SDCC 2015 – Mattycollector Mattypalozza Panel Coverage (Update)

Mattel’s Mattypalozza annual Comic-Con panel is underway and we have the reveals for you right here.

Hosting the panel is Mark Morse, Director of Marketing for Mattel.

Mattel will expand Mattycollector with DC Comics, Disney Cars, WWE.

Mattel wants to resurrect lines like Food Fighters, Dino Riders, Clash of the Titans, and others. The crowd cheered. They are just looking at this right now, not confirmed.

MOTUC 2016:

Collectors Choice 6 Figures:

Prices are going down!

2016 exclusive will please fans.

Lord Masque, Vultak, and Darius announced.

Vultak will not come with 2nd character.

Crita, General Sunder, Horde Wraith announced

Despera – Sub Exclusive

Night Stalker and Stidor announced

Power Con exclusives:

Green Granamyr, Red Beast Man, Camo Kahn

MOTU Mini’s

new He-Man 2.0 for those that were not around for the beginning of the line.

Trap Jaw 2.0

Skeletor 2.0

Evil Seed 20.

BeastMan, Evil Lyn 2.0

Mega Bloks Casttle Grayskull

Snake Mountain is planned.

It will likely be smaller than what is shown. Will have bluetooth feature. Different sounds from the show, etc. No price yet.


Lion O – July 2016

Jackleman –  Aug 2016

Mumm-Ra – Sub. Exclusive

(All images now uploaded)

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