Wishlist Wesnesday – Mattel Batman 1966 Batgirl Motorcycle Vehicle

Wishlist Wesnesday - Mattel Batman 1966 Batgirl Motorcycle Vehicle


This past San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel had offered a Batman 1966 Batgirl 6″ action figure that was available at the Entertainment Earth booth. The figure, was available in limited quantities at the show and online at Toys “R” Us.

Mattel Batman 1966 Classic Tv Series Batgirl

Mattel had also offered a 3-pack consisting of a reissue of 1966 Batman, Robin, and Batgirl that’s available right now at $54.99 for those of you that missed out on the single offering. From what we can tell, there are no differences in paint apps, only the packaging.

Mattel Batman Classic TV Series Batman, Robin and Batgirl Figure 3-Pack

Since Mattel has had some great success with the Classic 1966 Batmobile vehicle that’s been available for the past couple of years, and they even went ahead and offered a reissue to that and is sold with Batman and Robin sitting inside for $79.99.

Mattel Batman 6-Inch Batman Figure and Batmobile Gift SetSince the Batmobile has been offered twice now, perhaps it’s time for Mattel to expand the line and offer Batgirl’s Motorcycle, and Batman and Robin’s Motorcycle. We understand it’s a bit of a stretch and costly to offer The Batboat, The Batcopter, and vehicles for villains such as The Joker’s 1959 Cadillac Ambulance, The Riddler’s 1956 Ford Pickup, and others. But we feel that there is enough fan interest right now for a motorcycle for Batgirl, and if that sells well, then the motorcycle for Batman and Robin.

Batgirl’s motorcycle would need to look just like the on-screen version (shown below), and we suggest to Mattel to offer a repaint of Batgirl as well. But this repaint would need to be a different shade of purple to distinguish between the previous single card and 3 pack release to preserve the exclusive nature of those figures.

This week, we are asking Mattel to make a 6″ scale Batman 1966 TV Classic Batgirl motorcycle.

Wishlist Wesnesday - Mattel Batman 1966 Batgirl Motorcycle Vehicle