IDW Ghostbusters Get Real # 3 Retailer Incentive Comic Cover Availability Update

IDW Ghostbusters Get Real No. 3 Retailer Incentive Comic Cover

If you’ve been reading IDW’s Ghostbusters Get Real comic book series, you would have likely seen today’s release of issue #3 on shelves starting today. On the front cover, there are three cover variations, regular, subscription, and retailer incentive.

After speaking to IDW, the Retailer Incentive comic cover is available exclusively at Merrymac Games and Comics located in Merrimack, NH only. No other stores will be carrying this, as it does not specify on the back cover or anywhere else.

This comic is also available to order through Merrymac on eBay for $14.99. Grab yours now!

Those of you looking to obtain this cover, this is the route you need to go.