Ask DST #291: Marvel Select & Retro Q&A

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for Marvel Select and Retro, and other Select figures including Gotham.

It’s time for another Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! We’re only nine away from his landmark 300th Q&A, and this time he’s answering all of your Marvel Select and Marvel Retro questions! DSTChuck oversees the Select line, and keeps a close eye on the Retro line, and while he doesn’t reveal DST’s full 2016 line-up, he certainly rules some things out. This week’s special guest star: fellow Spider-Man fan Lee Burns! If you have your own question, submit it above or e-mail him!

Phil C.
Hello! The likenesses and bases on your upcoming GOTHAM Select line-up look fantastic. I almost want to buy them and I’ve never seen the show. My question is normally DST has a “wait-and-see” approach when it comes to new shows/licensing, usually awaiting a third season greenlight before pursuing merchandise. Why is Gotham so special that it has six action figures being released and multiple Minimates before the mid-point of Season Two airs? Just saying… Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is entering Season Three and has no merchandise, and you have an existing relationship with that company. Are you more willing these days to take chances on merchandise from new properties sooner? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Phil that’s a good question! You are correct, for the most part we wait for the second season to be greenlight (I would not say third season). But truly, we felt this show was a very unique opportunity, with all the history behind the characters and strong ratings the show had from the start, and it gave us the chance to jump into an area we had not done before – DCU action figures. I am glad you like what you have seen. For now, we are not planning Agents of Shield, but never say never.

Wes P.
Hi! You have mentioned a few times lately that both Rogue and Psylocke have been on your lists for some time in terms of Marvel Select figures. With Psylocke figuring into the new X-men movie coming out, could 2016 be her year? Also, could both of the ladies (if they come) please, please, please be in their 90s Jim Lee Blue strike force uniforms so that they could display nicely with the already released Gambit? Is there a chance that other X-men big guns like Cyclops, Jean and Storm could be revisited in their 90s looks as well? Thanks so much, and looking forward to more Select figures!

DSTChuck: We are very close to locking down 2016, and hopefully will have new figures to show soon. There will be several movie figures and some 616 as well. I would not, however, call 2016 a strong X-Men year.

Paul D.
1. Beyond the movies, any teases for character choices for Selects for 2016?
2. Is female Thor a possibility?

DSTChuck: Female Thor is not in the plans at this moment but there is still time, so we’ll see.

Jonathan A.
You guys have been hitting it out of the ballpark lately. You guys offer some great figures with cool accessories. I’m a huge fan of your display bases and was wondering why some figures don’t come with one and if you guys are planning to do more villains, specifically a modern comic Thanos or an Ultron based on the Djurdjevic cover for Age of Ultron.

DSTChuck: Glad you like the recent releases. I don’t think there is a set rule yet (or right now) for bases, aside from the fact that larger figures do not get one. Sometimes we look at a second figure or a bunch of accessories like extra hands, sometimes the character calls for something specific like the spinning Thor hammer or the Pizza Dog. The Ultron we did was fairly recent, so I don’t think we would look at another version for some time.

Bryan V.
Hello this is more of a request rather than a question. Could you guys please do a Marvel Select Figure of SPIDER-GWEN? Thank you.

DSTChuck: That’s a very good suggestion, and honestly, if we can slide one into 2016 we really might consider it.

Drew T.
Hi, with X-Men Apocalypse movie coming it’s time for MORE Marvel Select MUTANTS! Classic Professor X w/ wheelchair, Jean Grey Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix variant, Angel red and blue costumes, blue furry Beast, Iceman, Kitty Pryde and Jim Lee Rogue, Psylocke, and Jubilee! Maybe later Jim Lee Cyclops and Jean Grey to round out 90s X-Men! I proudly display my Marvel Select 1975 All New X-men 40th anniversary this year 2015! And 1 more team Fantastic 4 Classic Mr Fantastic w/ stretchy limbs, Invisible Girl/ Clear variant, and Human Torch/ Johnny Storm variant to go with Thing, Dr Doom, and Silver Surfer! F4 just had a movie after all! Thanks

DSTChuck: That’s three or four years’ worth of releases right there. Unfortunately, 2015 is more or less finished (just Dr. Strange to go), and 2016 is, as I mentioned, not a strong X-Men year. But we’ll see what 2017 brings!

Drew T.
Thanks for answering my previous questions about DST Retro Mego Marvel sets! I saw the Deadpool set at SDCC! Cool! Pictured on his box were also Daredevil, Punisher, and Spiderman 2099! Marvelous choices! Is that the plan 4 sets per a year? Not enough. If sales warrant it 6-8 sets would be better and we still need a FEMALE (Jean Grey, Spider-Woman) and VILLIAN (Dr Doom, Green Goblin) Can never make enough X-Men and Avengers! Hope single figures can be sold someday!

DSTChuck: Drew, my pleasure, and thanks for your support of the retro sets. They really have been a labor of love for all involved. I think with the limited nature and the higher end SRP, our thinking was not to put too many out on the market at one time, so collectors would have a chance to save up for them. I think if sales warrant, we would like to continue with the plan of four sets per year as a guideline.

Daniel L.
Hi, I just got the Marvel Select Black Widow, I have to say it is the best Marvel Select figure ever (or any action figure). The sculpt and articulation is perfect. I also got the Ant Man movie select, it is great too. I am looking forward to any Select figures you guys will be making, Ghostbusters, Gotham, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction etc. Have you guys decided what/how many characters will be made for Captain America Civil War yet? I am hoping the following movie version will be made:
1) Scarlett Witch
2) Captain America (new)
3) Iron Man Mark? (new)
4) Hawkeye (new)
5) Winter Soldier

DSTChuck: So glad you like her, she really has been the missing piece from the movie line, and I’m so glad we were able to get to her. I kind of like that we ended up waiting. The lessons learned on the unreleased Mystique figure really helped us evolve how we looked at female figures. As to Civil War, that is a very difficult question, as I think by now you all know how many characters there are in the movie. I think we’re looking at three from the movie, but I am SURE that will leave out many characters that fans will really want to see.

Rodney H.
Hello DSTCHUCK: I know you will not be doing anymore AOU FIGURES. I also know that due to you guys budget, you guys are not always able to make every figure that we as fans would like. By the way 2015 was awesome, great job. I just have a few questions I’m hoping you can answer.
1. Why is it that sometimes pre-existing figures are released in the same mold but just in a different color, like AOU Thor which is just a repainted when that slot could have been used for a new character like vision, Scarlett witch, or quick silver or MOVIE Ultron?
2. Would you be able to hint how many reissues we are looking at for in 2016?
3. With civil war on its way, is it a good chance that we will get a quick silver and scarlett witch along with new character. Since we know that the usual slots will surely be taken for CAPT, SPIDEY, THOR, HULK and IRON MAN. Thanks chuck keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: Hey, Rodney! I would not really say it’s budget driven, but for sure there are figures that once we design or sculpt, we find out it’s going to break the budget. In those cases we need to decide if we pull the project back and simplify it to fit the budget, OR we go forward and break the planning model. I have to say more times than not we push forward and figure we’ll make it up somewhere later.
1. For Thor, we figured he was a key part of the franchise and would be a good figure to do, however we didn’t just want to re-paint it so we went forward with the extra expense and created a very large new base from scratch.
2. I do not know how many re-issues we will do, and it’s not to be coy, but that is something that is very much driven by the sales dept. and they let us know when we need to look at a reissue.
3. I think, for now, we are going to stay away from Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but we’ll see what the future holds. As it stands, I think for a new character Vision would make more sense than those choices.

Fabian C.
Hi Chuck, love your Marvel Select line and especially the big figures Juggernaut, Abomination, Hulk and Thing. 1st I know is hard to make the big figures cause of price points and fitting in the line packaging but please make some more of these if possible. Apocalypse and Skaar are names that are in my head but any you want would be great. 2nd Is it possible you could make an Odin, Vision, Beast, Wonderman, Hercules and Namor? 3rd Some bad guys that would be great are Surtur, Executioner and Comic Loki? These are possible, hopeful suggestions for future because I know 2016 is almost all planned so maybe for end of 2016 or 2017? Let me know what you think. Thanks Chuck for reading this and for your great work for us fans!!! Fabian Cho

DSTChuck: Glad you like the line. I can tell you for SURE there will be another XL figure in the line in 2016.

Fabricio B.
What I really would like to know is if you are planning to launch a marvel select inspired in the X-Men from the 90´s like you´ve done with yellow and blue Wolverine and Gambit. I really would like to have Rogue, Jean Grey and Cyclops. Would also be cool to see some other villains like Apocalypse and Mystique. For me the Jim Lee design is the definitive design for the X-Men. Other characters from the universe are also most welcome.

DSTChuck: I think if we could make it work and plan things out and all things being equal, we would like to do more Jim Lee-era X-Men figures.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck & Co. hope you’re all good, just got my new laptop hence no important questions on my part hehe 😉
1) So guys first up has gotta be Spider-Gwen I kid you not even people who don’t always buy action figures will be all over this piece of AWESOMENESS!!! Seriously she is pure epic and something I always enjoy reading absolute PERFECTION! Look’s Wit and Charm all the way!!!
2) Cindy Moon aka Silk I love how Marvel have changed the game with Silk it makes sense the spider that bit Pete would bite someone else simple yet so clever and game changing. She feel’s fresh as she’s not your stereotypical Asian character and for me has already made my top 10 favorite characters, again the look is cool and is something we sorely need as there’s not many female select’s to be honest #GiveDivasAChance lol
3) Spider-Man 2099 someone with a huge fan base and oh boy Miguel O’ Hara would be a KNOCKOUT!!! The look has changed slightly for the new re-launch but says how epic he is that when he was bought back a couple years ago the costume didn’t even need to be updated although I am digging the new threads 🙂
4) Kaine Parker aka Scarlet Spider If I am honest Kaine is one of my top 3 all-time fav’s he has come full circle and had more character development than arguably any character in any comic book company! He’s a clone yet he is completely different to Peter in every single way!!! Picture this he’d be in between Hulk and Carnage for size! Interchangeable hands (((Stakes coming out his wrists))) He would just ooze Aggression!
5) The Ultimate Spider-Man aka Miles Morales and with Marvel’s re-branding, there being One All New/All Different Universe! He’s set to be one of the biggest characters going forward. Also it’s been a long time coming for many of us… 
6) The Amazing Spider-Man so with Peter Parker taking over the baxter building and finally stepping up, New Look & New Attitude I would love to see this Marvel Select yes we’ve had to many Peter Parker’s and this is a lifelong Spidey Fan talking but idk it just feels right!!!
7) Sam Alexander aka Nova now I know some people actually hate this guy (Dan Hitchings) lol but I love Nova the guy is awesome and like Miles he would be epic and such an appealing action figure due to size, look everything!!! “Small teeny boppers basically” haha still mark my words sales would be HUGE!!! (On Miles btw lol)
8) Thor aka Jane Foster again my friend is sore over this lol but its okay for a frog to be Thor??? Plus we’d get someone new and fresh!!! The Female Select’s (Widow and Mystique) look so pretty this could be GOLD!!!
9) Morbius Always digged Michael Morbius as a character again the look is dynamic and someone with a rich history!!! For us Spidey Fan’s we would be Heaven
10) Captain Marvel so Carol Denvers feels like Marvel want her to be there Wonder Woman and I like her I just felt the writer wasn’t to my taste, but a new writer and someone who is probably Marvel’s biggest female character also we’ve got the movie coming timing is everything!!!
11) Mrs. Marvel got to say again it’s something new, fresh and dynamic!!! I like Karma so much diversity these days and that is just awesome! 🙂
12) Lastly One of the original 5 X-Men Hank McCoy aka Beast!!! Any look and we’d all be massively happy 🙂
Normally I don’t ask for so many characters but hey ho I’ve got to make up for lost time 😉 Also again the key word is diversity… Also Chuck I keep saw on the recent q&a that Movie Apocalypse could happen I wouldn’t recommend it as let’s be honest he’s IVAN OOZE LOL not as bad as FF Movie but he look’s AWFUL!!! Another thing with 2016 being the most Marvel/DC Movie’s EVER does this mean we’ll only get a few Comic Book Select’s??? 🙁 One last question would you guys consider doing something similar to The Fearsome Foes pack where we got a lot of New Select’s in One Pack ?

DSTChuck: Hey Lee – congrats on the new laptop , I hope you saved some $ for more DST products.
1) She is for sure one to consider, but for this moment she is not planned. IF the character sticks around and stays popular, I would think it’s a matter of when, not if.
2) No plans for Silk at this time. I think it’s unlikely.
3) No plans for 2099, but never say never.
4) No plans at this time for Kaine, and I think he also falls under “unlikely.”
5) No plans at this time, but never say never.
6) A new Spidey is always possible, but a Peter in civilian clothes would be very unlikely.
7) No plans at this time, and I think unlikely.
8) Female Thor is someone we could consider down the road – again, if the character sticks around and remains popular.
9) No plans for Morbius at this time, and I would think unlikely.
10) Captain Marvel is not in the plans right now, but I would think similar to #1 & #8.
11) No plans at this time, and I would think unlikely.
12) Beast for sure is one we have considered many times. I would think his time will come at some point.
I do not expect us to make any products for the upcoming AOA movie. Sorry.