NECA Closer Look: Pacific Rim Series 6 Action Figures

NECA Closer Look: Pacific Rim Series 6 Action Figures


NECA provided a closer look for their upcoming Pacific Rim Series 6 action figures, which are also shipping this week and these are also shipping to retailers next week.

Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger features battle damage and uses the updated tooling introduced in Series 5. It comes with chain-sword accessory and an attachment that recreates a blast from the nuclear reactor in its chest. The fan-requested Horizon Brave is a Mark-1 Chinese Jaeger and one of the first Jaegers ever constructed. Highlights of its battles appear in newsreels during the prologue to Pacific Rim. Horizon Brave features a spring-loaded missile launching mechanism.

1300x-BD_Gipsy_03 Gipsy6-1300x Horizon2-1300x Horizon4-1300x Horizon3-1300x Horizon1-1300x Horizon5-1300x Gipsy1-1300x Gipsy2-1300x Gipsy4-1300xGipsy5-1300x Horizon-series-6-1300x Horizon1a-1300x Horizon3a-1300x Horizon2a-1300x Gipsy-series-6-1300x Gipsy3a-1300x Gipsy2a-1300x Gipsy1a-1300x

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