Play With This Too Lost Protectors Kickstarter Campaign At Almost $30,000

Play With This Too Lost Protectors Kickstarter Campaign At Almost $30,000

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Play With This Too Lost Protectors Kickstarter campaign have reached almost $30,000 of their $90,000 goal. Help spread the word and support this amazing project!

Update: Play With This Too is saying there were two fraudulent backers that pledged $13,000 and Kickstarter had cancelled both pledges. They are current at over $27,000.

They also recently updated with an updated head sculpt for Jetstrike and are asking fans for feedback. With 16 days left to go, there is still time to support and promote this line.

Play With This Too Lost Protectors Jetstrike head sculpt


Play With This Too Launches Lost Protectors Kickstarter Campaign

Play With This Too is a team of entertainment and toy industry experts. On September 18th, 2015, they launched their crowd funding campaign on to produce their first action figures – Boneyard and Jetstrike. Aimed primarily at collectors, these debut figures consist of 6.5” highly articulated figures with interchangeable parts and weapons.

These figures feature multiple 5mm ports and pegs, which allow for many of the interchangeable parts and weapons to work across all Play With This Toy figures multiple toy lines.

The Kickstarter campaign is launching with two base figures –

Boneyard and Jetstrike and features several repainted versions of each. Also included are “blank” or all white customizer edition versions of both figures. These all white editions are perfect for collectors who enjoy painting their toys and creating something new.

Several stretch goals are also ready to go live, however campaign backers will be able to choose which type of stretch goals will be offered via a poll.

This is an artist lead project and this team has done as much work up front as possible and if the Kickstarter campaign gets funded they will go right into production!

These amazing figures cannot exist without your help. Play With This Too needs your support! Please follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, visit their website and help spread the word. And remember, their crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter is already live!

From all of us at at Play With This Too – THANKS!

“You can play with their stuff, but you can PLAY WITH THIS TOO.”


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