Princess Bride, Indiana Jones or Back To the Future? None of these lines have ever had a proper toy line. And after seeing your Ghostbusters, I can’t think of anyone better than DST to finally remedy that.

DSTChuck: I agree many of those are very cool, and for sure we’d like to do at least a couple of them. They might be looked at in the near future, but for now our plate is pretty full.

Luke D.
I saw some of your Toy Fair stuff and I am liking what I am seeing… I cannot wait to see the rest of the Ghostbusters and what you have in store for them. I guess I have a few questions about some of the stuff that was announced but not shown or is in the prototype stage. I read somewhere that there will be 7″ Selects for the Gotham Television. I guess have a few questions surrounding that.
1. Is that really happening? I guess I would have assumed DC Collectibles would have had the rights for Gotham. I would love it either way. I think it would be cool to have a Gordon, Penguin, and whatever other character that you could muster up?
2. How many are planned so far? I saw somewhere that there is a Gordon, Selina Kyle, and Penguin but are there more names in the hat?
3. This is a question that I know will have an answer of no but it never hurts to ask. I also know that you have a lot on your plates right now and I want to say congratulations on that. Has there ever been consideration for 7″ Selects for 24, The Blacklist, or The X-Files?

DSTChuck: 1) Yes those are in the works, and I expect you will see pictures from us very soon.
2) The first series of Gotham will hopefully be on sales when season two hits the air and ideally the second series will be on sale for the back half of season two; as such, we’ve started sculpting the second series already. We don’t want to go any further out than that in case more cool stuff comes out on the show.
3) We have considered X-Files more than once, but as you say, our plates are pretty full right now.

Adam G.
Hi, great product line up at Toy Fair 2015! Good to see the 1/7 Femme Fatale line continue with the DCAU characters plus Cassie Hack. Can your creative team please make a Mercy Sparx statue in her devil form? Created by Josh Blaylock she was in a crossover comic with Cassie Hack & has her solo series with Devil’s Due Entertainment. Thanks!

DSTChuck: I guess if Cassie does as well as we hope, it opens up some possibilities.

George L.
Please do action figures from Dumb & Dumber. And also make the Mutt Cuts van so you can put the Harry & Lloyd figures in there. And maybe a connecting display bases of Harry & Lloyd’s apartment and some accessories for them like Lloyd can have Mary Swanson’s briefcase that you can open up and Harry has his parakeet Petey. And also I would love to see some multiple interchangeable parts like second heads and hands and also they should have multiple points of articulation. I would love to have these figures of Harry & Lloyd & also have the Mutts Cuts van in my collection. I hope you get this message. Thanks.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but I do not think we have any plans to do Harry & Lloyd figures.

Dusty L.
I’ve seen your recent unveiling of the new Batman: The Animated Series line of “Femme Fatale” PVC and the mini-busts. However, what about doing a series of 1/6 scale full bodied maquettes based on the character design sheets by Bruce Timm. Fully colored of course. Starting with the most popular characters….Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, etc. etc. I think it would be a hit.

DSTChuck: We have lots of products planned for the animated shows from that time period and we showed only a fraction of it at Toy Fair. That said, there was already a line of maquettes, so we’re looking at other areas to start the lines…

Guillermo S.
Really excited about the upcoming DC Animated busts and statues! Any chance you’ll get to do a statue of BLACK CANARY from Justice League Unlimited following Wonder Woman and Supergirl in the Femme Fatales line?

DSTChuck: All of us here are HUGE fans of those shows and would love nothing more than to be able to keep these lines going and that the sales will be there to support those wishes.

Daniel L.
Hi, just saw your Ghostbuster 7inch action figures, they look great. Your 7 inch action figures are getting better and better. Lots to look forward to this year, Ghostbusters, Black Widow, Antman, Pulp Fiction, and Kill Bill. (Anymore new movie license coming?) Will you be making a 1/15th scale Ghostbuster Ecto-1 like the one from Back to the Future or maybe even a bigger scale Ecto-1 for the 7 inch action figures? Thanks

DSTChuck: Glad to hear you like what we are doing. Yes, we would like to and have started work on an Ecto-1 just like the Time Machine, but it will NOT be in scale with the 7” figures.

James V.
Hello. Is it possible that you guys can make a burnt variant 23-inch Stay Puft bank too please? Thanks, James.

DSTChuck: If we sell out of the regular one, we’d love to do that version, but it would have to be even more expensive than the standard verison.

Ruairi M.
Hi, I am a fan of your bust banks, I have and love your clonetrooper one and I am looking forward to the stormtrooper bust bank. I think a Luke and Han Solo dressed as stormtroopers as seen in the films would be well relieved. I also think I may soon purchase one of your Darth Vador banks. I would have definitely bought one by now if the mask was able to be removed to show the Vador unmasked, rahter than having the two different figures you presently have. Also please release the Blaster Jawa. Also, I plan to purchase the classic Joker, Batman and Robin bust banks. Do you have any plans to have any of your other current classic busts also as bust banks especially Penguin and the Riddler? And do you have any plans to re-release your transformers ones specifically Optimus and Megatron. I also think these could be released in different sizes similar to what you have done with Stay Puft, I will definitely get the toasted version although that glow in the dark one also did look great. Kind regards. Ruairi.

DSTChuck: We’re still waiting to see what we will be able to do for Star Wars. Yes, I think we will do more from the Batman 1966 line. We have no plans right now for more Transformers, sorry.

Guillermo S.
Are you planning to expand the statues line from Batman: The Animated Series into The New Batman Adventures characters like Nightwing or Batgirl’s new design for that series?

DSTChuck: We have not even really started the Animated lines, so who knows where we go from here. That said, there is no reason we could not add males to the PVC figure line at some point.

Jimmy M.
Hello, would you be able to give any hints of what’s to come in the Muppet lines? I heard about the Select two-pack and the ten planned mini-mates, but I am so excited for this and would love to hear more details! Are there more than two Select figures planned? Will they come with accessories or set pieces? I noticed that the Mini-Mates line-up did not include any of the Electric Mayhem — any plans for a five-pack? Thank you so much for any response you can give! You have no idea how excited I am!

DSTChuck: Not much I can say now without getting in trouble but – yes, the Muppets will be Select, with two figures per pack. The figures will be in scale with 7” figure lines just like they would be if the Muppets were “real.” As such, there will not be TONS of accessories or dlx bases – you get two figures. We have line-planned 4 series so far. All the sculpts for series one are in the second round of sculpting – we are now adding the articulation. For Minimates, I can say we have several series planned already, so let’s hope the sales are where we hope/think they will be, and we’ll keep the Muppets coming.

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