Ask DST #279: The Marvel Saga Continues

Ask DST #279: The Marvel Saga Continues

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for their Marvel lines.

Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck continues his long march to 300 Q&A sessions, and his 279th is all about Marvel action figures — mostly Marvel Select, but also Marvel Retro! If you have your own question for DSTChuck, submit it via e-mail, or the drop-down form above!

Bryan P.
Will there ever be a Marvel Select Iceman action figure to be made? Been waiting for this since the Toy Biz Marvel Legends line went south. Huge fan of your MM & Marvel Select lines. Thank you!

DSTChuck: For sure he has been considered, it’s on our list, yes.

Tiago F.
Hi how are you all. I’m a big fan of the Marvel Select Line but I’m from Portugal and here your products are impossible to find so we have to import them. Yes, our comic book and Disney stores are a shame. I was able to pre-order Cable back in December but the Carnage figure was and is sold out for pre-order in every store that i know. My question is: will you guys release a second run of the figure shortly after the first run like you did with Venom? And if i may, will you guys re-release the Marvel Select Marvel Girl figure? Thank you so much

DSTChuck: I’m good – thanks for asking. I am sorry you have trouble finding our figures. Carnage is sold out and we are not making more at this time, BUT for SURE it’s something we would consider down the road.

Betsy B.
I was wondering the other day: Since you all made Thor’s girlfriend, would you all consider Mary Jane, Peter Parker (without the suit), or Bruce Banner? They are good friends of mine. Also, please make me. It would be neat to have my very own figure.

DSTChuck: I would say neither of those are on the short list, but they have not been ruled out.

Felipe Q.
Hello, I wonder if you have plans to release for the movie Captain America 3 the figure of Hawkeye Marvel Select. Thank you.

DSTChuck: We’ve just started to talk about what we might want to do for Cap 3, so we’ll have to see.

Christian Y.
Hi, is it possible to get a new comic style Hulk like the Kotobukiya statue but given the kind of articulation as either movie Avenger Hulks or better? I know we’ve gotten a bunch of Hulks, but would love a definitive comic style Hulk that’s not exactly based on any specific style or armored. If armored I’d hope swappable parts or removable so he can still be a basic Hulk. Also would love a Now Cap done the same way as the new sexy Thor and Hawkeye. Thanks!

DSTChuck: I don’t think we will ever rule out the idea of doing another Hulk. It’s true we have done several, but I still think there are some great ones out there.

Steven S.
First off, thanks for releasing the new Hawkeye and Pizza Dog figure. I bought it the second you announced it. Second, I love the Mighty Thor figure; it was the first one my wife complemented without me bringing it up to her first. Last, and the real reason I’m writing in: Please make a Beta Ray Bill figure. I know your releases are limited through the year and that Marvel has to approve it, but that’s #1 on my wish list right now. I’d love for the Mighty Thor figure to stand beside BRB as oath brothers. Thanks for all the great figs and ensuring that my shelves never stay empty. Also, last thing: I got Jim Starlin to sign the back of my Thanos figure. He had big complements about the fig and said he loved the one sitting on his shelf at home 🙂

DSTChuck: I don’t think Beta Ray is tops on our list, but it’s not ruled out, so maybe. Cool that Mr. Starlin likes Thanos and has one at home!

Antonio C.
Any chance we can get Ms. Marvel w/ the lightning bolt costume, Hercules, Beta Ray Bill, Walt Simonson’ s armored Thor, Quasar, Odin, Vision, Gladiator, updated Thing (preferably Byrne’ s Version) or She-Hulk, Hulkbuster for the select line? Oh Namor is cool too.

DSTChuck: One of those for sure will happen and maybe two by end of 2016. Hulkbuster is up for pre-order at right now.

Carmen W.
Hey Chuck, I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and I love what DST has done with the Symbiots Venom & Carnage… My question is will you complete the symbiots with a new Black Suit Spider-Man figures… Hopefully with the articulation of Venom & Carnage? Also, we do need an articulated Classic (comic) Spider-Man figure. Thank you.

DSTChuck: Seems Spidey is a character folks like OR one they get sick of us doing, but lucky for you I’m a big Spidey fan, so you never know.

Steve G.
With the announcement at Toy Fair of DST doing the Gotham TV series 7″ Select figures does this open the door to possibly doing more TV series Select figures such as any of the Marvel’s Netflix series, Marvel’s Agents of Shield or Marvel’s Agent Carter? While it may be a bit early to say on any of these I was just curious if there had been any serious discussions around this and, if so, which one(s) of the above? I think many of your fans would agree that based on how the early Gotham Select figures looked that you guys would “nail it” on any figures from the above TV series. Thanks.

DSTChuck: I don’t think Gotham is connected to the Marvel Netflix stuff as much as we’re connected to Netflix due to our long standing relationship with Marvel. You are right it’s a little early, BUT with the great reports on DD and the early green light to a second season, of course we’re going to look at it.

Christian Y.
Hi, will the Marvel Select “The Wolverine” sequel figure ever be re-released?

DSTChuck: We never say never, BUT currently our license does not allow us to re-issue movie figures.

Wyatt M.
Is there any chance of there being a Marvel Select Marvel Now Captain America to go along with the new Marvel Select Thor and Hawkeye figures?

DSTChuck: It has not been ruled out, so we’ll have to see, since we have just started to plan 2016.

David A.
Firstly I’m a huge fan of Marvel Select figures and I love the new ‘The Mighty Thor’ and the ‘Avenging Hawkeye’. I was wondering if these figures are the beginning of a new theme and if we’re going to see more modern versions of other marvel comic characters? I’d particularly love to see a Wolverine, Cyclops and Magneto in more modern costumes (i.e. no underpants on the outside). Regards, D.A.

DSTChuck: No, I don’t think it’s a theme, its more how it worked out with what we had planned and what Disney told us they wanted and we were able to work with them on. We do try and mix classic, movie and new looks.

Paul D.
Is the upcoming Disney Store Exclusive from the Marvel movie a variant of an already announced figure, or an entirely new figure? (I.e. like a battle damaged, unmasked head variant) Just asking, so I know whether or not to preorder another one.

DSTChuck: Which are you referring to?? I THINK the next one we ship to them will be an ALL new figure. If I have my timing right.

Vincent G.
Hello DST! It’s been a long while since I’ve sent a question. First I want to say the latest Marvel Select figures, especially the Disney Store variants, are incredible!! Please keep up the amazing work! 😀 My question for you involves two figures I would love to see as Marvel Select. Is there any chance we will be able to see Agent Coulson, as well as a Classic Iron Man mark I as Marvel Select? The Iron Man I’m referring to is based on the original comic version, I would love to see that armor made and designed by you guys! As for Coulson I would love to see made to be with the Avengers, and fellow shield agents. I know Clark Gregg would love to see it made. Other than that, please keep up the awesome work, I hope to hear from you soon, have an awesome day!

DSTChuck: Welcome back! I do not think we’ll do a Coulson but I can tell you for SURE a “Classic” Iron Man based on Layton has been on the table and in talks several times, it’s just not worked out yet. That run is the first at-home mail subscription for a comic I ever had.

Terry D.
Thank you SOOOOO much for the Avenging Hawkeye/Hawkguy figure!!! Any chance we may see a Kate Bishop figure in the future? Oh, and a Psylocke figure would be most welcome as well. Thanks for your time!!!

DSTChuck: Psylocke and Rogue have long been on our list of figures we would like to do. Right now there are no plans for a Kate Bishop figure.

Arthur E.
Hi, I’m a brazilian Marvel Select collector. Usually, when a Marvel movie is released I always wait for some new action figures. But I have been a little disappointed with DST, mainly because you did not announce figures of important characters from the movies Guardians of the Galaxy and Averngers: Age of Ultron. Do you still intend to make new adverts? My suggestions: Ultron, Hulkbuster and Vision.

DSTChuck: We had hoped to do some figures for GoG, but the way some stuff worked out and the timing it was not possible. I am sorry you do not like the figures we picked for AoA, but I know lots of fans have been asking for a Black Widow figure.

Christopher J.
I know you guys and the public are probably tired of spiderman, but make Mysterio! I don’t think there is a single figure of him that’s actually worth buying or does the character’s unique look justice.

DSTChuck: I can NEVER be tired of Spidey – even after the third Sam Raimi movie.

Nick C.
Hi Chuck, was the Select Movie Iron Man Mark 4, 6 and 42 Stark heads all official authorized Robert Downey Jr. likenesses? They do look like him. Also The Disney Store Battle damaged Captain America Winter Soldier figure included the regular masked head and the Steve Rogers head, was that Rogers head sculpt an official Chris Evans likeness? Please let me know. Thanks.

DSTChuck: All our Marvel movie figures are likeness and are approved by Marvel as well as the talent or their representatives.

Dominic D.
Hi, DST! I know I’ve asked you this question via your FB page but will there be a chance to have regular release of Marvel Select figures to Asia (or in my case, The Philippines) again? I do miss getting them regularly especially the releases last year, 2014 and the recent ones this year. Also, kudos to you guys for being really consistent with how you guys bring out your products (in general) to us. -Advocate Pinoy, Philippines

DSTChuck: I do know our sales folks are always looking for as many distributors as they can find in new territories, so hopefully as we move along Select figures will be available in more territories.

Augusto B.
Hey guys DST! First I would like to say how Cable, Carnage and the new Hawkeye are incredible. Great job makes me very happy that I made the right choice! But here we go. -Many of us are acutely bored with the amount of Spider-Man, Hulk, and Captain America, among other heroes, that sounds repetitive. Since there are plenty of interesting heroes, and many could be launched with further improvements. Being perfectly honest I do not like the Phoenix was launched, much less Marvel Girl and Cyclops … are characters that could re-surfaced with all, Jim Lee “Era” is full of good options. It would be nice, since many people come asking new X Men (I will not mention about Rogue, Psylocke, Beast and Angel) you surely know what to do (Jim Lee “Era” right, please?! And let the girls beautiful!!! Black Cat is certainly the most sexy and beautiful figure of all) -Another fact that bothers a little, why has not made a Hulk Buster?! Would be the best news of the year, the new Thor (Movie Version) is disappointing and almost identical to the previous one and the new Hulk disappointing….. There are times when it sounds like a collection of Barbie…. just change clothes and the hair, the rest is the same. Surprise us more, we will be here with you to the collection grow. But listen, more fans. I’m from Brazil and participate in groups with people from Italy, Canada, Spain, Chile and the United States…. these issues came of discussion exactly. Anyway THANK YOU! You are incredible!

DSTChuck: As I said earlier in this Q&A some folks want MORE Hulk, Spidey and such, we’ve even seen some folks ask for a new Wolverine. We’re always looking to the X-men for inspiration so we’ll see. I am sorry you are disappointed in some of our character selections as of late.

Shandon W.
Really digging the latest Carnage with the modern/classic heads. Which leads me to wonder what type of Beast figure we’re going to get. I’m not asking if, but when, we see Beast in the proper Marvel Select form, can we get interchangeable heads as well. For instance, an aggressive open mouth head and an intellectual/deep thought head with the black frame glasses, like the 90’s cartoon. I know I mentioned interchangeable feet w/ a base to hang from a while ago, so I’m really hoping you show Beast some love the way you did you Carnage and the recent Disney Thor & Hawkeye. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Since Beast is not planned at this time I can’t say how we will handle design, but he has been on the list we’ve looked at for line planning.

Bartek K.
Hi, Chuck and DST crew! Can I ask you to commission Gentle Giant to sculpt every Marvel Select figure till the end of time? With the recent Hawkeye and Thor, and upcoming Black Widow and Ant-Man, their execution seems flawless. Sculpts are amazing, accessories wonderful and articulation spot on (although Hawkguy could’ve used double elbows instead of knees). While I like Jean St. Jean’s work and I’d appreciate an occasional figure from him, I think his sculpts are too stylized. On the other hand, GG’s are clearly inspired by certain comic books but at the same time generic enough that they can fit in with any and all other figs. I guess my question is, why do you work with multiple different artists instead of partnering with only one studio?

DSTChuck: I am sure GG appreciated the love, but I really like working with different artist and styles. I think for the most part with our run of making Marvel products, we’ve tried to take our own or our artist’s take to the universe. The movies we look at more a faithful representation. Right now we work with Jean and GG and Phil and while we have worked with others in the past, I think that’s our current line-up.

Wes P.
Hi! I was really happy to hear again in the last Marvel Q&A that Rogue and Psylocke are always on your list as possible Marvel Select figures. If we see either (or both!) of these gals soon, could they please, please, please be in their 90s Jim Lee era costumes? I’d love for them to match up with previous releases, like Wolverine, Colossus, Gambit, etc. Same goes for Beast too. I’d love to see him blue, furry, and in the Jim Lee trunks. Keep up the awesome work!

DSTChuck: Nothing is decided yet, but I think it’s possible that is the direction we would take.

Raymond A.
I just saw your Mego Retro Captain America in a local comic shop and I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how disappointing it is. I understand the realities of having to offer it at the price point it is, but with increased expenses come increased expectations. The way you choose to affix the chest star to both costumes looks terrible. Why not screen print the star like the Retro Captain Action Captain America suit? Choosing to secure it in one spot, in the center, leaving the tips of the star to hang off the costume just looks shoddy. I was on the fence about buying it because of the price but seeing how that important detail was handled allowed me to decide to pass on it. It’s too bad because I was initially excited when I saw it at NY Comic Con.

DSTChuck: I am sorry you don’t like it, we had trouble determining the best way to attach the star in a way that would hold up with frequent costume changes. I think this line is always going to be tricky, how do we make a “modern” product but honor the look and feel of the past – it’s an ongoing process.

Gabriel S.
Dear DST, warm regards. Does Marvel Select have the license to do figures based on X-Men: Apocalypse? If so, they should seriously consider doing Angel/Archangel with the recently revealed movie look. He is a requested character, has a large fan base, and his new badass movie costume is looking very nice. And since they would probably only do one movie figure (please let it be Angel/Archangel), they could also do the requested comic Apocalypse to go with it. Thanks and keep up the great work.

DSTChuck: Right now we do not, but the movie situation with Marvel is very fluid. That said I think we’re unlikely to make figures based on the Fox movies going forward.

Nick R.
I think the Marvel Select Venom, Carnage, and Anti-Venom figures all look great and I would love to see a Marvel Select “Toxin” figure as well by Jean St. Jean. P.S. A new mold Marvel Select classic Spiderman with 16 points of articulation, a bunch of hand options and being a little larger than past Spideys would also be awesome.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the love and request noted.

Luke D.
Now that the Daredevil Netflix series is out and we have gotten our first look at the red suit.
1. What are the chances we will see a Daredevil Marvel Select based on the television show?
I expect it to be slim to none or at least for now. We never know what the future has in store, especially with Defenders coming in the near future.
2. Is there a chance we will get any other version of Daredevil; from comics or graphic novels?
3. Also is there a possibility of ever seeing Kingpin and some of Daredevil’s foes such as Bullseye and Mister Fear?
4. Are we ever going to see any form of Nick Fury; whether it is classic comic Nick Fury, Ultimate Nick Fury, or MCU Nick Fury?

DSTChuck: I think for 1-3 as reflects the Netflix series, time will tell. I don’t see a Nick Fury figure in the immediate future, but you never know.

Gabriel S.
With a new Captain America movie coming out, is it safe to assume we will get a new Marvel Select Captain America figure based on his appearance in that movie? Thanks in advance. Gabriel

DSTChuck: I guess we’ll have to see how he looks in the movie, we’re just now starting to figure out what we want to do with that movie.

Alex C.
I LOVE the work you’ve been doing with the Marvel Select figures but feel terrible every time I tear open one of your figures and throw all that plastic packaging away. Are there any plans to move toward a more environmentally friendly package design for the Marvel Select figures? Thanks!

DSTChuck: We’ve looked at ways to make the package smaller and such, but it’s not very practical, for the most part, with the figures we do and the large bases. Also, as it is, the large figures already have trouble with tearing the package, so I’m not sure how a smaller package would work.

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