Ask DST #275: Make More Marvel

Ask DST #275: Make More Marvel

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for Marvel.

It’s the highly anticipated Ask DST #275, in which DSTChuck’s final fate is decided! Will he join the Brotherhood, and squash all future Spider-Man action figures, or will he join the Syndicate, and continue to pump out Spideys until the Earth is buried in them? Or will he choose a third path that satisfies both groups? No matter which choice he makes, the world as we know it is doomed! It’s a pulse-pounding, Marvel-themed Ask DST, and the president of Diamond Select Toys is answering your Marvel Select questions starting NOW!

Chris H.
My 7 most burning questions.
1. Okay since you guys are doing age of ultron hulk this now the perfect time to do a 10 inch hulkbuster iron man
2. Any X-Men figures coming in 2015 besides cable?
3. Any chance on doing the new female Thor and Angela (Neil Gaiman)?
4. When are you guys going to do a female character ( Ms.Marvel,jean grey,Phoenix,inner circle(corset) Emma,selene,sage,jean grey , thundra ,moonstone
5.I know you guys love spider-man but when are you going to place him on the back burner cause it’s not fair that you guys do the same figure over and over but when fans ask” can you guys do a phoenix five colossus” and you guys say “we just did that character” but you do alot of spider-man’s we are your loyal fans we would like to see a variety of characters like cable that was a shock I cannot wait to get him
6. If you guys do a jim lee psylocke, you could repaint her to viper,90’s Ms.Marvel,elektra (more articulated)
7. How come you guys don’t reuse molds and just repaint them to look like a different character e.g. psylocke, elektra(Red&White), phoenix (Dark&White),wendigo , beast & sasquatch

1. I think we already mentioned that we have shown all the A2 figures we are doing.
2. I think we have shown all the Select figures we are doing for 2015 – I have to check, there might be one more left.
3. At this time, neither are planned.
4. We’ve done quite a few females in Select and in fact we just showed the new A2 Black Widow.
5. I know it seems like every figure is Spider-Man, but we just did Cable and Carnage recently, and and Dr Strange is on the way. We’re never going to be able to do EVERY fan’s favorite player, we just do the best we can.
6. Psylocke and Rogue are for sure on our list. Yes, we can do an Elektra with more articulation than the past figure, but we’re still limited by license and stylistic elements to how articulated we can make a figure.
7. It’s kind of been our pledge to have a new figure be a new sculpt. We’ve done some repainting and some part-swapping, but honestly we have no plans to make that a part of our plan.

Lucas D.
Any chance of a Mephisto reissue?

DSTChuck: That is for sure one we have looked at, but I am not sure it’s even viable with today’s costs.

Hi! I wonder if DST’s going to make more X-Men Marvel Select Action figures. For example Beast, Ice Man, Rogue, Angel, etc. Is there a possibility relaunching Phoenix and Emma Frost? Thank you very much

DSTChuck: I don’t see us re-doing Phoenix & Emma, but new X-Men are always very possible.

Kevin F.
Hello, is it possible that you can make a bigger size of marvel select in your line up? Like galaxies, onslaught, giant-man and sentinel, I and my buddies would love to have a Marvel select over size figures. Seeing that marvel legends and marvel universe as an option for big sizes figures doesn’t feels right to us, so we come up for a suggestion to this matter. Please do if possible. We the DST fans of marvel would appreciate this so much. Thank you.

DSTChuck: I don’t think that’s something we have looked at, and if we did they would be VERY expensive.

Stefano V.
Hi dear Diamond! I’m a huge toys collector from Italy, i have about 1800 figs, and yes i collect also the Marvel Select. I’d like that the Disney Store exc. will be not exclusive outside the USA/Canada.
In the rest of the world are very hard to find and very very expensive if you search in the secondary market. I’d like to see Re-issue figs! Come on. Give us Back on stock Mephisto, The Whatcher, Clock and Dakker, Moon Knight, Ultimate Thor. The movie collectors have problems to find Loky, Hawkeye, IronMan mark4, IronMan mark42. Give us more comics version fig. Re-issue figs that was disney store exc. for the comics shop around the world! I want to buy: Winter Soldier, IronMan bleeding edge, Classic Captain America with the double head, Agent Venom, Electro and Superior Spiderman. Give us also the enemy of the movies… Captain america is without the winter soldier, spidey is without electro. People love the ironman marks: Please give us: Mark 1-2-3-5-7-42-Hulkbuster. Give us more spidey enemies, more spiderman version, the F-4, more xmen and more Avengers classic and present day. My dream figure? A double box with Peter Parker and Mary Jane!!!

DSTChuck: We are constantly working with Disney to have the figures we do with them available in as many countries as possible. For the comic figures, we are constantly looking at which figures make the most sense to re-issue. The movie figures we are only allowed to make for a limited time period.

Micah D.
Hello, first off i love the marvel select line, have over 50 of them now, and thank you for making the cable and carnage figures they look amazing! My question is if the x-factor variant Cyclops was going to get re-released? i found a site taking preorders on it but haven’t seen it anywhere else. Hope it’s true because i really don’t want to pay $100+ to some scalper on eBay. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Thank you for all the support. We pretty much have declared that we will not re-make any of the short packs. It’s as close to a never that we get to around here.

John T.
First off, WHOOOOOOOOO!! SPIDER-MAN IS PART OF THE MCU!!! Now that I got that out of the way, I hope we can get some new Spidey figures. Please consider crafting a Spider-man 2099, Spider-Girl, Spider-Gwen, Mysterio, Kraven, Scorpion, and Shocker action figure. Also, of course the MCU Spidey when we see his appearance. Thanks guys, looking forward to Carnage, and Zombie Sabretooth!

DSTChuck: Funny, a few questions ago we had a fan asking us to STOP making Spider-Man figures. I guess we really can’t make all the fans happy all of the time!

Andy P.
Hi DST, I have a question you may or may not be able to discuss. There has been a flurry of news stories recently about Marvel’s involvement with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, and how, since they do not receive 100% of the revenue from these franchises on film, they are refusing to endorse these films by cutting off any merchandise. Even the Fantastic Four comic book is ending, which makes me a bit sad. Anyway, I know you have the Cable Marvel Select figure on deck. I was wondering if this is the last X-Men related figure we will be seeing for a while. I am still holding out to complete my X-set with a Beast and an Iceman. I would also love to see more Fantastic Four figures fitting nicely next to your amazing Ben Grimm. Thanks for any insight you might divulge!

DSTChuck: We have not been told we cannot make any more X-Men figures. We had no problems getting Cable approved. As for more information, I think it’s better you ask Marvel.

Sebastian H.
Hey DST, I’ve seen the figures you’re releasing on Age of Ultron and I am very happy with the products and re-releases. My question is, will there be any more figures for the movie or just Black Widow, Thor and Hulk? I’d be very happy to see a re-release of MK 42 Iron Man as MK 43, the old Hawkeye or with new figures like Vision, Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch. Greetings from Germany!

DSTChuck: Sebastian, what you see is the full release slate for the movie.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck so 2nd attempt at an email as my google chrome decided not to work and close down everything I’d wrote GOOD TIMES! Grr. Lol. So anyways’ WOW everyone from top to bottom at Diamond should pat themselves on the back seriously all the new sculpts were just PERFECTION!!! I must admit I wasn’t thrilled over the likes of Thor and Hulk being re-issued tbh… but WOW!!! Hulk look’s EPIC!!! With the new sculpts on display Dr.Strange, Cable, Carnage, Zombie Sabretooth, Ant-Man and Black Widow every single one of them just stand outs! So do we have a release date for Carnage yet? P.s going forward will Black Widow’s mold body wise be what to expect for the female selects???
Also any chance of some more Disney Exclusive’s heard rumours of unmasked ant man? I personally love the partnership as it allows more figures and gives us new sculpts i.e Agent Venom & Superior Spider-Man as shining examples
1) Scarlet Spider aka Kaine Parker a man who was used, never the most popular and thought as a monster turned out to be a HERO in every sense of the word!
Fantastic writing and an Amazing look unique Powers… He’d be a real stand out Marvel Select as he’s imposing!!!
2) Silk aka Cindy Moon One of Dan Slott’s best creations and my favourite New Comic Book Character wears her heart on her sleeve, and a HUGE reason Spider Verse is the biggest comic book event since Blackest Night!
3) Spider-Gwen (yeah we all know her identity lol) and probably in most people’s eyes deserves top spot. With Pre order’s pushing to a quarter of a million for Issue 1 and Fan boys crushing everywhere these two girls would be perfect and next in line for the new female sculpts were hoping for! Besides both Silk and Spider-Gwen costumes are just totes Amaze-balls lmao and scream AWESOME!
4) Spider Man 2099 It’s a shame Spider-Man 2099 is ending in a couple of months but man I’ve loved it Miguel O’ Hara just another reason Spidey’s universe is the best out there character’s wise! Never had the chance to read the original series so It feels like something fresh and new for me. Yet again cosmetically speaking all these characters are incredibly appealing.
Surely this could be a cool Disney Store Exclusive, P.s rumours still strong regarding the lkes of Beast, Angel and Rogue! Any chance of a New Mutant not counting Zombie Sabretooth. As for the main 4 question’s well case and point Marvel went out of their way to get Spidey into The MCU and Spider Verse I rest my case hehe. Also, My GOD Chuck, just saw Thor (Mighty) I believe you guys are calling him and I almost lost it haha just stunning one of the best action figures i have ever seen!
Needed to be said!!!

DSTChuck: Welcome back Lee! I was getting worried. Carnage should be in stores very soon. I think overall I was the most happy with the DOFP Mystique sculpt, so I think as much as possible all our future females will be based on that as a baseline.
1) No plans at this time – sorry
2) No plans at this time – sorry
3) We have had a few requests, but no plans as of yet.
4) For the most part (MOST) Disney is looking for something that would appeal to the widest audience, but also collectors.
5) Glad you like the Thor figure!

Kalon S.
Hi Chuck and DST Team. So 2015 figures have almost been all revealed:
Watcher cancelled-AHHH NOOOO / Cable-GREAT, getting / Carnage-Great, getting / Disney Thor-AMAZING, getting (You guys snuck that one) / Movie Hulk-Nice, getting / Movie Thor-Nice, have already in gold paint / Movie Black Widow-Nice, just not a fan of her / Sabertooth Zombie-Nice, just not a fan of Zombie figures, Doctor Strange-GREAT, getting. As you can see I am a big fan of your Marvel Select line and am trying hard to keep up with you even though you are very quiet and careful how and what you tell us with upcoming figures. I am going to ask and bug you again for 2016 line up of figures. Please give me some hints: 1. Please a Walt Simonson Thor in full armour
2. ODIN comic version unless holding of for Thor 3 movie for movie version but need it 2016 3.Enchantress, never been made by anyone yet 4. Misc others Beast, Black Bolt (Inhumans movie coming out), Comic Loki, Hercules, Nova, Sasquatch, Wonderman and Vision Please give these figures strong consideration for production. And hopefully can get my 1, 2 and 3 list in 2016? Any hints Chuck?
Again thanks for the great work you all are doing. Your loyal fan, Kalon

DSTChuck: I can honestly say we have had no thoughts yet on 2016. Of course, we will look at the movies, but nothing is set yet or even designed.

Brian A.
Hello there DST. My question is can we see a heavy hitter like Hulk Buster, Kingpin, Namor, Gladiator, Luke cage for 2015 Love the new figures So far 8 figure for 2015 and how many figures can you do a year?

DSTChuck: We’ve done several large figures already for 2015 – we still might have a surprise in there for you.

Chris R.
Just wondering if there is a possibility that you guys might re-issue The Avengers movie Hawkeye? I can’t afford the secondary prices. Thanks and keep up the amazing work.

DSTChuck: Sorry, our license does not allow movie figures to be re-made. I suppose that could change at some point, but for now we are not able to make more.

John T.
Hey DST, just wanted to add my two cents in with wanting a Taskmaster figure (classic or Udon), and also maybe you awesome geniuses can work out a deal with a movie version of Deadpool when that gets around. Thanks for listening…and Spider-man 2099 figure!

DSTChuck: Never say never!

Youssef M.
Man You Guys Are Stepping Up!! Saw Diamond Select Booth At Toy Fair And What I Am Looking Forward For Is Carnage And AntMan…They Look Awesome! Since I Am A Huge Fan Of Spider-Man…Is There Any Spider-Man Figures Coming This Year Or Next Year?

DSTChuck: Spidey is never far from our thoughts or plans. WOW, lots of Spidey feedback this session! Both pro and con.

Kenderson T.
Hello, I wonder if you are going to produce the Marvel Select Captain America Age of Ultron with new uniform. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry. Avengers: AoU is such a huge movie we could do tons of figures, but we had to be selective.

Wendell V.
Are there ANY plans to release a Marvel Select Quasar figure?? He is the ONLY character that has not been released and it would be so easy to do a variant costume for this character. I am the originator of the Facebook Quasar fan page and will directly share any news about this character/figure if you permit me to! Please?!?! Thanks!!!

DSTChuck: Not at this time, but never say never.

Kendall P.
Is there any chance for a comic book style marvel select Rocket Raccoon?

DSTChuck: From what we have seen, Marvel would rather stick to the movie look for now, but it’s something we’re interested in regardless.

Kyle Frazer.
Are there plans to continue making Marvel’s The Watcher at some point? I know that it had been discontinued recently for reasons out of Diamond Select’s hands. The reason I ask is because the demand is so high for this figure and the proof is in the gauging prices of stores.

DSTChuck: Right now Watcher is on hold, but we’ll see.

Sergio V.
Hi Chuck. It’s very difficult for you to increase the number of old figures reissued? In Italy, some figures (not movie figures) are impossible to find!
Can we know what Marvel select figures planned for 2015?
PS. we need Hulkbuster … please 🙂

DSTChuck: We are constantly re-running past figures and looking at other past figures that might work as a re-run.

Felipe Q.
Hello I’m from Brazil, and I wonder if you guys have plans to relaunch the Hawkeye Marvel Select for the movie Captain America 3? Thank you, hopefully answer.

DSTChuck: I have not read the script for Cap 3 yet, so I can’t even comment on if its possible.

Jim B.
Hi, I just bought the new Marvel Select Thor and It is FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for making this AWESOME FIGURE! The spinning hammer accessory is super cool, the articulation is excellent, as is the paint apps, sculpt is phenomenal and the material is very sturdy/solid and high quality. IMO this is figure of the year and easily the BEST THOR FIGURE EVER. Marvel select has really stepped up and taken it to the next level. It’s obvious that whoever sculpted this is a Thor Fan. I can’t stress enough how I love the Wrist articulation for his right hand that lets Thor point his hammer forward! Perfect!! Holds his hammer extremely well, stands up well due to the great balance of the figure combined with ankle rockers, even with a cape and spinning hammer accessory. And his wrist articulation is PERFECT for wielding Mjolnir. This figure will no doubt be HOT HOT HOT! All this for $26 bucks??? 10/10 I LOVE THIS FREAKIN THING!! Way exceeded my expectations! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Woo hoooo!!

DSTChuck: Jim, thanks so much for the praise, we try our best, glad you’re digging it.

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