Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Ravens Wave 2 Pre-Order Launches Friday November 6th


The Four Horsemen will be launching their new pre-order on Friday, November 6th of their Mythic Legions Ravens Wave 2 action figures. In addition, they will be sending out a new press release tomorrow, and have shared some images of the prototypes and pricing.

These will not go up on Kickstarter, and instead will be for sale on Store Horsemen.

eathyron-s-dozen-pre-order-3.gif eathyron-pre-order-3.gif archaeopterix-3.gif bubotros-pre-order-3.gif colonel-domesticus-3.gif cyanicus-3.gif drayleeon-3.gif mallatard-the-duck-pre-order-3.gif osperus-pre-order-3.gif pelecus-pre-order-3.gif phoenicius-pre-order-3.gif scarletros-pre-order-3.gif toucarr-pre-order-3.gif trumpetus-pre-order-3.gif