Wishlist Wednesday – NECA Toys Ultimate 7″ Scream Ghost Face Figure

Wishlist Wednesday – NECA Toys Ultimate 7″ Scream Ghost Face Figure

Wishlist Wednesday - NECA Toys Ultimate 7 inch Scream Ghost Face Figure

There is no denying that when it comes to highly detailed and quality figures at retail, NECA Toys is the company to buy from. This year, they have given fans some of the best figures in recent years with their Ultimate 7″ line including Jason Voorhees, Rambo, Leatherface, Terminator T-800, Dante, Freddy Kruger, and don’t forget their 8-bit video game and 8″ Retro figures. There is just no way anyone can compete with this right now and with every new release, we are getting more and more excited to what the company can do next.

The Ultimate 7″ horror iconic figures are by far our personal favorites, and while we already did a Wishlist Wednesday article for Ultimate Jason Voorhees, which was confirmed to become a figure, and that’s a great example of why we do these articles.

There have been a total of four theatrical films from 1996 to 2011, and a new Tv series which has nothing to do with the films. So we’re thinking that since NECA will most likely only release one Ghost Face, the figure would need elements such as knives, alternate masks, etc., as seen in all four films, and we’re also thinking some kind of tribute to Wes Craven on the packaging. As far as the identity of the Ghost Face killer, our suggestion to NECA would be to choose one, such as one of killers from the first 1996 movie and have at least one of the heads have an interchangeable masked/unmasked sculpt.

Ghost Face would be an interesting choice for the 7″ Ultimate line, and we look forward to seeing if and when NECA decides to make one.

The Scream Ghost Face shown above is the 8″ Retro figure by NECA we used for reference purposes only. 

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