Additional Hasbro Star Wars Force Friday Information Coming From Wal-Mart

Additional Hasbro Star Wars Force Friday Information Coming From Wal-Mart


A Wal-Mart toy department manager had a lot to say about Hasbro’s upcoming Force Friday event including some reveals that will definitely excite you!

From JediTempleArchives:

Hey guys,

I stopped by a local Walmart this afternoon and chatted with the store’s toy department manager for about 15 minutes concerning their Force Friday plans. He had quite a bit to say.

• He was holding a printout with all of the information concerning Force Friday (and beyond) that his store has received.

• He said that the new Walmart displays that began popping up recently with waves 7 and 8 of the Black Series are actually the displays that will be used for “The Force Awakens”. The TFA placards are tucked away inside of the displays and will be put up at a designated time on Force Friday. Expect these displays to begin popping up all over the country.

• Only TFA merchandise will be part of the Force Friday event. All older Star Wars merchandise (including waves 7 and 8 of the Black Series) will be moved to another part of the store. He was very specific about this.

• Walmart has a ton of exclusive TFA merchandise. He had very few details but he expected for there to be a lot of exclusive items released for the promotion.

• Walmart is also planning other events leading up to the release of “The Force Awakens”, including a two-day event for the release of “Star Wars Battlefront” and a one-day event promoting another TFA game. There will be exclusive giveaways as part of these events.

• Walmart will be carrying both the six-inch Black Series First Order TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon vehicle. He was certain about this.

• He had no information about super-articulated 3 3/4 inch figures but expected to receive more details about specific items in the coming days (this is where things get really interesting).

• Walmart has partnered with Facebook in order to better communicate with its consumers. The toy department manager said that every Walmart store had its own Facebook page in order to let shoppers know what is available at that store. Most stores do not post anything to them. He did say that he planned to post pictures and specifics about TFA items as they arrived in order to hype Force Friday at his store. Again, he was very specific about this. He even gave me the store number to help find the Facebook page which was blank as of now but he expected to post something in the coming days. So check your local Walmart’s Facebook page!

• Along with the toy department TFA display, there is another massive in-store display with TFA books and sundry other merchandise. He showed me a picture and it was impressive. Walmart is going all out for this event.

• Each store has received very specific instructions on when they are to begin moving out old merchandise, fully assembling TFA store displays, and putting out new TFA merchandise on Force Friday. Every store nationwide will do it at the same time. No sales will be allowed before midnight, but he expected shoppers would be allowed to begin taking merchandise off the shelves a few minutes before the official start time so they could check out as soon as the clock strikes 12.

• As of today he had received very little information about specific products, but he expected to learn more in the coming days.

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