Wishlist Wednesday – DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Alfred Pennyworth

Wishlist Wednesday – DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Alfred Pennyworth

Wishlist Wednesday - DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Alfred Pennyworth

DC Collectibles new Batman The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures are based on the 1990’s Bruce Timm series and has become our top all-time DC animated toy line since it was revealed last year. Eventually, DC Collectibles looks to expand the line into Superman: The Animated Series and hopefully Justice League/Justice League Unlimited if demand is still there. So far, they have announced and released most of the reveals for the Batman line and while the first couple of waves of figures had a QC issue, DC Collectibles also offered to replace any figure and even sent out a free Batman figure earning customer loyalty. There may still be time to get a replacement, so make sure to email them at [email protected].

Right now, you can buy Batman, Man-Bat, Robin, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, Catwoman, The Creeper, and The Joker with additional characters including Poison Ivy, Batman Mask of The Phantasm, and others that will be available this year. We also expect new reveals at next months San Diego Comic-Con at the DC Collectibles Press Event on Friday (Invite-Only and not open to the public). We will bring you coverage from that showroom and many others throughout the weekend.

Alfred has had several figures made so far, and he was part of the vintage line and sold exclusively in The New Adventures of Batman Four Pack. That box set to this day remains one of the most highly collectible and sought after toys from the vintage line in the early 1990’s.

Aside from that, several collectibles on Alfred were made recently from the live-action The Dark Knight Rises movie from Mattel, Hot Toys, Batman: The New Batman Adventures Heroes 5 1/2-Inch Bendable Figure Box Set,  and Batman Hush Series 3.

Since Alfred appeared in The New Batman Adventures, Superman: The Animated Series, Static Shock and the Justice League cartoon series, he does have enough screen time to get a figure made and since he’s such as important character in the comics and movies, we feel that an animated Alfred figure would be more than welcomed by fans especially considering his importance to Batman.

This week, we are asking DC Collectibles to make an Alfred Pennyworth action figure based on The Batman Animated Series to expand the character roster of not only Batman, but Superman and the Justice League since he also appeared in those shows.

BTAS_22_Mask_of_Phantasm_AF_2_Pack BTAS_12_HarleyQuinn_AF_55569e5122cc18.74037485__scaled_600 BTAS_10_Robin_AF_55569e375abe53.49021669__scaled_600 BTAS_08_Poison_Ivy_AF_55569e19a94928.24519686__scaled_600 BTAS_MadHatter_AF_s5_55036fca7997f1.67387561 BTAS_Nightwing_AF_s5_55036fcd4652a6.58990869 BTAS_Scarecrow_AF_s5_5503700b114f89.10493990 BTAS_Bane_AF_s5_55036fd1512ae2.08262049 BTAS_Batmobile_54dc11c526c5a3.68009014 BTAS_RoxyRocket_AF_54b9804b4dfc09.28282168 BTAS_Penguin_AF_s4_548b5194e69cb2.19962451 BTAS_Riddler_AF_s4_548b51967da340.28294839 BTAS_Batgirl_AF_s4_548b5197bee003.97617408 BTAS_Batman_AF_s4_548b519973e247.09767252 BTAS_KillerCroc_AF_s4_544188b8c564c0.84385222 BTAS_TheCreeper_AF_s4_544188b8c564c6.81065382 BTAS_AF_ManBat_539b69c63e0c79.39864010 BTAS_AF_PoisonIvy_539b69ba233503.78840109 BTAS_AF_Robin_539b69a96891e0.70432292 BTAS_AF_TWOFACE_53766e478a87b1.99510173 BTAS_AF_MrFREEZE_53766e41be3e00.47636088 BTAS_AF_BATMAN_53766e3add88b9.94001934 BTAS_AF_CATWOMAN_53766e22374fd2.07445998 BTAS_s2_The_Joker_af

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