NECA Shipping This Week: Clothed Freddy & Planet Of The Apes Lawgiver Statue

NECA Shipping This Week: Clothed Freddy & Planet Of The Apes Lawgiver Statue


NECA announced that they will be shipping Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 Clothed Freddy and Planet of the Apes Lawgiver Statue to retailers this week.

From Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, the man of your dreams is back as our newest retro clothed action figure!

We’ve integrated a number of design improvements into this 8″ Freddy figure, like a new Type 2 body with added articulation, including bicep swivel and improved thigh movement, improved clothing tailoring and a tighter-fitting sweater with striped sleeves.

Freddy comes with two interchangeable heads, interchangeable gloved hand and bladed hand (unique to this Part 2 version of Freddy), and a removable hat. Blister packaging with custom illustrated art and a resealable protective clamshell.

Freddy2_10 Freddy2_Mego2 Freddy2_Mego1 14918-NOES-pt-2-clothed-freddy-pkg-back 14918-NOES-pt-2-clothed-freddy-pkg-front Freddy2_01 Freddy2_02 Freddy2_03 Freddy2_04 Freddy2_05 Freddy2_06 Freddy2_07 Freddy2_08 Freddy2_09

Planet of the Apes – Lawgiver Statue

Add the greatest ape of all to your classic Planet of the Apes collection with this incredibly detailed statue of the Lawgiver! Revered throughout ape society for his wisdom and teachings, the prophet’s statue is a common sight in temples and public spaces.

The Lawgiver statue measures almost 12″ tall, and stands in perfect scale with our current Planet of the Apes action figures. Made from cold cast, hand-painted resin. Limited edition – one production run only!

D-Lawgiver1-1300x D-Lawgiver2-1300x D-Lawgiver5-1300x D-Lawgiver4-1300x D-lawgiver3-1300x D-Lawgiver6-1300x D-Lawgiver7-1300x D-Lawgiver8-1300x D-Lawgiver9-1300x 1300x-lawgiver7 1300x-lawgiver8 D-lawgiver-A1-1300x D-lawgiver-A2-1300x 1300x-lawgiver_pkg2 D-lawgiver-A3-1300x 1300x-lawgiver_pkg3 1300x-lawgiver_pkg1

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