Ask DST #288: Minimates Through the Ages

Ask DST #288: Minimates Through the Ages

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for Minimates.

It’s time for another Ask DST, and this time we’re asking Diamond Select Toys President DSTChuck all about Minimates mini-figures! From Marvel to Muppets to Mass Effect, there are plenty of Minimates lines in the works, and a lot to talk about! Got a question for him? E-mail us!

Sean R.
-Chuck, you mentioned not going after the Daredevil tv show on Netflix for Minimates but what about a comic wave? There has never been more positive attention for DD and it’d be a great way to get some characters we haven’t seen yet who have/will be getting recognition and screen time possibly coming up on the show.
-The Marvel movie universe is bursting at the seams and while you are covering the official movies with Minimates, do you see more opportunities for comic tie-ins? For instance, Crossbones is someone who will be playing a role in Civil War and has already had a big role in Winter Soldier, but hasn’t had a Minimate in years and seems like a good choice to bring back for a comic themed wave or box set.
-Any news on the ‘Best Of Marvel’ waves? Always my favorite versions of each character.

DSTChuck: Yes, a Daredevil comic wave is possible and could be something we do. We do the best we can to mix current comics, movies and classic comics, but there is no way to make everyone happy with so much out there. (Although Crossbones IS in the upcoming Marvel Animated Minimates line at Walgreens. – DSTZach) We have not yet planned or decided if we will do a Best Of series for 2016.

Gavin H.
After hearing the *cough* disappointing *cough* news that you are no longer or “skipping” all of the Fox owned characters, is there still a chance of a Deadpool movie wave? Please? Please?

DSTChuck: Nothing is set in stone for any of 2016, but I think it’s a long shot at this point.

Ethan P.
Hello. First off, I would like to say that I recently received a complete set of your SpongeBob SquarePants Minimates, and I am very satisfied with them. The most satisfied I have been with any product in a long time. That leads me to my next question. Will we get more of them? They were almost sold out at the store I got them from, so I’m sure they’re selling well. Also SpongeBob has a HUGE fanbase, not just with kids, but adults who collect stuff like Minimates as well. I also have some ideas for the next two waves that you can take into consideration, with two box sets included-
Wave 2-
SpongeBob (angry face face) with DoodleBob and magic pencil accesory.
Squidward (band outfit) with Squilliam Fancyson and a Music Stand.
Mr. Krabs (money eyes) with Pearl Krabs and Krabby Patty.
SpongeBob (ripped pants) with Larry the Lobster and weights and interchangeable Muscle Arms (for SpongeBob).
Wave 2 Toys R Us exclusive box set-
Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, Man Ray, and the Dirty Bubble, with Orb of Confusion.
Wave 3-
SpongeBob (Eager Face from Band Geeks episode) with Mrs. Puff and Roger the Egg.
King Neptune (movie version) with Mindy and crown.
King Neptune (TV show variant] with Triton and trident.
Karen, Plankton’s Computer Wife, with Robot-SpongeBob and Plankton
Wave 3 Toys r’ Us exclusive box set- “Now that We’re Men” SpongeBob, “Now that We’re Men” Patrick, Dennis the Bounty Hunter, and Frozen Mr. Krabs with Plan Z folder.
And those are my ideas. Jeez, that was long. Please take these ideas into consideration, and thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them, Ethan. And those are great ideas. We have actually put Series 2 on hold for the time being, but that does not mean we cannot revisit the line in the future.

Shane K.
Any chance of new Mass Effect Minimates? Loved the first series and would like to see more!

DSTChuck: Yes, I think there will be more ME MM from us.

Damon K.
Hi, I’m a huge fan of the Minimates especially the marvel movie series. My big question is in regards to the Avengers Age of Ultron series. I know in wave 2 there is a hulkbuster which is one of my favorite iron man armors. Here’s the question would it be possible to make a hulkbuster armor that can actually fit a normal Iron man figure inside of it and the hulkbuster still retain the classic Minimates articulation in the arms legs and head? I think it would be seriously awesome and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one going crazy to get their hands on one.

DSTChuck: I think, due the size limits placed on the license, something like that, while very cool, would not be allowed.

Nathan M.
Is there any way we could petition for a re-release of the Thundercats Minimates series 1 set for the 30th anniversary of Thundercats this year? Also, are there any plans on releasing the hover board as an accessory from Back to the Future 2 for any upcoming BTTF sets?

DSTChuck: I do not think we will be asked to do anymore Thundercats Minimates by Icon Heroes. We have several more BTTF MM planned for next year, and the first one includes Marty Jr., Griff Tannen and their respective hoverboards.

Tina P.
I was so excited to hear that you were going to start producing Muppet figures and have been waiting patiently to see what you were going to come up with – oh what a letdown ! I’m sorry to say it but those figures just don’t work. They don’t look right. Muppets just don’t look right as minimates. I don’t know what you have done to miss piggy’s face – it looks like somebody wearing a pig nose – it doesn’t look like its part of her face. The Muppets are not the same size as each other, and you seem to have lost all the scale of the characters. Such a shame. Great license, not great toys!

DSTChuck: Sorry you are disappointed. It’s always tricky to try and convert something to a Minimate format — some stuff like live action can work really well , other formats are much more difficult. That said, Minimates are made to be one size and do not reflect a scale.

Kostis F.
Hey there! With most of the Post Secret Wars titles announced and a lot of new costumes shown, I have one (well, maybe a teeny, tiny bit more) request to make: Can we get the NOW! Uncanny X-Men? It’d take just a 4-pack. The roster is:
Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik and Magneto
It’s as high profile as you can get X-Men wise, so I don’t see it “not moving” sales wise. BUT, if such a thing cannot be done, can we please get a Magik, either in her NOW! costume, or her most recent one which she’ll be sporting in Extraordinary X-Men (Post Secret Wars title). Poor Illyana’s stuck with her New Mutants costume while everyone else’s sporting cool and updated gear. PS: Any chance we’ll be seeing a new Moon Knight based on his NOW! Redesign(s)? Maybe in an ANADMarvel Wave?

DSTChuck: Kostis, with so many changes going on in the MU right now , I don’t think we’ve settled on anything like that yet. IF we did, it might see stores by end of 2016 at this point.

Joel F.
Really excited about all the stuff that’s being shown at Comic Con. Any chance of more Buck Rogers Minimates? A second box set just to finish off the characters that Mego put out when the show was on? A mix with some Season 2 characters? Starfighter or Draconian Raider vehicles? Anything at all? Keep up the great work on all the Minimate lines…my kids and I love them all.

DSTChuck: At this time there is not another set in production, but if the first set does well , we’re open to another set and would love to do it.

Robert P.
Chuck, with your great relationship with Marvel, and now that Marvel is in production of Star Wars comics, any chance we could get a Star Wars themed Minimate line? I know the comics reflect the original movies. A full run of Luke, Chewy, Leia, Han, Boba Fet, Darth Vader, and Storm Troopers would be a hit. And how could you stop there?

DSTChuck: We never say never here, but I think Star Wars, from what they have told me, is as close to a never as we’re going to get – sorry.

Andrew F.
Dear DST, I love what you’re doing with the Aliens and Predator Minimates. I was wondering when the Predator Dutch and Lt. Harrigan will be available. Also any chance you will do more human characters from Predator 1 & 2? Thanks

DSTChuck: Glad you like the Aliens, we’ve got lots of plans for Predator, too, and if sales hold up , I am sure you will get your wish. Series 1 with Dutch and Harrigan should hit at the end of the year.

Marcelo C.
Hello Chuck! Is it me or there just doesn’t seem to be much love for Marvel’s Golden Age characters other than Captain America? Let’s see more timely Comics-era Golden Age characters like the Destroyer, the Whizzer, Miss America et al. How about it? Thanks and keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: You are correct, we have not done much with the early Marvel characters. Honestly, I’m not sure that will change this year.

Ness E.
Hi DST, I’ve just gotten my hands on the Days of Future Past movie Minimates, and they’re excellent. My only gripe is that i wasn’t more characters from the movie in Minimate form! Will DST be making Minimates for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse film? And if so, will we see a larger line-up represented in the toys? Perhaps a second wave, or an additional box set?

DSTChuck: Right now, they are not planned, but we’ll have to see how it goes over the next few months to be sure.

Matt K.
Hello DST folks! I’m super excited for the Muppet Minimates that are coming out. Thanks for making them! With that will you guys be making a special box set of the PIGS IN SPACE!!! 🙂 Just wondering. Keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: We have lots of plans for Muppets , hopefully we get to all of them!

Kostis F.
Hey there! I was wondering, now that the Guardians of the Galaxy are household names, what are the chances of us getting a Guardians wave? I’m thinking something like this (a mix between the current, new, old, 2008):
Star-Lord (2008)/Yondu (GotG 3000)
Drax/Phyla-Vell (Martyr look)
Groot/Rocket Raccoon
Gamora (Marvel NOW!)/Moondragon
Agent Venom (redesign)/Charlie-27 (GotG 3000)
Thing (new Guardians red suit)/Martinex (GotG 3000)
Vance Astro (GotG 3000)/Star-Hawk (GotG 3000)
It’s just that while we have so many Guardians books out right now, we still don’t have a complete comic Guardians team.

DSTChuck: Kotis, we did try and do a comic-based series around the time of the movie, and Marvel asked us not to so they could emphasize the movie look. Which makes sense. Down the road a little now, we’ll have to see.

Jason S.
Hi! I just got super into Minimates about a year ago and haven’t looked back! I am really excited about all the upcoming Aliens and Predator Minimates and have to say how impressed I am by the sheer variety of properties you delve into. Besides Dragon Ball and Star Wars, my next big want from Minimates would have to be the Square-Enix world of RPG’s, namely the Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger. Since you’ve previously worked with Square-Enix on the Tomb Raider line, what are the odds of exploring more of the Square-Enix catalogue of games? Thanks for all that you guys do!

DSTChuck: Jason, so glad to have you onboard. Right now, we have no plans for Final Fantasy. It’s a great franchise, and for sure we would love to be able to tackle it one day.

Ross N.
I am really excited for the upcoming release of the new animated Minimates and was wondering if there are plans to complete Spider-man’s team? I would love to see Power Man and Iron Fist in their updated Season 3 costumes.
I know you mentioned that due to the distribution model there weren’t any plans at the moment to do a Netflix Minimates wave but I was wondering if there had been any talks about doing a TV wave similar to how you are doing animation with sets from the various TV properties making up a wave. Would be an awesome wave to get AOS and Daredevil and Agent Carter mates to add to my MCU Minimates collection.

If the product does as well as Walgreens and we hope it will, I think we plan to keep going with the animated lines.
Right now, we are not able to make product based on the current ongoing network TV shows.

Julian A.
Hello my name is Julian and I wanted to know if you will ever be rereleasing the Marvel Max minimates galactus and sentinel again?

DSTChuck: I do not believe we will ever re-release those specific statues again, but never say never.

Tomas C.
Hi, I’ve been a longtime fan and collector of Minimates(restarted collecting last year). I love Minimates and I hope you guys never stop making them. My question is this: Have there been budget cuts on Minimate production? I have noticed that compared to older Minimates from say, wave 28 or 34 or the infinity gauntlet box set, the newer waves seem to have slightly less detailed faces, less articulate hip joints (the legs have difficulty spreading for wide stances) as well as occasional misaligned prints (giantman/antman helmet, the one with the kree sentry and the wolverine with the brood). I noticed because you have made some amazing designs before like wave 28 deadpool, bishop, juggernaut, moon knight, hercules, terrax, daken. The list could keep going. Just wondering here. But don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not going to stop collecting what I believe to be the best toy line ever. Cheers!

DSTChuck: Thomas , no there has been no change in designers, factories or budgets with Minimates over the last year. Sorry you have received some products you are not happy with. If there is an issue with some figures you have purchased, please contact customer service and hopefully they can help you.

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