An Interview With The Loyal Subjects – Your Questions Answered

An Interview With The Loyal Subjects – Your Questions Answered

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The Loyal Subjects sent back the questions we had submitted on behalf of our readers.

1. First off, why is everything blind-boxed and at $12.99? As a marketing strategy it’s an ingenious way to earn more sales, but compared to Minimates, or LEGO Mini-figures these are triple the price. From a collector’s standpoint, it makes it a lot more frustrating to locate that one figure you’re missing in your collection, from G.I. Joe, Transformers, TMNT, and other lines.

We’re not married to packaging….we don’t make everything blindbox hence all the windowbox and blister card pieces we make. Blindbox is fun like pack of baseball cards are fun…every now and then you get a Mickey Mantle and it’s worth the hunt. It’s experiential. We love the Easter Eggs but we try to do that in every single packout.
PS Legos are expensive but relating it in terms of cost – we make a lot less per item than Lego does so we don’t get huge supplier discounts. To every 1 figure we make, Lego makes 10k. Both Minimates and Lego have limited deco – 30-50 at most…Power Rangers avg over 110 per item. We also do full customization – everything Lego and minimates are platform related for the most part – same head, same arms, hands, legs, etc – we have tons of sculpted customization as well as tons of accessories. A sort of apples to oranges comparison and our products are much larger…

2. For The TMNT Action Vinyl’s wave 2, are you going to reveal any more characters not shown at SDCC?

The characters previewed at SDCC was the full TMNT Wave 2 lineup.
(Somehow, those images were deleted from my camera and was wondering if you have any yourself that you can send us).

3. Since vehicles are something that you are starting for G.I. Joe, would oversized bases such as G.I. Joe Headquarters or The Terrordome be eligible for release someday down the road?

Good Q! With fantasy fulfillment being a top priority of ours, epic scenery/playsets that compliment the Action Vinyls figures and are furthering the immersion are an idea we have been working on diligently. We’ll first see how well the GI Joe vehicles do with the collectors, and proceed from there.

4. Speaking of vehicles, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon would be appreciated and if you can make one, would the turtles be able to fit inside?

This would be too cool! If we do make one, this feature would be mandatory.

5. For the Turtles line, any chance you will move away from the original comic and go to the 80’s cartoon, 2003, or the latest from Nickelodeon?

We already did! The upcoming Wave 2 of TMNT was designed with the original 80’s cartoon in mind. Just look at the update to Shredder for instance. He’s changed from wearing his red jumpsuit (Seen in Wave 1) to wearing purple, and sporting a cape.

That’s all we have right now and thanks for taking the time for answering these questions.

You bet!

The Loyal Subjects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wave 2 The Loyal Subjects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wave 2 1 The Loyal Subjects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wave 2 3

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