Wishlist Wednesday – Funko Thundercats 4″ ReAction Figures

Wishlist Wednesday – Funko Thundercats 4″ ReAction Figures

Wishlist Wednesday - Funko Thundercats 4 inch ReAction Figures

Following Bandai’s attempt back in 2011-2012 to resurrect the Thundercats franchise, which was ultimately cancelled due to a badly executed toy line, the brand has barely been seen. We were told at New York ToyFair 2014 that no companies at the time was looking at reviving the franchise. As of this article, Bandai themselves doesn’t have Thundercats listed on their website as part of their product line. So we are unsure what their plans are at this time.

The good news is that other companies such as Icon Heroes and their Minimates line (which was one of the best Thundercats lines since the 1980’s as far as character selection, and not to mention the Thundertank and Cat’s Lair), Mezco’s 14″ Thundercats, and Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures wave 1 (read our idea for wave 2 here) have come out with products in recent years.

Considering that Banda’s 4″ Thundercats line has ended and they probably are not looking at reviving it in the near future, this scale also works well for Funko’s ReAction line that is based on 1970’s and 1980’s five points of articulation and style. Since Funko is the only option right now to go with the 4″ scale, we suggest that they start off with all A-list characters including Lion-O (including Snarf, Sword of Omens, and glove), Panthro (nunchucks), Mumm-Ra (transformed), Cheetara (staff), and Tyra (whip), and expand the line with a second wave that includes Wilykit and Wilykat 2 pack, Ghost of Jaga, Slithe, Vulture Man, Jackalman, Monkian, and Mumm-Ra (bandaged). We feel that the time to bring back the Thundercats in this scale is now, as the core fan base will likely support this line.

While the second wave is larger than the first, and by releasing more characters this way, this helps ensure that the core teams of the Thundercats and Mutants are released. We also feel it’s a safe bet that Funko won’t get to additional characters such as Grune, Lynx-O, Pumyra, Bengali, Ancient Spirits of Evil, Berbils, The Lunataks, and others. Without a show on the air, expanding the line is risky for them and to be honest that’s ok with us. However, we want to see the 4″ Thundercats line return and if previous ReAction figures are any indication, Funko will do a good job with these providing that they include the necessary accessories and not skip out on those.

This week, we are asking Funko to make a 4″ Thundercats line in their ReAction series and make two waves so that all core characters are released (as stated above).

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