Power-Con 2016 Tickets And Exclusives Pre-Order Information

Power-Con 2016 Tickets And Exclusives Pre-Order Information

Power-Con 2016 Camo Khan

As we had reported during our San Diego Comic-Con 2015 coverage, Power-Con will be returning in June 2016 and it was revealed that Mattel will be offering three limited edition exclusives only available at the show. While this created a stir at the panel and afterward, Power-Con will also allow you to pre-order the figures and have them shipped to you (details below).

The event is scheduled to take place on June 4th and 5th in Los Angles, CA. Tickets will be available for pre-order on Saturday, August 15th at 9:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Eastern.

The exclusives are:

  • Camo Khan: $45
  • red minicomic Beast Man: $45
  • green minicomic Granamyr: $100

Each attendee may pre-purchase up to three of each exclusive for every ticket pre-ordered and they are anticipated a sell-out at the time of the pre-order.

Fans who are unable to attend the show may purchase a special non-attendee merchandise access pass which will allow the holder to purchase up to one of each exclusive at the prices listed above PLUS shipping and handling which will be flat rates for domestic and international fans. Please note that we can’t control the price of shipping, especially the high cost of international shipping. Specific pricing on the exclusives with the shipping/handling included will be provided on August 15.

As a non-attendee merchandise access pass holder, you will also receive a physical merchandise access pass badge as a souvenir with your figures for supporting the convention, as well as a copy of the convention’s program and all ticket pre-order incentive items. Non-attendees will not be eligible for Power-Con t-shirt pre-orders.

Additional information can be found here.

Power-Con 2016 Camo Khan Power-Con 2016 red minicomic Beast Man Power-Con 2016 green minicomic Granamyr

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