Ask DST #282: Your Miscellaneous May Vary

Ask DST #282: Your Miscellaneous May Vary

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for miscellaneous lines. One tidbit of news that might interest our readers is that they plan on making variant figures of the Ghostbusters Select 7″ line.

Here at Diamond Select Toys, we make a lot of different products for a variety of licenses, so while Marvel, Star Trek and Minimates are all very popular topics of discussion, the Miscellaneous category is really starting to come into its own! With new announcements and releases for Batman Classic TV, Ghostbusters, Universal Monsters, Dragon Age and Lost in Space, there are more questions than ever, so DST president DSTChuck is answering all of them as best he can! Read on, and if you have your own question, submit it at the link above or via e-mail!

Darren D.
Hi guys, first off, really impressed with the diligence and patience with which you answer customer questions. So, loving the new ghostbusters figures, came as a complete surprise. I think I’ve asked before, but it never hurts to see if the situ has changed: classic (70’s) Galactica, Buck Rogers, the A-team….in 7 inch and/or vintage star wars scales with vehicles….any chance? Please?! Also, in the smaller scale, Miami vice with Daytona, airwolf with chopper and little Ernie Borgnine??! Realistic please, I’m no fan of retro or minimate sorta stuff. Any chance?! Don’t tell me you can’t picture a lovely Hannibal in Aquamaniac suit variant?! And all those disguises, it’s like printing money, or printing happy anyways!

DSTChuck: Darren, thanks so much for the interest – some of those are cool ideas, a couple we have even talked about. However I do not see Star Wars happening for figures.

Enrique G.
Will we ever get some 6 inch scale figures from Diamond Select again? I love Marvel Select but many of them are out of scale for us Marvel Legends and DC Universe Classics collectors that are “in scale” junkies. DC Icons is getting in on the action by starting a line with 6 inch figures and including accessories. Yes they have to cut down on the overall detail the 7 inch figures have but a lot of adult collectors (and children) love the smaller toys that come with stuff we can use for displays, dioramas, and just to flat out have fun/play with.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, Enrique, but Select has never been a 6” scale figure line, it’s always been a 7” scale line. Select was started before Marvel Legends even existed. Back at the time the line was started, 7” scale was prevalent for collector figures. We are aware many collectors from other lines will sometimes include our larger figures in their display.

David H.
The ghostbusters select figures look pretty cool. Would it be possible to see them at a larger scale at some point? I don’t think anyone has ever done 1/4 ghostbusters figures before.

DSTChuck: David, I think for now our hands are full with the 7” figures we are working on. We have four series in process at the same time as well as the bases, plus variant figures as well as other figures.

Jeffrey E.
I love the reboot of the wolfman and mummy figures. Can I beg for Dracula to be redone with improved articulation!?

DSTChuck: Jeffrey, we have not decided if we will go forward with a seventh series, but if we do go forward I think a Dracula would make sense.

Jeff W.
DST – the Back to the future Mr. Fusion is nice and all but how about an interactive Time Circuits control?

DSTChuck: I think if Fusion does well we might look at another replica, but I don’t think we’ve figured out what might be next.

Rob B.
Just to say – love the buck Rogers Minimates – will we be seeing any more buck Rogers items? More Minimates or action figures perhaps? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Rob, for sure this is a property we have gone back and forth on. Sometimes the response from sales is strong, and other times we see a lack of enough interest, so I think a bit depends on how the MM do.

Christopher P.
The Dragon Age Minimates look great! Any chance of expanding to 6″ or 7″ figures in the future, or does DC Collectibles still have exclusive license? It’s an incredibly rich franchise, and I’d love to see DST take a stab at it with the help of sculptors like JSJ, et al.

DSTChuck: I think it is very likely that we will do a Dragon Age figure or figures at some point.

Alex H.
Hi. Lately have noticed that several Mad Max fans around the web have been asking for collectibles, but it seems that several toy companies simply do not care about that franchise even with the new film. Any chance that you make collectibles based on Mad Max in the future?

DSTChuck: We did have some talks with Warner Brothers over the last year, but nothing was able to come of it.

Rick G.
Hi, since the new ‘Power Rangers’ reboot film was delayed a year. From July 22, 2016 to now January 13, 2017. Will you guys be buying the rights? How long does it take to buy the rights anyways? Because I’m not the only one, almost the whole fandom wants these type of Minimates figures, or any kind of figures. Can I have a poll or maybe you can post on your IG, FB, or even Twitter to see if fans would like these? Cause I LOVE your products and I LOVE Power Rangers & I would like to see two of them in one! Thank you for taking the time to read this message, have a nice day!

DSTChuck: I don’t think we are interested in Power Rangers at this time. As for how long it takes, that varies – sometimes it takes very little time to come to an understanding, and other deals have taken years to work out.

Chris S.
Hello again! B9 Robot is looking great! Would Diamond consider using this model to reproduce the 2foot tall B9 that Trend masters made back in the day? Perhaps you guys could shoot for a 3 or 4 foot model? Remote control wouldn’t be necessary just loads of detail and pretty lights! And any chance Mego like dolls have been reconsidered to accompany your initial offering of B9? Oh the pain! The pain of not having more Lost in Space in the marketplace and all. Also, have your Knight Rider replicas product sold enough volume to now consider alternate deco releases? Battle damage paint jobs or Stunt Show Spectacular stars and stripes or even the convertible Kitt? I assume Goliath is not an option. If you do re-release Kitt throw us in a Garth figure. It make the Hoff smile at conventions!

DSTChuck: While I do think we will do something else with the B9 Robot, I don’t think something like a 2 foot version is a path we would take. We do not have rights to the action figure category for Lost in Space. At this time we do not have new development for Knight Rider planned.

Gabriel V.
Recently came upon your company and I really like what I see. I am very interested in getting the new Batgirl resin figurine when it comes out. However, I don’t understand that lime green swirl base design the character is on. It seems so out of place. Putting a beautiful sculpt on a cheap looking base. I wish you would redo the base. Everything else is awesome! Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry, you’re not digging the base. We tried to come up with something somewhat simple but would also harken back to the 60’s and the aesthetic of the show.

Chris K.
Hello All, I recently received notice from a toy vendor that they were taking pre-orders for this coming June for releases of the Universal Monsters Bust Banks B&W editions of The Wolfman and Bride of Frankenstein. Since these have already been released, I was wondering if these were repaints, as IMO, the Wolfman appears very dark and muted next the rest of the line, and the Bride is very light. (Though I don’t see much fault in her.) Just wanted to check to see if these are just re-paint variants as it was mentioned earlier that no new UM banks would be made in 2015. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Chris, the black-and-white versions of those banks have already been released, so maybe this is just the first time that vendor has offered that product.

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