Wishlist Wednesday – Top 5 Reveals We Want To See At SDCC 2015

Wishlist Wednesday – Top 5 Reveals We Want To See At SDCC 2015

In this weeks edition of Wishlist Wednesday, we are presenting you with our Top 5 choices reveals we want to see at this years San Diego Comic-Con.

Our staff is gearing up for SDCC 2015 next week and we will be bringing you coverage from the floor starting Wednesday, July 8th. This is our first year attending and we are looking forward to the event.

ML 2012 Wave 3 Blade Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Blade Action Figure

Since his reveal at San Diego Comic-Con and Marvel.com, Blade, among around two dozen other Marvel Legends figures shown in recent years have been absent from the shelves with no news about their release. While Hasbro has gotten to several of those figures including Jubilee, Absorbing Man, and others that found a home, characters like Blade have not been given the same treatment.

Walgreens toy buyer Steve Anne stated earlier this year that there will be a new Marvel Legends exclusive for 2015 and while we don’t know if Blade will have a home at mass retail, we are hoping that he is picked up by Walgreens to finally see release.

dc_covergirls_vixen_statue_1_580_5411156b3e2237.66773317 DC Icons 6″ Vixen Action Figure From DC Collectibles

Since we had asked DC Collectibles to make her in a previous Wishlist Wednesday article, this was before the announcement that the New 52 line will be replaced with the classic costume Icons line instead. Vixen is one Justice League character that has not had too many figures made and for the most part, many Justice League fans, including those that collected DC Universe Classics from Mattel, and DC figures from DC Collectibles need her to help bolster the ranks of their Justice League collections. She was released by DC Direct in 6″ scale years ago in limited articulation, but with today’s new standards with sculpted, articulation and design, she deserves an updated figure.

DST Ghosbusters Select Series 1 Winston Zeddemore, Ray Stanz, and Louis Tully

Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Select 7″ Action Figures

Following the announcement from Diamond Select Toys just before New York ToyFair 2015, Ghosbusters fans have been eagerly awaiting new reveals from DST about the remaining 9 characters out of 12 planned for 2015. This year, the figures are based on Ghostbusters 1 (1984), with a couple of them in different outfits/variants (Example: Marshmallow Mess).

With Mattel cancelling their Classics line a couple of years ago and Courtroom Egon being the last figure of the line at SDCC this year, we are betting that some of planned figures from DST have already been seen in Mattel’s line, except that this time we’re getting a diorama piece with each or most of the figures.

Ghostbusters 1 had some memorial characters such as Gozer, Janine Melnitz, Walter Peck, Librarian Ghost, Dana Barrett, and others. We are hoping to see some of these characters revealed.

Wishlist Wednesday - NECA Ultimate Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees 01

NECA Toys Ultimate Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees

Yet another Wishlist Wednesday follow-up, we are hoping that NECA will bring their A-GAME to San Diego Comic-Con this year with another Ultimate horror icon such as Jason Voorhees. With the announcement of Leatherface up next, it should be a matter of time until Jason is brought into the line to square off against Freddy Kruger on your action figure shelf. Jason has recently seen a release in the 8″ Retro action figure line as well as a SDCC 2014 8-bit Video Game figure.


Masters of the Universe Classics 2016

You can’t have a top 5 list without adding something for Masters of the Universe Classics. With the 2016 reveals coming next week, Mattel needs to wow fans in order to help drive subscription sales for next year. Now that the core vintage line-up is complete as of December 2015, some additions to the line should be VultakDree Elle, Uncle MontorkGranita (the female rock warrior), KittrinaBaddrah (purple half of Two-Bad), Tuvar (blue half of Two-Bad), Snake Teela, NA TuskadorBionatops, Stridor, Night Stalker, NA Sagitar & more.

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