SDCC 2015 – NECA Toys Booth Coverage

SDCC 2015 – NECA Toys Booth Coverage

NECA made some big announcements this week including 8″ Clothed Home Alone action figures that is getting a lot of media, celebrity, and showroom attention right now. We have full coverage of the booth including a gallery below.

New reveals include:

Home Alone 8″ Clothed action figures – Kevin, Marv, and Harry. NECA will only release this one set and are not looking to continue the line. Which is kind of a shame, because we really would like to see a Home Alone II set with Kevin and the Hotel employees that allowed him to check in.

Leatherface 6″ Video Game action figure from 1982.

Terminator T800, T1,000, and Sara Conor Ultimate 6″ figures. The T1000 includes interchangeable arms, head, and additional accessories as seen in the movie.

1/4 Scale Iron Man and Hulk

Ultimate Leatherface

Ultimate Jason

Alien series 6

& More

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