Wishlist Wednesday – Top 5 Marvel Select Zombies We Want To See



Diamond Select Toys are limited to only villain zombies in their Minimates and Select lines due to restraints from Marvel and Disney, so we are going to focus on that as the hero characters wouldn’t be eligible for release. Since it was announced that DST will be continuing the Marvel Zombies in both the Minimates and Select line, we have been very excited as the Marvel Zombies are one of all-time favorite Marvel stories. Unfortunately, this line is limited to only villains, so characters like Thor and Wolverine won’t be seen in either line. Thankfully, there is a wide range of villains on the roster and when it comes to the bad guys, the sky is the limit as far as how many characters DST can get too. We’ve complied a list of the Top 10 (in no particular order) of characters that we want to see made in the coming years in the Marvel Select 7″ line. This is also a good reference for Diamond Select Toys to make Minimates of some of these characters as well.

5. Mysterio:


Picture a broken glass dome with brains spilling out of it, and you have a Zombie Mysterio. Of course, he’s more than just a broken glass dome and brain, as he is in his classic outfit with a green suit and red cape. The character was one of several classic Spider-Man foes to show up in the latest comic of Marvel Zombies vs. Age of Ultron, but the strange part is that the dome was in tact and yo could see his head and face. As far as which variation we would like to see, it would be the one shown above from the classic Marvel Zombies titles, and the same one that Gentle Giant is doing in their Marvel Zombies busts.

4. Venom:

Venom Zombie Mini Bust


Once again Gentle Giant knows how to make these look good, and DST should base their Zombie Venom off of their bust as well as the comics for source material. They’ve proved they can do Venom right with their Marvel Select venom, so all they’ll need to do is give him the same tooling but zombified as shown above.

3. Juggernaut:

Marvel Zombies Juggernaut


You can’t have a Zombie line without Juggernaut. You just can’t! This comes from his recent appearance in the Secret Wars tie-in comics and he looks just as formidable as ever. With his almost torn off arms, and that evil grinning smile. This would make one awesome 7″ Select figure.

2. Pyro:

Marvel Zombies Pyro


Diamond Select Toys just released as a Minimate 2″ figure and we have the review RIGHT HERE for you. Pyro was the best figure of the set with those flame attachments and overall sculpt. It’s hard not to love the figure. It’s possible that DST will base their next Marvel Zombie off of the Villain Zombies Vs. Age Of Ultron Secret Wars Box Set like they done with the previous two sets. Our pick would be Pyro.

1. Mystique

Marvel Zombies Mystique

Mystique was also shown in the recent Marvel Zombies vs. Age of Ultron comic where she and a few others kept Deadpool alive to eat him slowly, calling him “forever meat.” The image above is from 2007 where she morphs in the Scarlet Witch and tricks Quicksilver, turning him into a zombie. If Diamond Select Toys were to make her, she would be the first female zombie in their line thus far.

ULTRON-VS-ZOMBIES-03 4415218-age_of_ultron_vs_marvel_zombies_1_preview_1


There are countless other characters that Diamond Select Toys can make in the Minimates and 7″ Select line, and considering they are only getting to one each per year, these could go on for decades if we’re lucky. This is just a few examples of where DST can go with this line, and we hope to see a few of these characters on our list made sooner rather than later.