Icon Heroes Previews Exclusive Star Trek TOS Captain Kirk Bookend Statue


Today marks the 49th birthday of Gene Roddenberry’s classic Sci-Fi phenomenon, Star Trek, and to celebrate, we are showing off a very special PREVIEWS exclusive, available in the September catalog—the Captain Kirk bookend!

This statue bookend from Icon Heroes is a loving recreation of the ever-charming Captain Kirk from Star Trek: The Original Seriessitting in his captain’s chair. This bookend perfect for holding your volumes of Starfleet regulations—you know, the ones that Kirk just ignored, anyway.

(BALTIMORE, MD) – (September 8, 2015)- Captain James Tiberius Kirk, known throughout the galaxy for his fearless leadership and stunning good looks, can run a well-organized ship, and now he can keep your books organized with a PREVIEWS exclusive Captain Kirk bookend by Icon Heroes! This statue bookend is available to pre-order from the September PREVIEWS catalog and will be available to purchase from comic book specialty shops in early January.

The bookend is a remarkably detailed 10-inch tall statue cast in resin depicting Kirk sitting pensively in his famous captain’s chair. The bookend captures a stunning likeness of actor William Shatner in his costume from Star Trek: The Original Series, from his gold captain’s tunic down to his shiny black boots. As he ponders his journey, Kirk’s left hand toys with the intricately sculpted buttons on his iconic command chair.

This gorgeous statue bookend is perfect for any Trekkie looking to add some authority to their bookshelves or office! The exclusive is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

To pre-order the Captain Kirk Bookend priced at $135.00, use item code SEP152602 at your local comic book shop. Find and boldly go to a comic shop near you by visiting www.comicshoplocator.com.

Captain-Kirk-PX-1 Captain-Kirk-PX-2 Captain-Kirk-PX-3 Captain-Kirk-PX-4