ThunderCats Classics Official Images Of Panthro, Jackalman, & Pumyra


Mattel have updated the ThunderCats Subscription pages with images of most of the line-up:

  • Lion-O (09/16)
  • Jackalman (10/16)
  • Pumyra (11/16)
  • Panthro (12/16)
  • Club-Exclusive: Mumm–Ra (11/16)

The subscription price has also gone down to $25 each, with All Access being priced at $30 each. Refunds are in the process of being refunded for those of you that paid the $30 subscription price when it had originally launched.

The Third Earth Subscription will run until February 26th. 11:59 PM PT. Subscribe HERE.

Mattel-Thundercats-Sub-Pumyra Mattel-Thundercats-Sub-Panthro Mattel-Thundercats-Sub-Lion-O Mattel-Thundercats-Sub-Jackleman