Ask DST #292: Minimates Multitudes

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of fans questions for Minimates.

It’s an all-Minimates Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about the most popular mini-figure line in the world! Marvel, Kill Bill, Alien, Star Trek, TMNT, Lost in Space and more get the rundown this episode, so read on and submit your own question!

Joey R.
What’s up Chuck! Have a couple questions to ask is there any chance at going for the dragonball license? DBZ is making a big come back it’d be pretty nice if we could get some dbz Minimates. Could we finally get uncanny cyclops, magneto and marvel now Dr.strange or sheriff Dr.strange from secret wars? Is it possible to get the ninja turtle party wagon down the line if it does well? Power rangers? And any chance at going for more video game licenses like metal gear solid, gears of war, god of war or even uncharted?

DSTChuck: Sorry, right now we have no plans to pursue the DBZ or Power Rangers license at this time. I don’t think we’ve decided yet if for sure we will be making more MM based on the Secret Wars story line.

John L.
I don’t usually hemorrhage questions so excuse me for a bit:
1) Does the Deadly Assassins 4-pack signal the end of the KILL BILL line of Minimates or do you think you can squeak out one more set? Maybe variants of key characters in less bloody outfits.
2) Now that Punisher and Elektra are slated to appear on Netflix’s DAREDEVIL, is there any chance you might offer 4-packs from that Marvel show?
3) Have you considered offering GODZILLA Minimates at a deluxe price point for popular characters like Ghidorah that require even more extensive sculpting?
4) Be honest: Are LOST IS SPACE Minimates dead? Should I stop holding out hope for a 4- or 5-pack featuring the rest of the cast?
5) Since even crappy movies can yield great toys, will you be offering Minimates based on ALIEN3 and ALIEN: RESURRECTION?
6) Will iZOMBIE Select figures give way to Minimates as well? And could that lead to other CW series like ARROW and THE FLASH?
7) Will we see any new Minimates at NYCC this year?
8) Do you have anything planned for the 50th anniversary of STAR TREK in terms of Minimates for 2016?
Thanks for your indulgence. If you make any TMNT Minimates from the live-action movies, I’m all in. Keep up the good work!

DSTChuck: No problem John I’ll do the best I can for you.
1. I think for now our Kill Bill line is completed, but never say never.
2. We still have no plans right now to produce products based on the Netflix shows, but the situation continues to evolve.
3. Right now the Godzilla line has as much or more new sculpting than any line we have done in the past. With all that, though, we have no plans to charge more for this line.
4. We do not have plans at this moment for more LiS sets, but for sure never say never.
5. We have not ruled out any of the Aliens movies, so if the line keeps selling we’ll do anything.
6. We do not have plans at this moment for iZombie Minimates, but for sure it’s something we’re keeping a close eye on.
7. By now, you’ve probably seen all the cool new stuff we had there!
8. We have looked at Trek MM for the 50th and run some ideas around, but nothing is settled yet.

Gavin H.
Hi Chuck! I know you have already stated that we will not be getting anything from the Deadpool movie (for which I am very saddened) but do you think you could try to release a comic tie in wave/4-pack like you did with Winter Soldier? Maybe with a Blind Al (using the newest Jubilee hairpeice), Ajax, Weasel, maybe even Bob (agent of HYRDA) Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

DSTChuck: I would think you will see some sort of Deadpool MM from us within the next year.

Matt K.
Hello DST!! I was looking at a few of my Minimates today (mainly the ones with masks.) I was wondering if you guys were going to be making anymore hanging mask pieces for future heroes and villains like you did for Wolverine in toys r us series 9 or wave 47?

DSTChuck: Matt, we don’t have any planned, but I don’t think we’ve shut the door on it or anything.

Chris P.
We’ve gotten some pretty cool “action effects” accessories, like Thor’s spinning hammer, Gambit’s throwing cards and most recently Michaelangelo’s spinning nunchuks as well as various energy effects, flame blasts and flying figure stands. These accessories allow for some very fun and dynamic posing and displays. Will we see more of these in the future? Things like a slicing katana for Leonardo and a “swooshing” effect for throwing Captain America’s shield would be awesome.

DSTChuck: I think the response to the Thor hammer on the Minimate and the Select has really resonated with fans, so we might look at it, or try and think in those terms when it makes sense.
The bases, I think we started that some time ago, so there is no real change there.

Lance C.
First off, thank you for producing such amazing Ninja Turtles Minimates and accessories from wave 2. Accessories are some we have never seen in any toy line. You guys really knocked it out of the park, can’t wait for series 3, Slash, Bebop and especially Rocksteady look amazing! Are there plans to continue the TMNT line beyond wave 3?
I have been collecting Minimates for several years now with well over 400 individually different Minimates. The main theme I focus on is Marvel Minimates. Myself and collectors have been wondering for a long time if you plan on coming out with more Inhumans? We are missing key characters from this team, characters such as Medusa, Triton, Gordon and Karnak. If you made these 4 in a box set it would be greatly sought after and sell well, from how much in demand these characters are.
The New Avengers are characters that are making a lot of appearances in comics and video games these days. Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel being one of them is an amazing character and would look so great as a Minimate. Any possibility of getting her in the future to go with her already made/announced teammates of Captain America Sam Wilson, Vison, Sam Alexander Nova and Jane Foster’s Thor? Please please make her a Minimate You won’t regret it and she herself is an Inhuman.
Next year is Captain America Civil War so I am guessing you will be having Minimates for that movie? The Age of Ultron Minimates are great and you gave us so many characters from that movie thank you.
Super excited for the Marvel Axis wave. Blazing skull has been making more appearances lately in the comics any chance he will become a Minimate?
Well this letter has become long enough so I will leave you with my top three Minimates wish list, Toad, Spider-Hulk and Fin Fang Foom and commend you for continuing the trend of making epic Minimates in each theme you do.

DSTChuck: I don’t see us stopping TMNT at Series 3. As for Marvel, I think we always have fans that want collector stuff, classic stuff and movie stuff, I really can’t say which ones we’ll focus on. We have maybe half of 2016 planned out so far, but for the comic stuff we try and wait as long as we can if we’re going to focus on current stuff.

Garfield A.
So, with Gotham now on the table, is DC back or JUST Gotham? Either way you can still make Poison Ivy and I heard Mr. Freeze is supposed to be appearing? *hint hint* Also, from Marvel can we get an A-Bomb and Devil Dinosaur Minimate sometime? Maybe Caiera, the Red King? Oh and PLEASE is Man-spider possible? You guys love Spidey-mates, why not do a Spider-verse boxset? Man-Spider, Spider-Man Noir, Silk, Spider-Ham? There are a lot of cool spider heroes not made into Minimates yet. If 2017 isn’t planned yet, how about Blackheart? Mistress Death? Madame Mask or the most intimidating, most terrifying, the one Iron Man villain that gives us all nightmares… The Unicorn. Thank you for reading!

DSTChuck: DC Gotham and DC comic are not related in any way. Even our deals within Warner TV like iZombie and Gotham are separate deals. I think we do try and mix in characters that have maybe not as wide an appeal as, say, Spider-Man, but we’re not able to make it a focus.

Joe G.
Any plans to make Minimates on the Telltale Walking Dead games?

DSTChuck: No sorry, for now we’re sticking just to the comic-based stuff.

Justin H.
Hi Chuck, I’m writing to ask that you please release another run of the Minimates Collector Case, the 10th Anniversary edition is long sold out, and I need more cases to store my collection! Also, a few members of the MMMV have also stated it would be nice if some of the compartments were bigger to accommodate some of the larger Minimates and accessories we have been getting lately. Maybe it’s time for a new design, a three level case with the new level containing the bigger compartments? Thanks, Justin

DSTChuck: That’s a good suggestion. Maybe I can get a peek at that and see if it would make sense.

Justin H.
Hi Chuck, I am writing to ask that you please consider a new wave of Minimates dedicated to comic book Iron Man and his supporting characters and villains. There are still many iconic characters from the Iron Man corner of the Marvel Universe that could make great colorful ‘mates:
Iron Monger
Madame Masque
Fine Fang Foom
Grey Gargoyle
The Unicorn
Plus, a comic Iron Man wave would be a great way to reintroduce one of the most demanded Minimates army builders: A.I.M. Soldiers! I love specific character themed waves of Minimates, while event themed waves like Axis and Secret Wars are fun, dedicated character waves allows DST to dig a little deeper into the mythos. Please consider this, as despite Iron Man being a blockbuster film character, his Minimates Rogue’s Gallery and supporting characters really could use a boost. Thanks, Justin

DSTChuck: I think it’s amazing that we have been doing this for so long, and there are so many characters fans really want that would make sense to make. I could never have imagined we’d have a run this long and still have so much cool stuff we could do.