Ask DST #301: A Megaton Of Minimates

Ask DST #301: A Megaton Of Minimates

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Diamond Select Toys posted the next round of Ask DST for their Marvel, The Walking Dead, and other Minimates lines.

It’s the first Ask DST since our #300 livechat, and we’ve got a backlog of questions to get through! These questions are all about 2-inch Minimates mini-figures, from Marvel to Mass Effect to Walking Dead to TMNT! A few of these were answered in the livechat, but we’re posting them here so everyone can see what Chuck has to say. Thanks for making the livechat a success, and we hope to do another one soon! In the meantime, submit questions in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Frank P.
Hey Chuck. Happy New Year! I love the look for 2016! Especially the all Deadpool line! I was wondering if we could look forward to a Marvel Mystical Minimate line. It could have Black Knight (all new all different ), Brother Voodoo, the often requested Moon Knight redesign, Clea, Mephisto, and Mistress Death! With Weird World need to strike while the Magic Mallet is hot!
DSTChuck: Right now, sorry, we do not have plans for a series like that.

David M.
My Minimates Hulk loves watching Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix but is sad that no Minimates from those shows will be joining him for his Hulk size Christmas dinner. It’s just some Chicken my one-year-old will throw on the floor but still… Minimates Hulk wanted me to ask on his behalf, “Why Hulk so lonely this holiday? Will Hulk ever get friends from awesome marvel Netflix shows?” Let us know and thanks for your time
DSTChuck: The question I have is WHY is Hulk alone? What about the Avengers? At least Natasha should be there, and YES those Netflix shows are amazing.

Matt K.
Hello there DST folks!
I was just wondering if it were possible to have battle damaged parts packed into the packages with the regular undamaged minimate characters. Say for instance, an updated first appearance Colossus with interchangeable battle damaged parts packed with a Sebastian Shaw with interchangeable battle damaged parts? Not sure If this is something you all have considered, but I think it would be pretty cool!
Hmm on that note Would it be possible to do a first appearance wave, Like first appearance Kitty Pryde with phasing parts and Mastermind, First appearance Falcon with Batroc, First Appearance Savage Hulk with Brainy Leader, and First appearance Iron Monger with Hydro armor Iron Man.Anyways Keep up that great work!!

DSTChuck: I know some fans really like the extra parts and sometimes they can be very cool, but there is a costing issue. And to be honest I am still a fan of keeping MM as simple as possible, but I think to some extent that ship has sailed.

Juan A.
When are we going to hear about the next wave of The Walking Dead minimates? Series 8 has been out for some time and there’s been no word yet on what’s coming next. Hoping for more A New Beginning era characters and the Whisperers that were shown earlier this year.
DSTChuck: We are still working up our plans for WD9 – I think for recent times we’ve done two series a year, so we’ll have to see what we can come up with.

Brandon D.
What are the chances of seeing more Mass Effect minimates after the 4-pack in February/March? Do you have more in the cards or is it a wait and see how the 4-pack fares kinda deal? The first wave was so well done and I can’t wait for the next release, but I’ll be devastated if we never get a Mordin Solus!
DSTChuck: I think for now that is it, but you never know what the future will hold.

Kostis F.
Hey there, long time no see! With All-New All-Different Marvel in full force now, I have a few questions:
1) Will we be seeing any of the new characters/costumes from ANAD in 2016? I’m sure we’ll see the big players like the new Hulk or Wolverine sometime, but are there any chances for the less known characters? For example Black Knight, Hercules, Blue Marvel, Moon Knight, etc, etc…
2) With GOTG being a hit movie and a profitable new IP, why haven’t we seen a comic-based assortment yet? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the movie mates are nice and all, but I’d really like a comic based box-set/wave…3) With Doctor Strange dropping next November, is there any chance that instead of a Zombie box-set we get a “Strange Tales”-esque 4-pack this year? Elsa Bloodstone, Man-Thing (you could reuse the mold from the Animated mate), a new Ghost Rider, maybe a Classic Dracula or Dormammu, Doctor Voodoo, etc, etc… Not making a wishlist, just saying that such a box-set would be a bit more fitting than a Zombie one…4) It’s no secret that X-Men merchandise has really dwindled down, but do you have any X plans for 2016? Considering we’re getting X-Men: Apocalypse next year, I think a comic wave and a box-set or two would be swell. I’m not going to start posting wishlists or anything, but I sure would love a NOW! Magneto, a Stryfe, a Sebastian Shaw, a…Well, that’s all, thanks a ton for your time Chuck!
DSTChuck: 1) We’ve been tossing around ideas on how to take advantage of the new looks etc. I think we’ll do something, but we might just lean on the old war horses and not less-known characters.
2) When a movie comes out, lots of studios, not just Marvel, kind of frown on doing stuff like that for the confusion it can create in the marketplace. The original GoG line-up is nothing like the one in the movie – we’ll see as time goes on. Everything has its time and place.
3) I don’t think we’ve decided if we’ll do some comic-based stuff for the good Dr., and see above for possible restrictions.
4) Yes we have several X-Men/mutant products planned for 2016 through all our Marvel lines. Truth be told we’ve hit the X-Verse pretty hard, so we might lay up a little on that just due to other areas of focus.

Kostis F.
Hey there! You know, I was browsing through the Database and I noticed that we haven’t had a Comic Spider-Man centric wave since 43 (I’m not counting TASM 2 since that was a movie wave), which came out in 2012! Now, with Spider-Man making his MCU debut next year, I’d LOVE to see a new one, especially based on the Superior Spider-Man story-arc/volume. Something like this would be great:
LCS:Superior 2.0 w/Back-Pack & Spider-Legs ala Iron Spider/Black Cat Spider-Man 2099 w/sculpted forearms & cape/Vulture Dying Wish Doc Ock/Spider-Ling Ghost Peter Parker/Spider-Ling
TRU:Superior Venom/Mary JaneScarlet Spider (Kaine)/JackalI know wish-lists are of no use but eh, I like making and sharing them. Either way, Superior was a massive success, so I think a wave based on that would turn out great, since it could have both A-listers and other long-awaited characters.
DSTChuck: All I can say is that Spidey and Spidey family ideas are never far from my mind.

Matt S.
So with the success of the “Ash Vs Evil Dead” tv show (currently 4 episodes in and already confirmed for a 2nd season), what do you think about getting this license for Minimates? It’s obvious that you guys have a popular track record for movies and horror stuff. And there’ve been so little in the way of merchandising for this property.
I think they’d look terrific, even if it you started out with a “one and done” 4-pack of Ash and 3 Deadites with swappable parts to army build.
DSTChuck: We’re big fans of that property here, and we have done merchandise in the past, so never say never.

Noel D.
Will we see any more of Shredders mutant henchmen in the future TMNT minimate waves.
DSTChuck: At this point, we’ve only planned as far as TMNT 5, so we’ll have to see.

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