Confirmed: SDCC 2016 ThunderCats Exclusive Figure Coming

ThunderCats Classics Official Image Of Mumm-Ra


Following our previous news report from the other day, we have been able to confirm that there will be a San Diego Comic-Con 2016 ThunderCats exclusive figure offered, and one that fans won’t want to miss!

It is possible that it is either Jaga or Grune, which were originally part of the subscription, but cancelled for unknown reasons.

Stay tuned to ToyHypeUSA as we bring you this reveal on Sunday!

The ThunderCats Subscription will include:

  • Lion-O (09/16)
  • Jackalman (10/16)
  • Pumyra (11/16)
  • Panthro (12/16)
  • Club-Exclusive: Mumm–Ra (11/16)

The Third Earth Subscription will run until February 26th. 11:59 PM PT. Subscribe HERE.