Ask DST #283: For All The Marvels

Ask DST #283: For All The Marvels

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for their Marvel lines.

Welcome to Battleworld! Each week, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck strides into the arena to take on all comers, answering questions from the four corners of the globe, and this week the questions are all about Marvel toys! As the questions are primarily Marvel Select action figure-related, DSTChuck talks about Secret Wars, Captain America: Civil War, and the ongoing war between those who want new characters and those who want new versions of popular characters. Let the battle commence!

Lewis R.
I heard you were sign up to make products for the secret wars 2015 do you intend to make any of your 7 inch figures of any of the secret wars 2015 figures and if so can you tell me what figures you will make

DSTChuck: Lewis, we will be making product for Secret Wars, but not Select figures, sorry.

Matt M.
Hello, my names Matt and I would like to start off by saying huge marvel movie selects collector. Love your works, my favorite is the dark world Thor so I for one am happy to get an aou Thor. Two questions for you: 1. With your new Gotham line (very excited) does this mean that there is an effort going on to get more shows in the lineup, I’m talking about daredevil, agents of shield, agent carter and all the other shows coming down the pike? These shows are becoming a huge part of the MC so I know I would love a select Coulson. 2. I know your license states you can’t go back to a movie. However most MCU movies are accompanied by 1 maybe 2 comics, could you go back and use those as your source? I know you have been asked the going back question a ton, but I don’t know if I have ever seen this one posted. THANKS

1. Matt we are always looking for new fun and exciting properties to make products. I do not think the Gotham line signals an emphasis in any direction.
2. If you are asking could we do the comic costume, then yes, but it would not have movie logos and could not have the actor likenesses.

Shiva K.
Can We Expect More Marvel Select Spider-Man Line Figures Next Year? After Watching What You Did To The Recently Released Carnage Figure, I Really Want You Guys To Focus On Figures Like Comic Spider-Man & Black Costume Spider-Man 2.0 (Both With More Articulations), Spider-Man 2099, Mysterio, Doc-Ock ETC !

DSTChuck: Shiva, I am a big fan of Spidey so he is always near the top of my list. We’ve locked about ½ of the 2016 figures, so we’ll have to see what we come up with for the rest.

Christian Y.
Hi, I was wondering if you guys could sell packs of those black foot stands that came with the newest Select Thor.

DSTChuck: We do not sell anything like that right now, but there has been some talk in the office about making some type of Select base down the road.

James C.

DSTChuck: James, we are done with the Age of Ultron figures, so we’re on to Captain America: Civil War, and we’ll have to see what we can make happen for that movie. I think comic-based figures at the same time the movies are out might be tricky. In the past that was an easy go-to, but as the new contracts are written, it’s getting more and more complicated.

Andy H.
Hi, as a loyal Diamond Select customer I was hoping I could get some information regarding future products. Will you guys be producing a Captain America figure as well as an Iron Man figure for the Upcoming Civil War film? Also, do you guys plan on producing a Daredevil figure based on his new red costume in the Netflix show? I would really like to know because as an avid toy collector of many different toy lines I like to plan out my budget for collecting as soon as possible. If you can shed any light on these inquiries, please let me know, thank you.

DSTChuck: I think it’s safe to say we will make a Cap figure from Captain America: Civil War, but beyond that we’ll have to see. I do not think at this time we will be making a Netflix Daredevil. The way they film and air these Netflix shows is very cool and fun but is not conducive to making merchandise.

Mike D.
Hello DST, now that Avengers Age of Ultron is out and is set to make all kinds of ludicrous money can we at least have an old school Comicbook style, 616 Vision action figure please. The debut of my favorite synthezoid avenger on the big screen will up his popularity, so can you have it sculpted by the same person who made that awesome Thor with the swirling hammer and not make it a Disney exclusive because there is no Disneystore here in Australia (this coming from an Ex New Yorker). Thanks, Mike

DSTChuck: It is certainly possible we could make a Vision figure down the road.

Felipe Q.
Hello, I wonder if you have plans to release for the film Captain America: Civil War, the figures of Captain America and Iron Man for Marvel Select line. Thanks.

DSTChuck: We fully expect to have something from that movie.

Robert B.
With my old Toy Biz Marvel Legends slowly disintegrating and Hasbro’s focus on movie and modern, what say you to a comic Silver Centurion Iron Man? I’m sure with some creative tooling choices you could probably get a Classic red/gold out of it and all the permutations based off of that (stealth, horned helmet, red/yellow with Rhodes head, etc.). My TB Silver Centurion lost its head this past weekend and it’s my favorite IM armor! I’ll definitely be grabbing your Hulkbuster armor in anticipation of my TB one turning to dust soon!

DSTChuck: We’re big fans of Iron Man here, so he will always be on our short list, including the Layton look.

Bryan B.
Hello DST! I LOVE DST’s Marvel Select line. Its totes my fave. I just want to thank you for a really stellar 2015! The Cable figure is awesome! The surprise announcement of a new Hulkbuster Iron Man Armor is fantastic! The recent Hawkeye was an unexpected surprise. Also, I’m especially stoked for the upcoming Dr. Strange figure! Those 4 figures in particular speak to a diversity in character selection that many of us collectors are always hoping for, so thanks for that. Now is the time when I’d like to post a few of my wish list items, so here we go.
#1. Iron Man. Now, I’m reluctant to ask for ANOTHER Iron Man figure…but if you were/are going to sculpt a new one, I’d love to see a gold Mark II from Avengers issue #1, so as to round out the original Avengers line-up. Or my second choice would be a Silver Centurion Armor Iron Man. That could be great!
#2. Thor. Same deal. ANOTHER one? Yeah yeah…BUT if you HAD to sculpt a new one…I would LOVE to see a Walter Simonson style Battle Armor Thor, (straight out of Issue #378). Or as a spinoff idea, a Destoyer Thor, or maybe just The Destroyer itself, (though that might be a little boring)?
#3. Human Torch or Sue Storm to round out the FF?
#4. A Namor figure would be pretty great.
#5. A Kingpin figure could be cool. Not on Hulks scale, but bigger than, say…Daredevil?
There are others I’d like to see, but I’ll leave it up to you talented folks. Last thing, I’d like to say is to please stay vigilant on scale. Some of your sculptures seem to throw scale to the wind, so please stay on top of that aspect. Again, I love your products, and I look forward to more greatness, although 2015 will be hard to top. Good luck! We’re watching.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the kind words. Glad you’re digging it.
Yes, it’s very funny, some fans get sick of all the Iron Man, Hulk and Spideys, BUT those are the most requested from retailers, write-ins and trade show visits. Thor is getting up there as well. For now we have no plans for any Select FF characters, down the road we’ll see. I do think if we did a Kingpin it would be pretty big but not HUGE. Maybe like Amazing Spider-Man #51 or #60.

Jesus T.
The work MS has been doing recently is just stunning; I’m at about 40 select figures right now. A request: more X-MEN. In particular Rogue. Hope this is in the plans!

DSTChuck: We have talked about Rogue a couple times, I would think her time will come. Thanks so much for the support.

Jim W.
I was disappointed to see the DoFP Mystique figure cancelled, and was wondering if Marvel Select figures based on the X-Men movie designs were still a possibility for the future? I’m a big fan of Jubilee, and would love to see her upcoming movie appearance made into an action figure. Though if not a movie version, would a classic comic book version of the character be up for consideration?

DSTChuck: Jim, we’re pretty stubborn here, but I think we’ve given up the idea of a movie figure from the X-Men movie franchise. But never say never.

Ryan C.
Hi guys! I am an adult collector of Marvel Select figures – fantastic figures by the way!
I was just wondering if we were likely to get any more Iron Man armors from the movies. Would love a mark 46 from Age of Ultron 😉 Cheers, Ryan.

DSTChuck: Ryan the way our license is written, once a movie has come out on DVD you will not see product from DST. It’s been that way for a few years now.

Tiago F.
Hi how are you all? Any chance of re-releasing the Marvel Select figures Marvel Girl, Logan days of future past, Emma Frost, She Hulk, and Mephisto? And the Disney exclusives Capt. America (classic avengers), Elektro, savage hulk, winter soldier will they have a normal release? Thank you so much, keep the amazing work.

DSTChuck: For the figures released in the regular line, we are always talking to sales about figures that could have the demand for a new production run. For the Disney Store figures, that is an ongoing discussion we have with them. They have been very kind to let the figure go into the main line at a certain point. [Savage Hulk has already been offered to comic shops. – DSTZach/MSWord]

David R.
Any chance of an Anna Maria as a future pack in with a Spider-Man? Like what we saw with Zombie Gwen Stacy and Carnage or Death with Thanos? Thank you.

DSTChuck: I would suppose at some point it’s possible, but it would have to just the right situation.

Chris P.
How about some different characters or versions of more popular figures? I realize the movie versions of figures are DST bread and butter but a lot of us also love the comic versions of characters even more. Also, Mr. Fixit Grey hulk with tattered shirt, jacket and hat accessories, Marvel now Bagley hulk with mohawk and goatee, Howard the duck, and Death’s Head II. My list of characters could go on and on.

DSTChuck: I would not say the movies are our bread and butter, I really think we do the best we can to keep a fair mix of 616 and movie and classic and current looks.

Kyle R.
Hey Chuck, now, I know Marvel Select isn’t a team-building line, but come on, please? We have Dr. Strange coming. We have Silver Surfer. We have umpteen versions of the Hulk. Can we have Namor to finish off the classic Defenders line? Please? Valkyrie too, since she was their first new member and looks awesome! Please again? Thanks!

DSTChuck: For the time being, we are going to be skipping FF characters, but certainly no door has been closed on ever doing a Namor figure.

Shiva K.
I Absolutely Loved Marvel Select Venom & The Recently Released Carnage Figures! I Hope you Do LOTS & LOTS Spider-Man Figures in the years to come. My Question Is: What Are The Chances Of Seeing Marvel Select Spider-Man 2099 Figure In The Next Two Years? Can We Expect Him By The End Of 2016?? BTW, When You Guys Do Him, I Seriously Hope He’ll Get His Details Such As Face, Spider Logo in His Chest ETC In Sculpted Form & Not Just Painted like Marvel Select Electro! Thank You!!

DSTChuck: Glad you like them, I’m a big Spidey fan too. I do not think you will see 2099 in 2016, unfortunately.

Shandon W.
So a while back, when you guys sculpted Elektra and her Skrull copy, you did an interesting interchangeable lower half. Are you guys considering that for any future figures? I think it would be great for Dr. Strange to have an unarticulated lower half in his meditation pose. Although I think the ball is already rolling too far on that. As for requests, I’d really like to see the following get the proper treatment: 1. Nova – Richard Rider, not the hokey classic 2. Maybe a villain for Civil War, either Baron Zemo or a Grillo Crossbones. I know we’re probably getting an Iron Man and Cap, but I’m sure Civil War will be just as big as AOU so maybe we’ll see 3 figures. 3. Black Costume Spidey resculpt (I know spidey is always on the table) 4. Another Spidey Villain; Shocker, Mysterio, Morbius, Hob/Demogoblin 5. Another X-Men villain; Omega Red, Silver Samurai or Onslaught Thanks for taking the time to do this and tell me at least one of the above is in the works.

DSTChuck: I think we did a few things like that in the early days. We’ve been refining our look for the last 10 years, so I don’t think that’s a direction we look, but we did do that with the Star Trek Select figures, so never say never. I do not think any of the ones you are asking about will happen in 2016, and I can’t answer anything yet on Cap 3.

Bernie M.
I know you are producing a Hulk Buster figure, but how about an Avengers Age of Ultron Version like in the movie, maybe 10 inches. I am not sure about other fans but I cannot afford the high end collectors version and your company makes really great figures. Even at a higher price, it still would be cheaper than the collector’s versions, but with the same quality you put into all your figures.

DSTChuck: I think we’ll stick with the comic version of the Hulk Buster. It’s a very expensive figure to develop and produce.

Mauricio F.
Hi, do you have plans to release the Marvel Select Captain America with the uniform used in the movie Age of Ultron? I was disappointed with the current Marvel Legends version; it’s just a bad repaint of the C.A Stealth Suit from the Winter Soldier movie.

DSTChuck: We are not producing any more figures for Age of Ultron, and it’s too soon to comment on Cap 3.

Christian Y.
Please please pleaaase make a movie Deadpool for the Marvel Select line. Gentle Giant sculpt and articulation too with alternate Ryan Reynolds Wade head.

DSTChuck: I do not think we have any plans for more Select figures based on the X-Men family of movies.

Dave C.
Hey DSTChuck! Thank you for taking the time to answer fan questions! Between you and MSWord, Diamond Select continues to be one of my favorite companies due to the communication with the fans… and the awesome figures! I have finally picked up the Bleeding Edge Iron Man, Mighty Thor and Avenging Hawkeye and they are amazing! The new movie Hulk has some of the best paint apps on any Hulk figure – keep it up! The new Dr. Strange is one that I am looking forward to as you guys nailed Stephen’s classic look! I have a few questions regarding Select:
1. With the new Age of Ultron repaint of Thor, does that open you to do simple repaints of characters going forward as the characters movie looks seem to have stabilized. For instance, Captain America going into Civil War is the same from Age of Ultron which is a slight modification of the Winter Soldier stealth suit (an amazing figure!!) or Iron Man’s Mark 43? Does that type of repaint count as one of the year slots?
2. I was reading the Minimates Q&A and I noted that you were told to stay away from the Fantastic Four… hopefully that is just the film and not the comic book versions. I would still love to see the rest of the FF in the Select line to join the Thing figure from a few years ago. The Human Torch with a gorgeous flame base and the Invisible Woman with a static Reed Richards stretched out ready for exploration. Just a thought.
3. With the Select line expanding in properties (The Gotham line looks lovely) is there any chance to see a some Jedi and Sith join in on the fun?
4. Thank you for finally making the film version of the Black Widow! She is one of my most anticipated buys of 2015! Thank you!!!! Any chance for the Scarlet Witch/Vision in 2016???
5. As far as the future of the Disney/Marvel Store exclusives, any chance for a new Marvel Now Captain America (with Steve Rogers head) and an Extremis Iron Man inspired by Steve McNiven from the Civil War story line? Along with more female figures like Captain Marvel or classic Ms. Marvel/Scarlet Witch? Actually, I would love to see more female figures in general as Marvel has some of the most compelling female characters.
Thank you again for all of the amazing figures you guys plan! – Dave

DSTChuck: Glad you like what we’re doing. I think as long as fans want to buy product we make and care about it enough to ask questions and send comments, the least I can do it take the time to answer as best I can.
1. I suppose repaints are possible, that’s nothing new – we did it with Iron Man before, however in the case of Thor I wanted to do a little more, so we made the all-new base. Repaints do count in this line as a new release.
2. I think for now we’ll stay away from all FF stuff, but it’s just for now. Things could change down the road.
3. Hasbro has Star Wars pretty locked up – I will say we’ve tried a couple times, but there are no cracks there to exploit.
4. It’s funny, we’ve wanted to do her for a long time, so it just had to be done.
5. We have NO idea the direction the Disney Store will want to take in 2017, but I think for the most part we’ve locked in what they want to see in 2016.

Abdullah M.
Can you guy please make a Jim lee Style Rouge figure & from the Classic X-men? That void was never really fulfilled.

DSTChuck: For SURE she has been considered, as has Psylocke – just not sure if it will be in 2016.

Lewis R.
Even though this is off topic, I would appreciate an answer – Are you going to make marvel select figures from the secret wars 2015 for Horus the God or Marcus the Centaur?

DSTChuck: For the MOST part, we do not do current editorial for Select , due to the time it takes to get a figure done and in stores, so I do not think so.

Tasin J.
Are you guys going to make Marvel Select X-Force Wolverine? Also, how about creating a Hulk Action Figure based on Edward Norton’s Hulk?

DSTChuck: We are no longer allowed to make product based on that movie. As for any version of Wolverine… never say never.

Richard R.
Good day! I was just wondering if there were any plans in the docket to release a 7″ Nova Centurion (or Prime) action figure in the future. Your 7″ action figure collection is consistently well designed, with nearly immaculate articulation. A Nova figure, in my humble (yet very biased) opinion, would be a high demand product.

DSTChuck: I am glad you like the line, but that figure is not planned for 2016.

Ryan C.
I am just wondering… how many Marvel Select figures, including movie figures, do you all release a year? Thank you for a great 2015 by the way. The character selections and details of the figures have been outstanding. As an adult collector who sometimes gets laughed at (in good sport of course), I even have non-geeks admiring these works of art lately.

DSTChuck: I don’t think I can really say, since that involves the Disney Store, and I never know how many they will want each year. But as you know we are limited in how many releases we do in a year for a number of reasons.

John T.
Hey again! I wanted to address all the complaints of “too much Spider-man” from some people lately. I want you guys to know that I love the work that is put into the figures, and it’s obvious you have a love, and passion for Spidey, and all your other works. Please don’t ever stop! In fact, I hope that eventually we can get a Spider-man 2099 figure, and a few villains like Mysterio, and Scorpion. Thanks again, and I hope you guys had an awesome Memorial Day weekend! P.S. Hulkbuster looks shockin’ mint!

DSTChuck: John, we get just as many “Can you please do more Spideys” as we do “Please don’t do any more Spideys.”

Kalon S.
Hi Chuck and DST Team. Great job on your 2015 Marvel Select figure releases and upcoming ones…which brings me to my next question. How many Marvel Select figures will be released for 2015? How many for 2016 and is it a standard same every year? Also most recent reveals of your 2015 MS line is in July Comic Hulkbuster Iron Man and September Doctor Strange. Can you let us know what other figures will be released for 2015 and if not possible at least drop some good hints for us. Thanks! Your loyal fan, Kalon

DSTChuck: I do not think there are any Marvel Select figures left that you do not know about. [The last Disney Store exclusive for 2016 will be announced June 22. – DSTZach/MSWord]

Claus K.
Dear DST. Thank you for the awesome Marvel Select figures. I currently count 5 in my collection and 1 more on the way come payday. I wish that would have been Black Panther, since he is my all-time Marvel favorite. Any plans on making this character, or will you base it on movies forth? Kind Regards, Claus Kikkenborg – Denmark

DSTChuck: I certainly think it would be possible, especially with his new role in the Marvel movies. Never say never!

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