G.I. JoeCon 2015 Day 1 – Show Exclusives On Display, Join Cobra Cupcakes, & Parachute Figure Update

G.I. JoeCon 2015 Day 1 – Show Exclusives On Display, Join Cobra Cupcakes, & Parachute Figure Update


G.I. JoeCon is underway and after an exhausting venture to get here, we now have better images of the exclusive to show you, along with images of the Kre-O 7-Pack.

Pete Sinclair gave us an update on the foil parachute from last year. It was revealed at JoeCon 2014 that there were 36,000 roughly of the foil parachutes in a warehouse at some point. While we’ve been asking since then, Pete tells us that last he hard those were all gone, but he wasn’t exactly sure.

During the line to get the exclusives, a group of ladies were giving away cupcakes as your initiation to the Cobra organization.

No Parachute drop or cocktail party this year. The parachute drop was cancelled due to registrations either from Illinois or the town of Springfield. The club plans to continue this at future shows.

No announcements will be made regarding the location of JoeCon 2016 according to Pete Sinclair. That has not been finalized.

The exclusives are shown below and we also have an image of the price sheet for you, with the amount of each exclusive produced.

We will also have a write-up after the show about a few things that we’ll get into at a later time….

  • Tiger Force Tigerhawk LE 600
  • Tiger Force Tiger Shark with Felino LE 800
  • Tiger Force Tiger Sting with Sgt. Katzenbogen LE 800
  • Tiger Force Tigerhawk Crew (3 pack – Alpine, Skystriker and Frostbite) LE 800
  • Iron Grenadiers Air Assault 2 pack – LE 900
  • Iron Grenadiers Iron Anvil Officer – Parachute Figure LE 600
  • Tiger Force Kre-O set – LE 600
    • Tiger Force Recondo
    • Wreckage
    • Tiger Force Sgt. Stalker
    • Undertow Officer
    • Undertow x2

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