SDCC 2015 – Hasbro Marvel Booth Day 3

What a great time to be a Marvel fan. Hasbro introduced some new figures from Marvel Legends and the 4″ line today and we also have images from their incredible diorama. We want one of those!

Some new reveals include Taskmaster, Spider Gwen and others.

Sauron shown in the diorama is a custom, and not planned in Marvel Legends at this time. This figure was created using Spider-Man Movie Lizard’s body, Annilius wings, and a head from Jurassic World.

If Hasbro does get to Marvel Legends Blade, it might not be the exact same figure that they showed in 2012 according to the designer.

New reveals for the 4″ line include Triton, Chameleon (he will be available in both 6″ and 4″ scale, we had previously reported 6″ only), and others.

The 4″ stands with 2 figures are a two pack, and the stands with one figure are singles.

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