Marvel Select Cable Figure Review

Marvel Select Cable 01

Diamond Select Toys latest Marvel Select offering is non other than Cable, the fierce time-traveler and leader of X-Force gets his best action figure ever made. He is now available to purchase and he comes with an array of accessories and is based on the 1990’s design.

Cable has been given some disappointing figures in Marvel Legends that had lack of accessories from both Toybiz and Hasbro. For one reason or another, Cable has not had a figure that suited our needs in that line, and considering his popularity, that is most unfortunate. Thankfully, Diamond Select Toys did the character justice and not only did they give him an amazing sculpt, but they included more accessories than we ever thought were possible!

Availability: March 2015

Sculpt & Paint:

Cable features an all-new sculpt based on the 1990’s design. Sculpted on his vest are grenades, bullets, straps, belt buckles, pouches, a sheath for his knife on his back, and the X-Force logo below his head. The vest is big and bulky to hold all of these details, and while the head looks small and disproportional to that, the legs and arms seem to fit the scale. On his right punch, there is a second pouch that is removable to hold the gun.

His head sculpt features the blue and yellow eyes, scars, and a short heart with nothing but a little bit of brown deco and sculpting. His hair was painted white, with a grey wash over that.

Cable is painted in his blue suit with a light and dark brown and grey vest, born gun sheaths wrapped around his knees, and grey boots. His robotic arm is painted silver and blue gloves.

The display base is sculpted with the armor of Stryfe on the floor, with a surface including dirt, rocks, and bricks. While Stryfe has not gotten the Marvel Select treatment, this is definitely a good preview of what the figure might look like.


Ball-jointed head, ball-jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged-swivel hips, swivel waist, double-hinged knees, hinged-rocker ankles.


Cable includes five guns, a knife, and a display base with Stryfe’s helmet and cape sculpted on. The largest gun a issue with breakage on us as shown below, and there are also four smaller guns all painted in silver.

Marvel Select Cable 19

Be careful when placing the big gun is his hand, as the first time we had attempted the handle snapped off, leaving us to fix it with some super glue.


Cable is extremely well sculpted and painted and long overdue for a decent figure to stand next to other Marvel Select and Marvel Legends action figures. We hope to see this much detail if and when they get to Bishop!

Highly Recommended.


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