SDCC 2015 – October Toys Skeleton Warriors Coverage

SDCC 2015 – October Toys Skeleton Warriors Coverage

October Toys announced that they will be continuing their Skeleton Warriors toyline with Grimskull up next with an upcoming Kickstarter.

Those of you might remember that Baron Dark just made it at over $5,000 over the stretch goal, and that additional characters such as Grimskull weren’t so lucky. Well, they are not only adding Grimskull to this Kickstarter, but also Baron Dark’s Skeleton warriors with helmets, armor and accessories. There will also be additional characters added to the stretch goal should they reach the minimum.

We are very excited for this line and now that fans have Baron Dark and see what October Toys can do, hopefully they will unlock stretch goals and bring out more Skeleton Warrior goodness.

If you are attending San Diego Comic-Con, make sure to drop by booth # 4951 and meet George and Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys and check out Skeleton Warriors for yourself.

They are also offering an exclusive Titan Skeleton figure which is a repaint with better detailed deco to look more realistic. That figure is priced at $15.00. They also have Baron Dark for $20, and other figures and accessories for sale.

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