G.I. JoeCon 2015 – Hasbro Panel Coverage

G.I. JoeCon 2015 – Hasbro Panel Coverage

Hasbro presented at JoeCon today with Marc Weber as the new brand manager.

Gi Joe 3 is happening. Paramount will make official announcements.

All G.I. Joe figures will be shipped as 1 wave to help with distribution.

In 2015, fans will see:

  • 5x 2 pack
  • 4x 3 packs
  • 2x vehicle packs with larger vehicles


Desert Duel:

  • Cobra Basilisk & Elite Horsemen
  • G.I. Joe Foe Striker (new cannon and canopy will have camouflage) & Chuckles (IDW design)

Silent Strike:

  • Orange Hiss Tank, Hiss Driver, Hiss Gunner
  • G.I. Joe Sky Striker, Ace, Sightline (new character and named Greg to honor a well known G.I. Joe fan)


Swap Steam:

  • Crop Master (red) & Blowtorch
  • Iron Grenadier & Steel Brigade

Classic Clash:

Storm Shadow & Spirit-Iron Knife (new head – based on original cartoon)

Hunt For Cobra Commander:

Cobra Commander & Shipwreck (shirt says Navy)

Marine Devastation:

Cobra Shadow Guard vs. Gung Ho (concept)

Chase For Mass Device (Reissues):

Alpine, Rock Viper, Shock Trooper, Cobra Commander, Trooper and Screaming Duke with Flag

3 Packs:

Vanishing Act:

Torpedo, Hit & Run, & Zartan

Sneak Attack:

Bazooka, Dusty and Firefly

SDCC Exclusives:

  • Cobra Scythe Crimson Strike Skystriker – Crimson Guard Deco, AVAC and Alley Viper
  • Chimera (Hiss Tank – Green), Grunt, & Steeler

Desert Duel Toys “R” Us Exclusive –

Night Fox & Chuckles

Elite Horsemen & Paratrooper(?)

Kre-O is coming back! There will be a SDCC exclusive for this.

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