SDCC 2015 – Four Horsemen Update On Reveals & Show Exclusives


Following San Diego Comic-Con 2015, The Four Horsemen provided an update about their reveals as well as the availability of their exclusive figures at the show.

So the San Diego Comic Con for 2015 has come and gone and hopefully you all got a thrill out of some of our reveals for both Mythic Legions and Power Lords, as well as the reveals that Mattel unleashed that we were involved with – not the least of which were the reveal of the upcoming Snake Mountain playset for Masters of the Universe Classics and the announcement that they’ve acquired the license for Thundercats and we’re going to be doing all of the work on those figures for them. We’re really excited about the upcoming next few years because of all of this. Below are a few bullet-points giving you a bit of an update on the current status of things and a little bit of a look ahead as well.

– MYTHIC LEGIONS – As you saw at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, things are moving along well for Mythic Legions. We showed test shots (the first plastic that’s run through the steel molds) of many of the Mythic Legions characters and we’ll be taking detailed photos of all of the test shots and posting them online within the next week or so. We’re going over those test shots with a fine toothed comb now so we can let the factory know what adjustments need to be made on them and so far the changes have all been very minor. In all of the years we’ve been doing this, those first ML test shots may have been the best we’ve ever gotten. This means that the final product promises to be spectacular. We also revealed the first of our oversized or “deluxe” Mythic Legions characters – the Troll! It was just a very rough sculpture and there’s still a lot to do to make it a finished figure, but as you can tell from what’s already been done with it, the figure’s going to be amazing. It’ll have multiple variant versions – each with a different head, different weapons and a different “soft goods” (fur, leather, burlap, etc…) loincloth and will tower over all of the other current Mythic Legions figures. We’ll get better pics of that guy up soon before we go into the final sculpting stages on him soon as well. You may also have noticed a couple of new characters added to the birds line that used to be a part of our Gothitropolis property – the Hornbill and the Dragon. We’re going to go in and finish all of the paints on all of the prototypes that were on those shelves and hopefully do a pre-order for those and some of the previously released birds through Store Horsemen within the next month or so.

– POWER LORDS – An armored Adam Power and two armored aliens were added to the Power Lords cases as well as a couple of really freakily awesome variant versions of the alien Raygoth. Those are all being done in preparation for the pre-order and release of wave two of the Power Lords which will also include Sydot the Supreme and a few incredible variant versions of him. Shown were both two-up prototypes and 1:1 scaled prototypes and people were asking if we’re moving things to a 6″ scale with these. The simple answer for now at least is no. All of the upcoming releases will still fit in with all of your previously existing 4″ scaled Adam Power, Lord Power, Ggripptogg and Power Soldier figures. Watch here for more info coming soon about how you can get in on that pre-order.

– ON THE WAY – We sold lots of the SDCC/Store Horsemen shared exclusive Nimituss figure at the San Diego Comic Con, but they didn’t completely sell out there so we will have a very limited quantity of those up for sale on Store Horsemen very soon – possibly at the same time we do pre-orders for the new birds mentioned above. We were able to get them in time for Comic Con because we had some of the production run shipped to us there via FedEx. The remainder of the shipment, as well as all of the remaining replacement items (missing or damaged wings, bone wings and birds) are currently shipping to us from the factory via boat (the usual method) and are scheduled to arrive at our New York docks on August 8th. As soon as those get into our warehouse, we’ll begin shipping them out to everyone, and once all of that stuff has shipped, we’ll put an announcement up on
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