October Toys Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Part Breakdown & Added Pledge Level

October Toys Skeleton Warriors Grimskull

October Toys have updated the Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Kickstarter Campaign with a new pledge level as well as the part breakdown.

Added Pledge Level

We have just added a new pledge level for $150 which includes ALL THE KS SKELETON WARRIORS SO FAR! One Grimskull + one Kickstarter exclusive Shadow Translucent Black Grimskull + one Baron Dark + one Kickstarter exclusive Lightstar Crystal Translucent Blue Baron Dark + TWO Bone Titan Skeleton + one Lighstar Crystal Translucent Blue Titan Skeleton + TWO Shadow Titan Skeleton + one original Traveler Skeleden

This level is limited to 20 pledges, so grab your full Skeleton Warrior action figures sets quick!

Grimskull Part Breakdown

One of our favorite features of the new Skeleton Warriors is that they are Glyos compatible. This means that although they function as regular highly articulated action figures, they can also be broken down into several pieces that can be swapped with other Glyos compatible figures and/or used to build something entirely new! Check out the part breakdown for Grimskull…

  • 19 modular official Glyos compatible pieces
  • 25 points of articulation
  • Comes with removable cape, laser pistol, staff, and alternate chest skull (for a total of 23 pieces)

October Toys Skeleton Warriors Grimskull  2

With this interchangeable system of parts, you can mix and match to make awesome new characters or whatever else you can imagine! As the Skeleton Warriors line and Glyos universe continue to grow, so do the building possibilities!