Mattel ThunderCats Classics Third Earth Subscription Pricing Update

Mattel ThunderCats Classics Third Earth Subscription


Mattel have announced that the previous subscription price of $30 was incorrect, and that the subscription cost will be $25 a figure, not $30.

From L. Cypher:

We wanted to give you an update about the new ThunderCats subscription. We’ve discovered there was an error in the intended pricing, and we’ve corrected it now. If you go to Thundercats Subscription Options, you’ll see that the prices have been updated to $25 per figure in the sub, plus a $25 membership fee, for a total price of $125 (excluding tax, shipping, and handling). Additionally, the ThunderCats figures will be $30, not $35, during All Access.

For everyone who’s already purchased a sub at the higher membership price, you’ll get a $5 refund soon! (The incorrect $30 membership fee less the $5 refund = $25, the correct membership fee.) We’re also updating our systems to make sure that, come September, you’ll be charged the correct price for the individual figures.

Please accept our deepest apologies for the error, and thank you again for supporting this new subscription!

The Third Earth Subscription will run until February 26th. 11:59 PM PT. Subscribe HERE.