Ask Jakks Q&A With Scott Neitlich – February 2016

Ask Jakks Q&A With Scott Neitlich – February 2016


Scott Neitlich, the Director of Marketing for boys action figures and collectors for Jakks Pacific had taken some time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. ToyHypeUSA will also be sending him monthly questions just like we did for Ask Matty, when he worked at Mattel as the brand manager for Masters of the Universe Classics. Send us your questions to [email protected] by February 25th.


1. With Toy Fair approaching, will there be any new licenses being revealed that previously have not been announced, as well as product previews?

A: New licenses? No plans for this type of announcement at Toy Fair, but we do have a lot of exciting news to share for our current licenses such as BIG FIGS (Star Wars, DC, TMNT, HALO etcŠ), World of Warcraft, World of Nintendo and more. Our Collector hours will be 9-12 on Saturday the 13th. We can¹t wait to see all of the fan sites there!


2. Are vehicles or accessory packs for the DC Universe 20″ figures on the cards right now?

Not off the table, but also not currently in development. Definitely something we¹d love to get to if the stars align and a good execution works.


3. With the question of getting new waves of World of Nintendo products into the hand of collectors, that are having difficulty finding wave 2 because wave 1 is overflowing at retail. Could Jakks essentially sell both new and old figures at an official web store straight out of their warehouse?

This is definitely something we are looking into as we do currently sell some JAKKS product direct. Something like this just takes time, but it is under review and could potentially be a way to get more collector aimed figures to our fans! Once we have more details to announce we will definitely do so.


4. Is Luke Skywalker from Star Wars The Force Awakens being considered right now for 2016?

We¹ll need to hold off until NYTF for the latest confirmed reveals for BIG FIGS for all brands. It is only weeks away! Stay tuned.


5. If you were to do Kraang Prime in the 48″ scale for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, would storage compartments be possible inside of his head, as well as being compatible with the 5″ Playmates Toys figures? Meaning some shelving and possible dividers?

We can¹t directly comment on a hypothetical licensed figure simply because there are two many factors in place, specifically in this example, IF we were to do a Kraang Prime figure we would work closely with our great partners at Nickelodeon on how best to bring this iconic character to life in a 48.5² figure. So it makes it a little difficult to commit to a hypothetical toy and how a specific hypothetical action feature/storage would work. But nothing is off the table!


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