Ask DST #284: Minimates Milestones

Ask DST #284: Minimates Milestones

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for their Minimates lines.

Only 2 inches tall in real life, Minimates mini-figures cast a giant shadow that stretches back 13 years and spans the worlds of comics, movies, TV, video games and more! Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is back to answer more questions about Minimates, including Aliens and Avengers, Mortal Kombat and Mass Effect, X-Men and X-Files and more! Read on to see the status of your favorite series!

Dan W.
Were the series one TMNT Minimate keyring blind bags that were available at Kmart stores sold anywhere else? I’m trying to track down an extra Kraang and Mutagen Mike but there are very few Kmarts in my area and I’ve already racked up over 400 miles trying to find them.

DSTChuck: Dan, they should be available at come comic book stores and some online retailers now. We’re going to bring some to SDCC as well – but no fondling the bags.

Hank F.
The new Avengers Minimates look super, but now that Age of Ultron is out, what are the chances of seeing a final form Ultron Minimate? The Ultron prime figure is great, but it’d be awesome to see a more bulked up Ultron.

DSTChuck: There will be a more imposing Ultron in the Age of Ultron 5-pack at Action Figure Xpress, that may be what you’re looking for. At this time I do not see us making more A2 product after the upcoming TRU assortment and specialty Series 63, but never say never.

Ken R.
Hey Chuck! Any word on how the Big Bang Theory sets did for Entertainment Earth? Do you think we might see any more sets from any of the Big Bang Pow properties, like, oh, THE BIG LEBOWSKI? Pretty please? Thanks, Ken Raining

DSTChuck: Honestly, Ken I have not heard – I will have to ask when I see them at SDCC.

Bernie M.
I saw the pictures for the Aliens power loader. Any chance of a Minimates Aliens apc or drop ship? Also more vehicles! I buy them every time I find them. They are so cool! My favs so far are the BSG VIPER and the pirate ship. Just a thought.

DSTChuck: Bernie, I really like the vehicles we have done and would love to do more. We have talked about Aliens, so we’ll have to see how it goes along.

Jacob B.
Hi Chuck! I just want to ask a question about the walking dead Minimates and my question is will there be TV series Minimates for the walking dead because I LOVE the TV series just as much as the comics but I actually like the TV series a tiny bit more so I was wondering about it because I think it would be cool to see a 2-pack of Sheriff Rick Grimes and Bicycle Girl or something. Just wondering, thanks. 🙂

DSTChuck: Jacob right now our deal is with Robert Kirkman directly, so we have no plans to go after the AMC series – but never say never.

Joey R.
Hey Chuck, wanted ask if there’s a chance at getting Prometheus mates down the line? Another question: Is there any chance at getting ‘The Thing’ Minimates? Thanks!

DSTChuck: We have not talked to Fox about those properties at this time.

David V.
Hi. Love the Mass effect line. I heard series 2 is in the works. Could we ask for a Miranda and Jack?

DSTChuck: David, at this time we’re thinking we will do a follow-up 4-pack at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Nate E.
Hi Chuck & DST Crew,
The upcoming Secret Wars waves at Specialty & TRU look awesome. I’m thrilled to see new characters and gaps in other teams/collections be filled. Will DST be looking at another Specialty wave or Box Set dedicated to the Secret Wars event? It’s a great opportunity to add characters from rosters you’ve already started like Age of Apocalypse, Marvel Zombies & the in-humans.

DSTChuck: Nate, it’s too early to say for sure, but for now it’s just those two waves, but I have to say it was tons of fun pulling those characters for these waves. Also, the upcoming Zombie Villains vs. Age of Ultron Box Set is based on the Secret Wars book, so you may find some of what you want there!

James S.
Hey Chuck! Love the product, been collecting for a few years now with a near-complete collection of Marvel Comic Minimates. I’m a big Marvel Comics fan and what drew me to this line was the character selection, plus the fact that you guys do characters no other toy lines would touch. I noticed over the past couple years that the Marvel Movie Minimates have gradually begun taking over the release schedule of the Marvel Comic assortments. I think it’s great for people that are interested in movie stuff, but I can’t say I’m in that audience. I realize you have restrictions, but it would be great if you could run the movie stuff as a quasi-side line to the comic line. That way everyone gets what they want. The recent Marvel Animation announcement has me worried that comic assortments are going to be fewer and further between. Just wanted to let you know that us comic fans are still out there! I was also wondering if you guys have been thinking outside the box for ways of getting some classic comic characters into our collections if they can’t be squeezed into regular waves or box sets. PS, Series 60 is the best series you’ve ever put together. Thanks for your time! – James

DSTChuck: James, as the Marvel presence in movies and TV has grown over recent years, we have had to reflect that in our product mix. We do understand each line we do is not everyone’s cup of tea.
We do the best we can to keep the comic-oriented lines coming several times in the year to keep those fans happy. We’ll keep doing the best we can.

Robert P.
Hey! Love Minimates. With all your new DC products including the Gotham Minimates, will you have the rights to make Minimates for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie?

DSTChuck: Robert, we will not be making products for the new movie. Sorry.

Cade G.
Hi. I love the character Spider man 2099 and Spider-Gwen. To start off, will you, Diamond Select Toys, be making another 2099 Spidey? I would buy the old one but I want to make sure you will not end up making a newer update and then i will be stuck with two very similar Minimates. I would love to see a new one but i am just taking precautions. Next and finally, the newfound popularity of the Spider-Gwen character made me wonder if you will be doing a Minimate of the character. I think it’s a great character and would love to see it in this form. Thank you for taking the time to consider and answer my question.

DSTChuck: Cad, I think you will be very happy with our upcoming line-ups. Spider-Man 2099 will be in Marvel Animated Minimates Series 1 at Walgreens this September, and Spider-Gwen is currently scheduled for Toys”R”Us Series 21.

Ross N.
Two questions
1. Since wave 60 looks to have been a huge success, any thoughts on doing a best of series with the x-men in their costumes from X-Men #1 from the 90s? I know the best of waves are meant to be iconic and recognizable costumes, and what is more recognizable than those costumes. Also as someone who has just recently started collecting Minimates, I missed out on many of these characters and they now go for close to $30 on the internet.
2. Along the same lines since you are doing a five character boxset for SDCC, any plans to release a 5 figure boxset for 90s X-Factor with Havok, Polaris, Multiple Man, Wolfsbane, and Strong Guy? If you can tell I love 90s X-Men Minimates. That recent X-Force boxset was awesome by the way.

DSTChuck: Ross, while series 60 did well, I would not necessarily say it was a huge success. I would doubt we would do an all X-Men “Best of,” and I don’t see us doing a similar mix and match plan for a best of wave. On the other hand, we’re overall pretty happy with the way series 60 was executed and received by fans.
I really don’t know what we will do with the 4-packs, I’ve been resistant to them in the past as the price crosses the $20 line, but I guess we’ll have to see.

Jesse S.
The X-Files and Twin Peaks are coming back – I, for one, would welcome multiple Minimates sets!

DSTChuck: I suppose anything is possible.

Dylan B.
How About Making Mortal Kombat Minimates for gamers and fans of Minimates?

DSTChuck: Sorry, Dylan, right now we have no plans for MK Minimates.

Laurie A.
I just have a few questions:
1. Any possibility on some x-men Minimates such as toad, rogue, spyke, or x-force deadpool?
2. The amazing spider-man 2 Minimates are incredible!!! Is there ANY chance of seeing the rhino armour from amazing spider-man 2 as possibly a vehicle, what about electro in his hoodie?
3. Any possibility of seeing non marvel heroes such as spawn and hellboy?
4. Since you guys have licences to both Alien and Predator does that mean there could be AVP Minimates (not sure how the licenses work) if so could we see the predation? As for just aliens is there any chance we could see the runner from Alien 3? What of the super predator’s? Thank you for your time and consideration

1. X-Men are always possible.
2. We are no longer producing product based on ASM2.
3. We do work out deals with other comic creators from time to time, but neither of those are planned right now.
4. Believe it or not, AVP is a SEPARATE license. But there are lots more Predators and Aliens we’d like to do in the main movies, so hopefully the line keeps selling.

Brandon D.
Any chance of you guys finishing up some of the glaring holes in the Age of Apocalypse roster in the next few years? Iceman, Quicksilver, Gambit & Storm especially?

DSTChuck: The door is not closed to them, but it’s not in the line plan at this time.

Brendan W.
Hey diamond select toys it would be awesome if you guys could try to see if you could make some Dead Space Minimates. Seeing as you already acquired the license to EA’s Mass Effect maybe you could see if Dead Space blind bags exclusive at GameStop would be an idea thanks have a great day.

DSTChuck: Brendan, we have no plans right now to go after that license, sorry.

Shawn G.
Hey Chuck, I love your Minimate product lines a lot. I just have a couple quick questions. With next year being the 50th anniversary of the Batman TV show, is there any chance that you guys might be able to do a special Minimate box set from the show? My last question is have you ever considered doing some of the Marvel vinyl banks but as Minimate versions of the characters. I would love to see a Minimate Galactus vinyl bank that would tower over the regular sized Minimates! Thanks for listening. – Shawn G.

DSTChuck: Sorry, we do not have the rights to Minimates for the 1966 TV show. Would be cool though. Unfortunately, we do not have rights to Marvel banks, either.

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