SDCC 2015 – Mattel To Produce Thundercats Figures?!

SDCC 2015 – Mattel To Produce Thundercats Figures?!

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The talk of the showroom floor right now is that Mattel will be making a series of Thundercats action figures in 6″ scale. This was rumored to have been reported last night, and after the rumors started floating around, we started asking questions.

After talking to several Mattel brand Managers from Wrestling, Masters of the Universe Classics, and DC, as well as the Four Horsemen, none of them knew anything about these Thundercats rumors.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be an announcement as there are many new announcements coming tomorrow at the Mattypalozza Panel. We believe¬†these rumors are just that. Rumors. Just like the 6″ G.I. Joe figures from Hasbro, take this with a grain of salt at least until at tomorrow’s panel.

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