Ask DST #298: Miscellaneous DST

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of Ask DST for miscellaneous lines.

It’s another Ask DST, with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and the questions are miscellaneous! That means they cover Universal Monsters, Kill Bill, Muppets, Pulp Fiction, Lucifer, Dungeons and Dragons and even a little bit of Marvel, because why not? Got a quez for the prez? Submit it via the “Ask” form up top, or send him an e-mail! 

Thomas E.
I am huge fan of retro figure remakes! Yes I’m proud to admit that! I am also a serious Universal Monster and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy fan. If DST is interested in continuing retro remake figures then you may want to look into the Remco Universal Monster series that came out in the early 80’s. Remco produced both 9 inch cloth figures that were fantastic for their time and a super cool 4 inch action figure line. Awesome stuff for UM fans and I personally would love to see those come back.
Additionally, you may want to consider looking into the early/mid 80’s TSR Advanced D&D toy line from LJN. These figures are ripe for a comeback! There were many figures produced all of which were uniquely colorful and loads of fun. The package art was gorgeous as well. I believe that these two retro lines would be highly profitable. Thanks for listening!

DSTChuck: I do not think we have looked at either yet, but cool ideas.

Hi there! I love your universal monsters bust banks. Will you be continuing the line? Any chance you’ll be making a Dracula bust bank?

DSTChuck: We took 2015 off, but we’ll have to see about 2016 in the next few months. I’m glad you like them!

Luke D:
With your upcoming release of Gotham Select figures, I was wondering if you were going to look into DC/FOX’s other upcoming television series Lucifer. I know that it’s no where near as big of a deal as something like Gotham and all those rich characters but I was just curious. I also know a lot of it depends on the success of the series. I guess my question is there a possibility for a line of Select figures based on the DC Lucifer television series on FOX?

DSTChuck: Sorry, we do not have plans to acquire the Lucifer license at this time.

Daniel L:
Do we have at least one Hulk or Gamma Powered character on the slate for 2016?

DSTChuck: Not in 2016, although we just shipped Savage Hulk to comic shops. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see another big figure in 2016.

Are the Kill Bill action figures (not minimates, real action figures) ever going to be released?

DSTChuck: Yes, the Kill Bill figures are moving right along, we have designed and sculpted multiple series of figures. They are all in various stages of approval. We want to be sure we have several figures approved so once we start with releases there will be no delays.

The Muppet figures were finally unveiled at NYCC. I gotta know: what’s the scale? More specifically, how tall is Kermit? I can figure out the rest from there. Thanks! Looking forward to these.

DSTChuck: They are in scale as best we can with each other and with our main Select action figure line. Our humans are about 7”, so Fozzie will be about 4 ½” tall.

LOVE your products, especially your awesome action figures! I’m curious about the Universal Monsters Select line. Any chance of re-releasing the color version of the Bride of Frankenstein? Can’t wait to see what kinds of surprises await in the future of this line after Lucy Westenra!

DSTChuck: John, for now, honestly we’re not sure what we are going to do for 2016. But for a good bit of time, we thought we were not going to do any new figures in 2015, until inspiration struck.

Hi, I am really looking forward to all the movie related 7 inch select action figures, like Ghostbusters, and Gotham. I am just wondering what is happening with Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction select figures. Are they cancel? Will there be Sin City select series 2 and Gotham series 3 etc…?
Hope you guys will get more different movie licenses for the select lines.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them! We’re very deep into planning and design/sculpting for Ghostbusters. We’re looking at 15 figures to cover the first movie and build the rooftop diorama. For Kill Bill and Pulp, our thinking has moved to something similar. We want to have as many figures from each line fully sculpted and approved before we go out with our first series.