Ask Jakks Q&A With Scott Neitlich – August 2015

Ask Jakks Q&A With Scott Neitlich – August 2015



Scott Neitlich, the new Director of Marketing for boys action figures and collectors for Jakks Pacific had taken some time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. ToyHypeUSA will also be sending him monthly questions just like we did for Ask Matty, when he worked at Mattel as the brand manager for Masters of the Universe Classics. Send us your questions to [email protected] by August 14th.

ToyHypeUSA Exclusive - Interview With Scott Neitlich At Jakks Pacific

1. As a follow-up to last month regarding accessories for the 20″ DC Universe line, would releasing one through a DVD box set or animated movie be something that Jakks could look into? Similar to the Masters of the Universe Classics gold He-Man sword a few years ago.

Nothing is off the table, but one of the obstacles is that our BIG FIGS are just that, Big Figs. An accessories is also very large and may be a little touch to get into a DVD set. Also, keep in mind the example you are referring to was a repaint accessory. Not a new item that was tool’d up for a DVD set.

2. Leading up to SDCC, how many reveals might fans expect to see and from which properties? What details can you share about the upcoming fan panel?

Sorry this answer is coming to you post show, we got a little swamped getting ready for SDCC last month but are back on schedule for our monthly Q&As now. As you hopefully saw at our fan panel we were thrilled to show off our new Batman Vs Superman line with BIG FIGS at 20” and 31” Massive scale, our Halo 31” BIG FIGS Massive figure of Master Chief, Wave 2 of our DC Classics assortment with Batman, Flash and Superman, as well as some new singles in our Star Wars Classic assortment such as the Tuskin Raider who was previously only in a 4 pack. More Star Wars news soon!   

Editor’s Note – We have video coverage of the Jakks Pacific Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 below:

3. Regarding the 48″ Star Wars line, would Yoda, Ewoks, Jawas, R2D2 and other similar characters in height be disqualified from that line since they would be shorter than 48″?

As long as bigger than 20” and shorter then 48” nothing is explicitly off the table. The one thing you will bot see is characters like Yoda, Jawas, Ewoks etc… in our basic BIG FIGS 20” line as putting those characters into 20” scale makes them too close to scales that are with other companies. But just as we have Yoda and R2 at 20” in scale to our other 31” figures, a 48” scaled execution might be possible down the road. Nothing to announce right now however.

4. Regarding the packaging for the 20″ figure lines, why are they open and unprotected as opposed to window box packaging?

To maintain the mom/kid price point of $19.99. We want our BIG FIGS to become the new gold standard in kid play. Quality, large scale characters at an unbeatable price. The package is one factor that lets us hit this price point.

5. If and when you make Battle Droids for the 18″ Star Wars scale, could you make a note that fans would like to have a ball-jointed neck?

So noted! We’d love to do a Battle Droid and anytime we can tool a figure that is an arm builder and has multiple deco options, makes it a lot easier to run logistically! 

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