Ask DST #296: Minimates Through The Ages

Ask DST #296: Minimates Through The Ages

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of Ask DST for their Minimates lines:

It’s an all-new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! This week, the Q&A is all about Minimates mini-figures, and we’re talking Marvel, Muppets, Mass Effect, Mad Max and other lines that don’t start with “M”! Check back next week for another installment about Star Trek, and come back in a few weeks for Ask DST #300, a live chat with DSTChuck and more of the DST team! Submit your own question via e-mail!

Frank P.
Hey Chuck! With the renewal of interest in Mad Max, have you looked into possibly doing a wave of minimates? Also you could do that with the vehicles as well. Just imagine, seeing Max in his police leathers with Imperator Furiosa in the Pursuit Special. You could even do the rig from Fury Road!
DSTChuck: Frank – we did ask WB about Mad Max, but at the time they were not interested. But you never know!

Jayme H.
Hi, Ever since the announcement of the first set of Mass Effect minimates I have been praying for a Kaidan to be released (especially seen as how he is the only squadmate from the first game not to be). So my question is are we ever going to see a Kaidan released? (Or Javik?) Thanks.
DSTChuck: Right now, the next release is the Mass Effect 4-pack. If that does well, I see no reason why we would not keep making ME Minimates, so we’ll see.

Matt S.
Asked plainly:
Will versions of the Inhumans in their classic, first appearance costumes ever be released? We’ve had Black Bolt and Lockjaw for years now and I know I’m not the only one who thinks the omission is glaring.
DSTChuck: Honestly, no decision is made on that either way. I can say it’s not in the plans at this moment, but we don’t have all of 2016 planned.

Joey R.
Since we’re getting alien and predator mates any chance of getting Prometheus and AvP mates? sure would like a predalien and a engineer, also predator from the comics? would like dutches brother too
DSTChuck: No plans at this time, but you never know!

How many Marvel Minimates are fan poll-based [and] what are they, exactly?I can only think of Series 50 and the Infinity one…Thanks, in advance for your help/info.
DSTChuck: I know we did Series 50, and Toys“R”Us has done it a few times — I am not sure I know an EXACT count, but I believe the Infinity Box Set, the Avengers vs. X-Men Box Set, the Captain America Through the Ages Box Set and the original Secret Wars Box Set were all fan-chosen. And there was recently a poll to determine future Marvel Animated characters at Walgreens, so be on the lookout for those.

Glynn T.
Hey DST, i’ve been wondering if your going to continue making video game based minimates? you think it could be possible if we got a Mortal Kombat Line? I would love to see an Scorpion or Sub-Zero in minimate style maybe have the other characters like a continue series, and have variants like their Klassic outfits and the accessories they would come with like body parts or like scorpions spear would be awesome. Think we could possible get this a line in the future?
DSTChuck: We have no plans at this time to sign new video game licenses, aside from the ones we have – Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But that does not mean something might not come up in the future that would work for the video game company and for us.

James N.
Hello, I was wondering when the NYCC Muppet show minis will be available for pre-order or purchase
DSTChuck: Muppets series 1 Minimates should be in Toys”R”Us and specialty stores by early December.

Hello. The tmnt minimates are awesome, anyway we can get characters like Newtralizer, Metalhead, the Triceratons, and Mondo Gecko?
DSTChuck: We’re working on series 5 right now, so we’ll see how it goes!

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