October Toys Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Figure Will Now Include Pet Wolf Stalker

October Toys Skeleton Warriors Grimskull


October Toys announced that once their Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter campaign reaches the $50,000 goal, they will be able to offer Grimskull’s pet wolf Stalker as the first stretch goal item.

There are 4 days remaining to help fund this project, so make sure to support this line now!

As we enter the final days of our campaign, we have some exciting news to share – when we reach the $50,000 goal, we will be able to include Grimskull’s pet wolf Stalker with every Grimskull figure!

We are also excited to share that that makes the new first stretch goal – which unlocks at $55,000 – a set of Lightstar Crystals!

Check out the video for the Stalker announcement as well as a look at the original Grimskull maquette on loan from Goddard Film Group!

Making toys is our passion and we are extremely grateful that we are able to bring that passion to awesome projects like the growing Skeleton Warriors line. Your continued support means the world to us, especially in these last few days, so again, thank you!

Ayleen & George (October Toys)