SDCC 2015 – Gentle Giant Booth Coverage

Gentle Giant does not have anything new to show off this week at San Diego Comic-Con. However, they have some great products on display including Secret Wars 12″ Jumbo Figures, Marvel Zombie Busts, and more. We only covered a few things since everything has already been reported.

We did speak to Gentle Giant about upcoming projects and what their plans are as far as Secret Wars 12″ Jumbo Figures. Besides Deadpool who was not part of the vintage line and is their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, they will follow the vintage Secret Wars line and include accessories where they can (such as Captain America’s shield and Hobgoblin’s glider).

G.I. Joe 2.5″ are selling pretty well for them this weekend and will consider vehicles in the future. They told us that a lot of people have asked for vehicles in this scale so it’s something that they can explore in the future.  G.I. Joe Jumbo Figures are selling well at the con so they very happy with that.

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