Ask DST #276: Minimates Ahoy

Ask DST #276: Minimates Ahoy

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for their Minimates lines.

It’s the 276th edition of Ask DST, and Minimates proves to once again be a popular topic, as Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck dives into another batch of 20 questions about the popular mini-figure line! Read on for questions (and answers) about Back to the Future, Gotham, Godzilla and… the Wrecking Crew?

Josh F.
Some of my favorite villains in the Marvel Universe are The Wrecker and his Wrecking Crew, Thunderball, Piledriver, and Bulldozer. Are there any plans to produce them in the near future? I would love them as a 4 pack set.

DSTChuck: Right now, we have no plans for a Wrecking Crew box set, but never say never.

Zack D.
Hi, I was wondering, with the new Ant-Man movie coming in July, will we be seeing more Ant-Man and Wasp minimates? Like Modern, or Ultimate? They both need an update now that you can make small figures like the Herald of Galactus Silver Suffer or Tinkerbell. I think it would be cool. We also need an A-bomb figure, he’s not related to Ant-Man but he’s getting a little overdue, don’t you think? Where are Silver Samurai, Squirrel Girl, Toad – Toad is way overdue. Modern Wasp (with smaller version and energy blast accessories), Ultimate Wasp (with smaller version and energy blast accessories), Ultimate Giant Man/Antman (with different size shoes for height, and a smaller version), Giantman (update, like the one from Avengers boxset based on their first appearence.) A-Bomb, Silver Samurai, Squirrel Girl (with at least 3 squirrels like Monkey Joe, and Tippy-Toe), Toad, Tigress, Mockingbird. Please make it happen soon? Thanks for reading! I look forward to what you make next!

DSTChuck: While the Ant-Man movie is in process, we will be focusing on the movie, not the comic. However, after the movie there is no reason we can’t look back to the comic for ideas. As for the others, time will tell.

Ross N.
Any update on plans for the Netflix Marvel minimates?

DSTChuck: We do not currently have the rights to the Netflix shows, but we’ll be looking at how the shows do, to see if it’s something we want to pursue.

Joey R.
DC animated universe minimates? With waves or box sets of batman the animated series/new adventures, superman, batman beyond, static shock.

DSTChuck: Sorry, right now we have no rights to Minimates for these properties.

Noel D.
Hey DST I love your TMNT minimates and want all the figures however I can’t get Kraang. I’ve searched k mart yet but it appears that K mart doesn’t get them anymore. Do you plan on getting more out on the market so I could get a Kraang figure?

DSTChuck: I think there are some more K-Mart single packs on their way to stores, so there is hope. Sorry you have not had any luck yet.

Brandon D.
Just wondering is there any chance of seeing Scooby-Doo Minimates? Thanks!! 🙂

DSTChuck: Not at this time, but that would be cool!

Toby J.
Hi, I am new to collecting Minimates and would love to collect the 90s era x-men from the fox cartoon. These were released in the past and are super extremely hard to find. Is there any chance of re-releasing a box set of the 90s x-men characters. I’m sure this would be very popular, especially for new marvel Minimates collectors: Cyclops, Jean Grey, White costume Storm, Gambit, Jubilee, Beast, Professor X, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Rogue, and Wolverine.

DSTChuck: We do not have the rights to the look of the animated show, however the look of the animated is pretty similar to the comic – we have done many of those, and it’s very likely that in the future we will do more.

Jason Y.
Hi, since you guys are making Minimates based on the TV series Gotham. Any chance that you guys would attempt to work on Minimates base on the Batman movies or the TV show? I know DST is making bust and other products based on the Adam West TV show. This might be a long shot but based on the success of the movie Birdman. Have you guys considered perhaps a Minimates 4 pack based on the movie? Thanks!

DSTChuck: We would very much like to expand our DC Universe Minimates offerings, however Gotham is all that’s available to us at this time.

Wes P.
Hi! I’m constantly amazed at the amount of awesome Marvel Minimates you provide us with! I’m also really appreciative of your dedication to finishing off teams and eras. With the amazing Quicksilver we just received in TRU Wave 19, I was reminded of how much I would love to see the rest of his 90s X-factor teammates (Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy and Multiple Man). Any chance we could see them soon? Also, I loved the recent X-force box set. Any chance to see Warpath, Siryn and Sunspot? Thanks so much!

DSTChuck: Glad you like the line so much. We do keep a list of teams or time periods we have started, and we do look for a chance to complete them when possible.

Eric H.
Hi, there! I’m a big Godzilla fan and I have both of your Godzilla Minimates series, which are positively delightful. Several of the monsters you did are previously unaccounted for in my collection. Are you planning – or at least hoping – to do another set? I’d love to see the 70’s monsters rounded out, as the first two series primarily covered this film era. Monsters like King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Anguirus are absolute musts for the collection.

DSTChuck: We are seriously considering a third set, I’m glad you like the two sets we have done.

Brobot C.
Is there ANY way that the scarecrow hallucination from the end Gotham episode 15 can be worked into a set somehow? We never got a scarecrow mate when DC mates were made,and IF this line doesnt last long ( BIG IF),then this guy should definitely get a mate as a sort of “fan service”,since it can be used as a stand in comic scarecrow. Am I alone on this one? What are the odds of this happening? His appearance can definitely anchor a set.

DSTChuck: You know, to be honest, I was thinking all sorts of ideas when I saw that image. We’ll have to see if there is something we can do and if we can make it work with our plans.

Matt K.
Hello Hello makers of cools stuff like Minimates! I was looking at my Giant size X-Men Minimates. And thought would it be possible sometime in the future to do an updated version of this box set, but include classic Sunfire, Polaris and Classic Banshee (with and without head gear)? That is all! 🙂

DSTChuck: Hi. It’s funny how long ago we did that set – I think we still need to do a few more to really make that set complete, then we’ll see.

Douglas E.
Are there any plans for a 30th anniversary back to the future minimates set? Not only is it the 30th anniversary, but also 2015 is the year Marty and Doc travel to the future in Back to the future 2. Exclusive 4 pack: Griff/Pit bull board & Gang/hoverboards. Or possibly a Marty Jr with cap!

DSTChuck: I can confirm we are in serious internal talks to produce more BTTF Minimates.

Justin H.
Hi Chuck, my first question today pertains to the decision to use neutral emotion face tampos with much of the Marvel movie themed Minimates, particularly the heroes. We’re about to get our fifth Chris Hemsworth Thor Minimate and so far all of them have had very neutral faces. I’d love to get a screaming or angry version of Thor or other Marvel heroes, and in many cases the new heads could be interchangeable with the older version of the Minimates. This seems to be an issue mostly with the movie based figures, as many of the comic based figures feature varying degrees of emotion. Does Marvel prevent those types of faces from being used for the Movie figures or does DST just prefer to have a more neutral style face for the film heroes? Also, it seems as though the paper inserts inside Minimates packages aren’t being fully utilized, have you ever considered replacing those with small cardboard background displays? Little backgrounds pertaining to the figures in a particular 2-pack would be a lot of fun and could help promote the play features of the brand. Finally, are there any plans to release packs for the ALIENS Minimates with eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters, etc. Similar to the stand packs you have been selling at conventions and the DST store? Thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: Justin that’s and interesting comment/observation. I will try and keep an eye on that. We have talked about maybe going back to having more fun stuff on those inserts, so hopefully we’ll be able to move on that soon. I don’t think we’d do a background but maybe more the strips and stuff we used to do.

Kostis F.
So, I received my Valiant set and hot damn, is it awesome! So, my question is, will we see more from this line and how will it continue? I understand that Valiant is a pretty small publisher (it holds the 6th or 7th place in the charts though) but it has tons of great characters and designs and, while ideally I’d like to see them all, I just hope we get all main characters. On another note, are there any plans for any other indie comic mates? Spawn, Savage Dragon, Saga, etc… Also, whatever happened to Invincible, they were some of the best mates ever produced. Plus, are we going to see more Ghostbusters mates (possibly based on the IDW comic designs)?

DSTChuck: We have talked to Valiant about a follow-up set, so hopefully we’ll have news soon. Not sure about the other comic properties.

Shane S.
Godzilla Minimates are great. Is any thought being given to Ultraman Minimates? Make it so.

DSTChuck: Sorry, we currently do not have any rights to Ultraman.

Gavin H.
Hey Chuck! Before I ask my multitude of Minimate inquiry’s I would like to say I LOVE all of the Minimates you produce. They are my favorite collection. (Sorry not englishing good) So the questions I have:
1. I know you are planning what is going to be produced in 2016, and with the new ‘Deadpool’ movie coming out in 2016 could we see a wave or a box set for it?
2. With Disney finally ‘dipping its toe into Minimate waters’ what is stoping you guys from making Star Wars? I know that you probably hear this question all the time, but I am just curious. Disney must have thought Peter Pan did well to bring in NBX. Which leads in #3
3. Nightmare before Christmas! I heard that we might be getting Jack’s “sleigh” and or the bathtub with lock/shock/ and barrel. Is this true? Also can we plan to see a Sandy Claws?
4. The last question I sent in said hat you were throwing around a few Deadpool ideas, I’d like to ask what they are. I mean if it was final you probably would have shown it at toy fair, maybe. Thanks Again!

DSTChuck: Glad you like the line and thanks for the support.
1. Honestly, I am not sure what we are going to do about all the Fox movies going forward, we are still discussing it.
2. Lucas is not interesting in working on a deal for Minimates at this time – we have asked.
3. We are working on some deluxe sets like the Aliens we showed at Toy Fair, and the Halo sets we did in the past.
4. We do NOT have a new Deadpool set started, we’ve just been spitballing at this point.

Douglas E.
Hello Chuck! Are we getting any back to the future minimates for this year? So many characters I’d love to see made still, I’d buy all them! Griff has the most potential, as he would make a great minimate with his look and accessories. (Assuming he came with pit bull and extendable bat) An upside down George from the future, packaged upside down. (Not sure if that’s been done before.) Griff’s gang… “Hey McFly you bojo, hoverboards don’t work on water.”… “Unless you got POWAH! Hahahah.” Michael Jackson & Max Headroom video waiters from cafe 80s. A Marty Jr (with rainbow cap and them phone glasses) possibly with an updated Marty look. An older Lorraine from the future. A Needles (Flea)… A Marlene McFly. Some accessories like Pepsi bottle, 2015 Newspaper (Possibly fading or two separate papers) Sports almanac bag, you’re fired paper, hydrator with mini pizza “Boy, oh boy, Mom, you sure know how to hydrate a pizza.” I added those first as its 2015 and it would just be plain fun to have some Back to the future II sets come out this year. Really hoping for a 30th anniversary set for this year!! Some others like Biff’s 50s gang, Cafe Goldie Wilson (With mop) Auto detailing Biff from the 80s, George and Lorraine from the 80s (Could have before and after heads… before Marty leave to the past and after he returns) A Marvin Barry. A drunken Lorraine from alternate 85. An Einstein… I’d also really love a box set to come with a yellow case of plutonium with some plutonium tubes to go inside. I have so many more I want made, but my list is getting quite long already lol… Here’s to hoping we get some new back to the future minimates this year! Thanks for taking the time to read these Chuck… “This is heavy.” Also, in my last question/ideas I submitted I left out a key piece to the Griff minimate. His pit bull hoverboard case that the board fits into. Woould be neat if the minimate hoverboard really fit the case 🙂 Also the lock on straps for Griff’s gang to latch on and go for a ride behind him. Thanks again and that’s all for now… “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

DSTChuck: I think it’s very possible you will see more BTTF MM this year.

Jordan Z.
I really enjoyed your Godzilla series. I would love to see a series 3, is that in the works? I know a King Ghidorah or Rodan figure would be awesome. Also, do you plan to do just the Showa era, or could we hope for heisei or millennium Godzillas?

DSTChuck: A third set for Godzilla is under serious consideration.

Theron R.
Hi DSTChuck! Is there any chance that we will see the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 done as a minimate vehicle? That would be the cherry on top of the sundae for the line! Thanks!

DSTChuck: We would very much like to do that, and I do think it’s more possible than it has been in the past.

Tyler C.
Minimates are always evolving and improving. Would you ever consider adding ankle rockers to minimates? They’re already quite articulated and that would be the icing on the cake to have their feet planted in any pose.

DSTChuck: I like my Minimates as simple as possible – a process I have been losing ground on every year. But I don’t see anything like that happening.

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