Wishlist Wednesday – Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Bishop

Wishlist Wednesday – Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Bishop

Wishlist Wednesnday - Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Bishop

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Cable action figure is the only X-Men figure planned in the line this year, and with his release we feel that it opens the door to another time traveling character, Bishop. A character that has been featured in the comic books, 1990’s X-Men animated series, X-Men: Days of Future Past live-action film, and not to mention he has had several action figures made by Toybiz and one by Hasbro in Marvel Universe 3.75.”

X-Men Bishop

Bishop is best remembered and first introduced to us in the X-Men animated series, as we were not reading the comics as we should have been doing since his character debut back in 1991. This was how we first learned of Mastermold and the Sentinels, and recall how well they put together that story arch in the series even after all of these years later.

Wishlist Wednesday - Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Bishop 2

Toybiz released a great Bishop action figure in their Marvel Legends line, representing his 1990’s look. They also released a Bald Variant of the figure. These figures are going for $50-$60 on Amazon right now and we a bit surprised it’s not more than that. Given how great the figure is, this is the only 6″ Marvel Legends Bishop figure to-date. This year, Hasbro is offering a 4″ action figure of the character that is also shipping to stores now.

Wishlist Wednesday - Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Bishop 3

Diamond Select Toys may be limited in how many Marvel Select action figures they can produce a year, but it shouldn’t stop them from giving fans an ever better Bishop action figure with more sculpting and details, and not to mention better paint applications as they have been spoiling fans with lately. The figure should also come with an extra bald head that’s interchangeable, and we feel that the best costume should be from his 1990’s appearance (as the figure shown above is). The base should be pieces of a Sentinel on the ground such as an arm of leg, as well as debris from the fight (in Bishop’s future setting).

Of course, if Diamond Select Toys did get to Bishop, he would possibly take the slot of another highly requested character and/or an X-Men character such as Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Beast, Iceman, Archangel, etc. All of which we too want to see made.

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